UK Transport Awards 2023

25 | UK Transport Awards 2023 Feb23342 Leading Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme 2023 – East Midlands Pink Salary Exchange is the next-generation salary sacrifice car scheme set to revolutionise car leasing and lead employees and employers along the road to ‘net zero’. Here’s why it has been the leading salary sacrifice car scheme in 2023. Pink Salary Exchange is a company that has designed a unique and innovative salary sacrifice car scheme that seeks to revolutionise car leasing. It has built strong and established partnerships within the industry, not just in car leasing, but also finance, insurance, and taxation, to create a scheme that is the ‘next generation’ of salary sacrifice. Its core values of fairness and inclusivity are reflected in its strategy, which is open to every employee and every type of business. As a notable presence in the industry, Pink Salary Exchange has been recognised as the Leading Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme 2023 – East Midlands in the UK Transport Awards. It believes that there is a solution for everyone, and anything is achievable with Pink Salary Exchange. It stays one step ahead of the curve by building solid relationships with industry experts, which enables it to offer flexible finance packages and access to newly released vehicles. It offers both new and used vehicles, providing a wealth of choice that it believes is unmatched by any other company. The development of electric vehicles (EVs) has shaped its business, and it has designed a scheme that caters to every possible motoring need while promoting a reduced climate impact. Pink Salary Exchange is excited that new names like Polestar, Cupra, DS, and Genesis are now fighting alongside all the established brands. Furthermore, it offers customers access to these vehicles, which means it can legitimately call its product the next generation of salary sacrifice. Challenges still exist in the market, including the perception that EVs need to catch up to petrol and diesel vehicles in terms of reliability, performance, and affordability. However, Pink Salary Exchange believes that the massive investment in EVs means that battery technology, power, and efficiency have improved enormously, and it works to spread that message effectively. It understands that people are resistant to change, and its product is sufficiently flexible to help people find workable solutions and enable them to make sensible and proactive decisions. Pink Salary Exchange’s internal culture is one of collaboration and expertise. The team strives to learn and listen and are open to new information and knowledge. They understand that their industry is constantly changing and highly competitive, so their internal culture reflects this. They are dynamic and hungry for learning, and the inherent nature of the EV industry and its current development makes it easy to maintain that culture. When hiring new staff, Pink Salary Exchange looks for dynamic individuals hungry for knowledge and passionate about the EV industry. It attracts the best talent on the market by offering a challenging work environment that is also exciting and rewarding. It believes that the best people are attracted to companies that are innovative, creative, and focused on making a difference in the world, and it strives to be that type of company. With an eye on the rest of 2023, Pink Salary Exchange plans to continue its focus on supporting the electric vehicle (EV) industry and the transition to net-zero emissions by offering competitive leasing deals on new and used EVs. In addition, the company plans to build new relationships with EV manufacturers and adapt its finance models to keep EV leasing deals affordable for clients to achieve this goal. In addition, the leadership team at Pink Salary Exchange plans to expand their range of businesses that they work with and move into new business sectors. The company believes that its scheme is adaptable to suit almost any business, but there are some key sectors where it does not have as much representation as it would like. Therefore, Pink Salary Exchange’s challenge for 2023 is ensuring its product remains unique and flexible enough to suit employers in new sectors. Contact: Courtenay Miller Company: Pink Salary Exchange Web Address: