Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022

Welcome to the Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 SME News is excited to announce the highly anticipated return of the Welsh Enterprise Awards for 2022. These awards have been put together to celebrate the SMEs which continue to diversify and revitalise the Welsh business community. The first quarter of 2022 saw the birth of over 4,000 new businesses in Wales and here at SME News, we want to be able to celebrate those new businesses as well as those that paved the way for them. With a cultural heritage that is second to none, various government-supported enterprise zones, a growing tourist industry, and the support being offered to SMEs and Start-Ups, Wales is the perfect place for new businesses and SMEs to call home. Wales boasts a manufacturing industry that continues to account for nearly one-third of the GDP of Wales and has continued to be celebrated for its industry giants within the fields of agriculture, aerospace, construction, and energy. Sif Brookes | Senior Editor