UK Transport Awards 2023

29 | UK Transport Awards 2023 Jan23797 Most Innovative Taxi Marketplace – London Tranzitt is a comprehensive mobility service start-up that goes beyond the mere comparison of prices. Its platform facilitates the entire process of airport transfers, long-distance, and pre-paid travel, from comparison to booking completion and confirmation. Here is why it has been voted as the Most Innovative Taxi Marketplace in London. Tranzitt is a mobility start-up in the UK aiming to excel in mobility services. The company is committed to providing reliable, punctual, and affordable airport transfers and long-distance transportation services to customers, mainly when failure is not an option, such as international travel, medical appointments, business events, university studies, and family needs. Possessing a modern and agile start-up that has successfully established itself as a brand that embodies these values in many regions of the UK. Tranzitt’s core values are based on fundamental human virtues including integrity, reliability, and dependability. The company believes that the service industry, particularly the mobility sector, can be considerably improved to increase success, happiness, and motivation for all participants, including customers, drivers, and partner operators. To achieve this, the mobility ecosystem must be efficient and harmonious to pass on its benefits to each other and ultimately provide customer satisfaction and excitement. The UK transport industry is undergoing a continuous transformation with the use of technology and platforms. Tranzitt believes that this transformation should be equitable for businesses, customers, operators and drivers who participate in it. The company has developed its travel bidding platform that allows transparent and fair participation by customers and travel operators. Tranzitt seeks to offer features that instill confidence, fairness, and efficiency and is not designed solely to benefit business owners. Enabling a successful transition for companies, Tranzitt is responsive to market changes and recently built a negotiation feature that allows direct and transparent communication between customers and travel operators on price negotiation, leading to mutual happiness. In addition, the company aspires to curate its platform to keep up with industry changes and needs at all times. To counteract any future challenges, Tranzitt has a roadmap that addresses the challenges in airport transfers, long-distance, and pre-paid travel segments. Tranzitt’s platform not only solves customer’s concerns by facilitating direct conversations between customers and travel operators, but the company also monitors its platform for effectiveness and fairness at all times. Tranzitt differs from other travel mediators who absolve themselves of responsibilities after the trip is booked and leave customers and drivers to sort out any issues. The company has a responsive customer service function that ensures trips are fulfilled end to end and customers are satisfied. Tranzitt has a star team of IT platform developers, customer service associates, partner operators, and drivers who have signed up for the Tranzitt mission. The team has been hand-picked and curated for Tranzitt’s values over time. The company plans to expand its business carefully and responsibly to maintain the high level of quality it has achieved so far. Tranzitt’s plan for 2023 is optimistic, with strategies to scale in a controlled fashion. The company aims to add like-minded travel partners and an employee base that matches that expansion. Tranzitt seeks to expand its presence in many UK airports, onboard more customers, and serve repeat customers who regularly use its platform. The company plans to expand its business by designing a round of investment in a meaningful way that suits its capacity and company values. Tranzitt aspires to become the brand of choice in the minds and hearts of UK long-distance travellers. To sum up, Tranzitt ensures transparency and fairness by creating a bidding platform that allows customers and travel operators to participate directly in price negotiations. It also monitors its platform to ensure effectiveness and fairness at all times, which sets it apart from other travel mediators. Tranzitt has a star team that has been hand-picked and curated for Tranzitt values over time. They have a roadmap for the future that focuses on expansion in a controlled fashion, adding like-minded travel partners, scaling their presence in UK airports, and planning a round of investment – all reasons why Tranzitt has won the title of Most Innovative Taxi Marketplace – London. Contact: Joseph Savier Yute Pazil Company: Tranzitt Web Address: