UK Transport Awards 2023

Feb23123 Most Reliable Minibus Hire Company - South West London Whenever you’re looking to hire a transport service to get you to and from your chosen destination, reliability is by far the most crucial factor in helping you make your decision. Thankfully, Vikingston Minibus Hire (Vikingston) has the award-winning solution, providing a safe, dependable service, with a smile to top it all off. We take a look into how Vikingston has become renowned throughout London for its friendly staff and reliable transportation services. Based in SW London, but offering full UK coverage, Vikingston is a minibus hire with driver company that has managed thrive despite these difficult times. It is especially proud of its drivers, who over the years have built close relationships which their regular private clients, schools, and businesses. The company (having been established for over 20 years) has built up an enviable reputation in the local community as the go to Minibus travel provider. So whether you’re a school looking to revamp (or start) a home to school service, or to take your pupils to and from sporting events etc. Vikingston can provide a safe, reliable option. Need to get your friends to and from the big night out you’ve been planning? Or even transporting guests to and from your wedding? Vikingston has a fleet of 16 passenger Minibuses with enhanced DBS certified drivers available to help make sure everything runs smoothly. Although the company already has a long-standing list of loyal clients, Vikingston’s two directors are always looking for new opportunities, believing the adage that in business, if you stand still, you die. This focus is reiterated by a quote on the wall of their admin office “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning.” - Benjamin Franklin. They therefore encourage any businesses, schools, charities, or groups, who find themselves in need of some transportation assistance, to contact them to discuss possible solutions. With drivers based all over SW London, Vikingston’s drivers are always allocated journey’s as close to their own homes as possible. This extra attention to detail means that when driving, they often know the little shortcuts, or ways of avoiding traffic that can help make every journey that little bit better. As a result, every trip is as quick and stress free as possible, passengers can be confident that they are in safe hands, whilst being driven by someone who really enjoys doing their job, Establishing a loyal client base has helped Vikingston excel since its formation. Again and again, it has cemented its place as a service that adults and children can wholeheartedly rely on. No matter the circumstance, weather, or traffic conditions, Vikingston’s drivers will get you there safely. No journey is insignificant – each job matters, as shown by their seemingly effortlessly friendly drivers. No matter your destination, Vikingston will be on-hand to provide a service that’s unlike anything any other minibus company within London can offer. Despite difficulties that have been posed throughout the pandemic, and more recently by the upcoming expansion of the ULEZ in London, Vikingston has yet to back down from a single challenge and has no intentions of doing so in the future. Its passion for excellence is obvious and shines through by the attitude presented by every member of its staff. With 12 minibuses (soon to be 15), each with 16 passenger seats, most with air conditioning, reclining seats and sunroofs, Vikingston can provide a quality solution for nearly every transportation requirement. Large groups, multiple Minibuses, or shuttle services can all be catered for. Their ultimate aim is to make all of their clients travelling experiences as seamless as possible, passengers being confident in the knowledge that they are in safe, reliable and hands. Contact: Jan Pozniak Company: Vikingston – Minibus Hire Telephone: 0333 577 0775 Web Address: