Welsh Enterprise Awards 2020

18 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2020 Oct20505 Best Quiz Download Platform 2020 Combining years of quizzing experience, both organising and competing, with cutting edge technology, Quiz Master Shop is a totally new way to buy your quizzes. To begin, Alan provides us with a brief overview of the firm, offering us a glimpse into how the platform functions and how customers can create the perfect quiz for their own quiz night “Rather than receiving a supplier’s weekly offering, we believe our customers should be able to choose precisely the quiz that meets their needs. In our database thousands of questions are split into over 200 different subjects with various degrees of difficulty, all thoroughly checked and up to date. From these, we allow the customer to customise a quiz to meet their exact requirements. For each quiz you can choose the precise number of rounds, the exact subjects and correct the difficulty for each of these subjects. This means that, in practice, customers will have a unique quiz at their disposal each time they download.” Like many businesses, COVID-19 has had an impact on not only our working lives but also our social lives. For pubs and clubs across the country closing, these establishments have been unable to run traditional quiz nights – a pastime beloved by many. As a result, many of us have turned to hosting their own quiz nights for their families and friends through video calling platforms such as Zoom. However, as Alan goes on to explain, writing a quiz yourself is a lot more difficult than you might originally think. “Lots of people suddenly found just how hard it is to write a good questions when their turn to do the quiz came around, and we had several new customers who realised it was easier to come to us. Of course, a lot of these were one-off purchases from individuals, but some were from businesses which we hope will become regular customers when pub quizzes return to some sort of normality.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Alan comments on the benefits of the company’s location before outlining some of the exciting plans that lie in the pipeline for 2021 and beyond. “Wales is such an outward looking business community, and as we sell worldwide that is a great benefit. Living in such a great location, we wouldn’t swap this for anywhere else. At present, we supply straightforward ten-question quiz rounds on the customer’s chosen subject, but moving forward we would like to enhance our software to generate connections rounds, rounds where the answers’ initial letters spell something, and other ideas like that. Finally, we are also exploring the ability to sell picture and table rounds.” Company: Quiz Master Shop Website: www.quizmastershop.com Quiz Master Shop sell quizzes in an innovative and unique way by letting the customer choose the length and content of their quiz to suit their needs. Following its well-deserved success in the Welsh Enterprise Awards 2020, we got in touch with Alan Jones to find out more.

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