UK Transport Awards 2023

23 | UK Transport Awards 2023 Feb23377 Most Innovative International Tyre Retreading Company 2023 After 75 years in the business, Marangoni is a worldwide recognised leader in the green tyre #retreading industry, in the design and production of machinery and materials, and in the manufacturing of TBR & OTR retreads. Read below to find out why they are so successful and are now an award-winning company. Marangoni is a company that has been recognised as the Most Innovative International Tyre Retreading Company 2023 by the UK Transport Awards, and it is easy to see why. The company is a world leader in the green tyre industry and has a long-term goal of contributing to the transition from a linear to a circular economy. Marangoni develops tyre solutions that enable more efficient use of our planet’s resources, making it the ideal supplier for the environmentally conscious buyer that wants to reduce its ecological footprint. Besides sustainability, Marangoni’s core values are innovation and customer satisfaction. The company serves different customer segments, including truck and bus fleets, tyre dealers, and retreaders. Marangoni is one of the more prominent manufacturers of retreaded tyres for trucks, buses, and earthmovers, marketed with the Marix and Renova brands. It also produces materials and technologies used by thirdparty truck and bus tyre retreaders, such as RINGTREAD, the spliceless precured tread ring invented by Marangoni, which allows for cold retreading of unparalleled quality. Marangoni is always at the forefront of change, setting the standard for the global retreading market. Its RINGTREAD technology is still one of the greatest innovations in retreading history and a reference for the tyre industry’s major players. The group also operates in the global tyre retreading machinery sector as a turn-key solution or complete systems supplier, focusing on efficiency, automation, and data management. The UK market primarily uses retreads in an on/off-road application and historically majors with 295/80R22.5. As a result of this, Marangoni has developed specific tread designs with the UK market requirements in mind. For example, the MIX101 and the Blackline MIX202: have two on/off drive patterns with excellent traction, high resistance to impact and chafing, and excellent self-cleaning properties. Both products are suitable for winter usage with 3PMSF markings. Misconceptions about retreading constitute a significant challenge in the UK. Retread tyres are often compared to budget tyres simply because they are at a similar price point. The reality is that the comparison stops there. Performance-wise, a premium retread is comparable to a new premium tyre, not a budget tyre. A premium retread will deliver similar, and sometimes better, mileage than a premium tyre at a fraction of the cost. In addition to the cost-benefit, a retread tyre has a positive impact on the environment by slowing down the rate of the tyre becoming waste and therefore reducing the carbon footprint of the vehicle operator. Marangoni’s internal culture is based on values like entrepreneurship, teamwork, ingenuity, and reliability. The company believes that each person must have the opportunity to express themselves to the fullest. The collaborators’ individual characteristics, ability to learn, and motivation to share information and experiences represent the company’s backbone. Marangoni collaborates with schools and educational institutions to attract young talent to provide opportunities for apprenticeships and school-to-work experiences. By investing in the next generation of professionals, Marangoni can ensure that it continues to have a talented and diverse team that shares its core values. The past, present and future of Marangoni’s business are green. A circular economy is designed to regenerate itself, and tyre retreading is an archetype of a circular economy. Therefore, it is the future of the tyre industry. Retreading means reducing the CO2 footprint compared to producing new tyres, and Marangoni is running a whole LCA (Life-Cycle Assessment) study with an Italian university to certify this. Additionally, the company aims to produce the first RINGTREAD manufactured with at least 90% of only natural ingredients. Placing a focus on the rest of 2023, Marangoni is continuing to aim for a cleaner, greener future as they look to enhance the environment and keep it green. In the words of the leadership team, the focus is undoubtedly on sustainability and becoming greener as a company for 2023. Contact: Phil Robinson (Senior Country Manager for UK, Ireland and United Arab Emirates) Company: Marangoni Web Address: