UK Transport Awards 2023

27 | UK Transport Awards 2023 Jan23701 Leading Providers of Cross-Border eCommerce Logistics Solutions 2023 DMS Matrix is the perfect blend of a distributor, sales centre, fulfilment provider, and automated software systems provider. The company has a real advantage over any other eCommerce service provider company thanks to its cutting-edge technology and the most competitive shipping rates in the industry. Read on to learn more about how the company that has been recognised as the Leading Providers of Cross-Border eCommerce Logistics Solutions in 2023. DMS Matrix works with over 2,500 merchant clients worldwide, along with 40 carriers and logistics companies, to provide streamlined services for any e-commerce business. The company offers retailers from any country the opportunity to trade on the international scene via its marketplace connectivity and integration at a free or low cost basis, with connections to over 30+ logistics carriers and 40+ marketplaces and online retail platforms globally. Making its way in the market, DMS Matrix’s core values are to provide the best in technology and services so that its 3PL offering can be accessible to any entity and at any stage in their business journey, whether at the start-up or enterprise level. When assessing the current climate and the company’s projections and positions, DMS Matrix notes that the UK transport industry is changing and adapting, with many of its UK-based customers and clients struggling internationally with Brexit and shipping and clearing goods into the EU. To stay ahead of the curve, DMS Matrix has established an international presence through subsidiaries and boots on the ground in target markets such as the Netherlands, Germany, and Spain. The company has a larger global footprint beyond the UK and EU, with activities and solutions for Asia, the Middle East, and America readily available for any company looking to expand globally. Since its establishment, DMS Matrix has adapted to the changing demands of UK businesses by facilitating the growing demand from online/e-commerce activities, especially with the rise of marketplaces in the UK. Stealing a march on its competitors, DMS Matrix provides appropriate online components for orders, stock, and tracked sync via APIs for those businesses that have moved to a digital-first approach, and it is also available for those who have not made the leap or worked on legacy systems for their logistic needs. DMS Matrix has recently developed a plug-in to sync automatically to Shopify’s back end to help ease and streamline set-up as well as day-to-day operations. DMSMatrix is headquartered in Cardiff, Wales, and has partnered with the Welsh government and the DIT to help small and medium businesses branch out to the wider UK and abroad with their logistic needs covered. As the UK secures new free trade deals globally, DMS Matrix is there with local carriers and players to immediately help retailers and businesses to logistically serve these new trade partners, such as in China, India, Turkey, and the wider Middle East. DMSMatrix offers retailers from any country the opportunity to trade on the international scene via its marketplace connectivity and integration at a free or low cost basis, with connections to over 30+ logistics carriers and 30+ marketplaces and online retail platforms globally. The company is able to do full KYB and compliance checks to make sure that local UK platforms are selling legitimate international retailers at the best prices for local consumers. DMS Matrix has helped companies like Fruugo in the UK, Groupon, and Wowcher achieve tremendous success via its technology and is working with over 2,000 sellers globally. The company also assisted Ideal Shopping Direct in its initial marketplace launch, boosting the profile that ultimately helped it to sell the business to new owners in 2022. DMS Matrix is looking to provide the same technological integrations, shipping, and service that were successful in Asia to clients in the UK and other western markets in 2022. Specifically, this will be done via seller scouting and profiling, account opening and onboarding, and DMS Matrix ERP system access. The company has vast experience in carrying out seller profiling as per marketplace preferences and requirements, acting as a seller recruitment wing for marketplaces. The DMS Matrix team works between the seller and the marketplace to get the onboarding process completed smoothly, ensuring that the marketplace and the seller both get all the assistance in terms of completing the onboarding formalities. DMS Matrix provides a multichannel cross-border online retailing ERP system to all retailers to benefit from its rich features and automation. Ultimately, it is clear that DMS Matrix has a bright future ahead, and with the current leadership team in place, there is a lot to look forward to for the firm and its clients. That’s what is perhaps most important to note in this aspect, that all the work the company does to improve its own services and reputation is in aid of its clients. Contact: Ted Hettich Company: DMSMatrix Web Address: