UK Transport Awards 2023

20 | UK Transport Awards 2023 Jan23716 Most Trusted Pre-Owned Car Dealership - Somerset Buying your next car is a process that’s always comprised of a mixture of both excitement and anxiety. Trying to make the decision is a feat in itself, and it can pose an overwhelming challenge to any buyer, regardless of experience. Luckily, My New Motor Ltd (My New Motor) has a wide selection of pre-owned cars to choose from. And, with a friendly and helpful team on-hand to assist, it’s been able to form an award-winning reputation founded on its astounding expertise. Here’s how My New Motor can make your car-buying journey more seamless than you ever thought possible. Based in Sommerset, between Bristol and Bath, My New Motor has been at the forefront of managing stock that complies with its customers’ needs above all else. It recognises the growing demand for electrical and hybrid vehicles across the market in recent years, and with it neighbouring two major cities, each with clean air zones, My New Motor has already begun to adapt itself to suit each client. Regardless of the type of vehicle you’re looking for, My New Motor has a selection that’ll make finding your dream car a breeze. Equipped with staff who value the customer experience above all else, My New Motor rejects the idea of placing pressure on its clients. Some clients may feel as though they’re being forced into making an uncertain purchase with other dealerships, which can cause an aversion towards the buying process as a whole. However, My New Motor guarantees that you’ll never once feel as though you have to make a decision on the spot, and holds an incredible amount of respect for you as a client. It strives to ensure that you find the right car for you and your family, and will give you as much time to make the decision as you need. Though the majority of its clientele originates from the local area, where My New Motor has made a name for itself as an incredibly reputable dealership, the business supplies cars throughout the entire UK and beyond. With a vast online website base that’s been honed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, My New Motor has applied what it learned throughout these difficult times to present a convenience to its clients that’s unmatched in the local area. So, if you find that My New Motor has the perfect car for you, you’ll be able to view a HD video of the vehicle and have it delivered right to your doorstep. My New Motor is highly acclaimed throughout its client base, with a myriad of five-star reviews to its name. Each service it offers is both professional and efficient, and leaves each customer feeling understood and listened to. Regardless of what you’re looking for in a car, My New Motor will do everything in its power to confirm that you’re paired with the perfect car for your family. It understands how imperative it is to have, not only a reliable car, but a reliable dealership to reassure you that you’re covered and cared for throughout your buying journey, and has adjusted itself accordingly. So, whether you’re wanting to find a new vehicle for yourself or your family, or just wanting to get a rough idea of the price ranges that you’ll be looking at for a multitude of different cars, My New Motor will be there to assist you, regardless of request. And with no expectations placed on its clients to make a spontaneous commitment, My New Motor is by far the best pre-owned car dealership in Sommerset to help you make the right choice for you. Contact: George Arnold Company: My New Motor Ltd Web Address: mynewmotor