UK Transport Awards 2023

17 | UK Transport Awards 2023 Feb23340 Most Innovative Transport Snow Removal Machine Manufacturer - Europe At some point in our lives, most of us have experienced the chaos and havoc that accompanies snowfall. With it comes city-wide delays, and a deployment of an excessive amount of snow dumping trucks in order to clear the roads and get everyone back to their usual routines. It’s time-consuming, and often incredibly expensive, and the emissions produced can have detrimental effects on the environment. SNOCOM strives to eliminate all of these issues, and has crafted a solution to city-wide snow matters that have never been tackled in such an efficient way. Since 1925, the methods of clearing snow off of the streets has remained the same. There hasn’t been any further innovation, which has made it far more difficult for cities to clear their snowrelated problems. And, with more cars on the road than ever before, there’s a much higher demand for a way to clear snow from cities, airports and ports that’s remained unanswered for years. However, SNOCOM identified that there was a need for a new kind of machinery that could remove snow, all whilst being efficient to operate and environmentally friendly in its composition. As such, it developed The Snowcuber, the one-ofa-kind solution to reducing all elements of snow removal. Except for the quantity of snow that it’s able to clear, that is. With a goal to achieve a minimisation of truck movements, snow volume and operational expenditure, SNOCOM has come leaps and bounds through the invention of The Snowcuber. As a compressor that loads snow and exploits its composition to store as much of it as possible, The Snowcuber is the first of its kind and has no competition. Not only is it able to clear snow efficiently, thereby reducing the number of trucks required to complete a successful snow removal, but The Snowcuber can do so whilst ensuring the safety of both traffic and pedestrians too. With experts at the helm of its brilliant machinery, SNOCOM has mastered the art of effectively clearing spaces that don’t have the room available for snow to be simply dumped, all whilst ensuring that its machinery causes as little disruption as possible. Lending to this is the speed at which snow can be cleared thanks to The Snowcuber. As the leading machine in its industry, with technologies that comply with environmental requirements, The Snowcuber is able to replicate the effect of regular snowblowers with twice the capacity and efficiency. This is accomplished through its aforementioned compressing technology, where 90% of the air within snow is extracted to conserve space within the truck. As a result, not only does it benefit the environment, but it operates in a cost-effective manner that’s both quick and convenient. SNOCOM recognises better than any that snow can be a real problem for the places that don’t have the means to rapidly eliminate the issue. The Snowcuber is a passion project, created by trained engineers, who each hold the same determination to make snow removal as easy and effective as possible. Its machinery offers a streamlined solution to every city’s snow struggles, and is constantly evolving to better improve its already-astounding technology. With the assistance of SNOCOM’s Snowcuber, never again will any cities, airports or ports need to concern themselves with being surrounded by snow that they can’t shift. SNOCOM has every facility available to introduce a stress-free removal process that’ll save both your wallet, as well as the environment. Lower city-wide congestion, lower emissions, and lower hassle levels. What’s not to love? Contact: George Mensonides Company: SNOCOM Web Address: