Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022

Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 WELSH ENTERPRISE AWARDS 2022

Welcome to the Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 SME News is excited to announce the highly anticipated return of the Welsh Enterprise Awards for 2022. These awards have been put together to celebrate the SMEs which continue to diversify and revitalise the Welsh business community. The first quarter of 2022 saw the birth of over 4,000 new businesses in Wales and here at SME News, we want to be able to celebrate those new businesses as well as those that paved the way for them. With a cultural heritage that is second to none, various government-supported enterprise zones, a growing tourist industry, and the support being offered to SMEs and Start-Ups, Wales is the perfect place for new businesses and SMEs to call home. Wales boasts a manufacturing industry that continues to account for nearly one-third of the GDP of Wales and has continued to be celebrated for its industry giants within the fields of agriculture, aerospace, construction, and energy. Sif Brookes | Senior Editor

Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 | 3 Contents 4. A & S Formwork Ltd: Best Reinforced Concrete Formwork Contractor 2022 6. South Wales Pool and Spa: Best Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs Dealer - South Wales 8. Tradeprices Bathrooms: Fastest Growing Online Bathroom Company of the Year 2022 10. Extremus Dog Training Ltd: Best Residential Dog Training Course Specialists 2022 11. Resolution at Work Ltd: Best Conflict Coach (2022): Alison Love 12. Lido Ponty: Best Outdoor Pools & Adventure Play Park 2022 13. RPW Radon Wales Ltd: Radon Detection & Reduction Specialists Company of the Year 2022 14. Peppermint Aesthetics & Laser Clinic Ltd: Best Premium Non-Surgical Aesthetics Treatments Company – South Wales 15. Daioni Organic: Best Organic Dairy Brand 2022 16. Ivor Thomas Funerals Ltd: Best Family-Run Independent Funeral Directors – Cardiff 17. Atom Scaffolding: Scaffolding Company of the Year - North Wales 18. Heatforce: Best Boiler, Fireplace, & Bathroom Installers – Cardiff 19. Hair Clinical: Best Hair Loss Clinic - South Wales 20. Netlet Properties: Best Self-Catering Holiday Home Rental Services - Southwest Wales 21. Agxio: Agriculture Technology Business of the Year 2022 22. LHP Accountants: Cloud Accounting Specialists of the Year 2022 23. Celtic Training & Skills: Best Multi-Industry Training Provider 2022

4 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 Sep22502 Best Reinforced Concrete Formwork Contractor 2022 The history of construction would inform us that concrete slabs were used all the way back in the Roman times. This was the case due to the hardwearing aspects of the concrete used – meaning that each build would be stronger for much longer. By having a large resistance to heavy loads and a much sturdier structure than buildings made form other materials, concrete slabs were favoured. This is when formwork or falsework began its journey to where it is today. Formwork is a method with which we can construct buildings that will stand the test of time, as well as suit all of our aesthetic needs and wishes. When designing and building our desired structures, it is important to take everything into account. The location, the overall look, and the solidity of the structure that will inevitably be there for generations to come – if it is built and reinforced correctly. After its birth in 2017, A & S Formwork has swiftly become an impeccable formwork contractor. Based in a location that covers areas such as Newport, across Wales, and the South West, it is a reliable, trustworthy, and entirely revolutionary construction company that puts safety and durability above all else. It provides concrete placement, steel reinforcement, retaining wall construction, formwork shuttering, and many more bespoke services, so that you can put your building in safe hands. Promising all of its brilliant services to a wide variety of clients, and adhering to realistic budgets, A & S Formwork not only offers customers a chance to express themselves, but it makes their dreams become a reality. As a Wales-based company, working with Wales and the South West, A & S Formwork covers a large area that is brimming with customers looking to embark on their construction journey. Some of them know exactly what they want and need, but there are some who don’t even know where to start. This is where A & S Formwork comes in. With its tailor-made solutions to any issue or project, A& S Formwork offers a helping hand and builds a solid foundation – for the buildings it creates and for the relationship that it forms with its customers. With reinforced slab packages from preparation through to each finish, its services walk each customer through every stage – right through to completion. Guaranteeing a service that fits a budget, it never makes promises that it can’t keep. Offering these competitive rates, it can tend to the needs of the customer whilst doing what it loves – creating. Able to install formwork for any size project or structure, from small retaining walls all the way to bridges, A & S Formwork’s premium projects showcase the dedicated and passionate team members. Its team is small, tight-knit, and highly professional for every project taken on. It even offers competitive rates for labour on top of it all. For full packages of steel reinforcement, shuttering formwork, concrete placement, finishes, and repairs, A& S Formwork offers a helping hand that will keep any stress at bay. Knowing that it is Chas and Constructionline approved is just another reason to choose A & S Formwork. Leaving no stone – or slab – unturned, it takes on every project it can, and puts it all into the entire process. Not only does A & S Formwork care about its projects and reputation, but it cares deeply about every one of its team members and customers. Prioritising their comfort and happiness is a given. And, in this trade, that really counts. No one can afford to fund a project that isn’t done right, from start to finish. Finding a company that offers all A & S Formwork does is no small feat and, if you’re in the areas it supports, you should send any enquiries its way. A & S Formwork Ltd has now won Best Reinforced Concrete Formwork Contractor 2022 and it is about to pick up even more exciting projects in the near to distant future. Contact: Andrew Clifford Company: A & S Formwork Ltd Web Address: https://aandsformwork.co.uk/ Formwork moulds are absolutely essential for all kinds of builds. They offer a sound and reinforced structure and plenty of insulation, so that we can live with peace of mind and in comfort. A & S Formwork Ltd is a formwork company that was looking to make a mark on the construction industry – and it has done just that. Here we take a closer look at A & S Formwork as it wins this excellent accolade in the Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022. “ Leaving no stone – or slab – unturned, it takes on every project it can, and puts it all into the entire process. Not only does A&S Formwork care about its projects and reputation, but it cares deeply about every one of its team members and customers. ”

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6 Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 Aug22556 Best Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs Dealer - South Wales South Wales Pool and Spa is a family-run business and the leading dealer of hot tubs, swim spas, and pools in South Wales, and it boasts a large showroom on Hatfield Road in Cardiff which features the latest hot tubs, swim spas, Jacuzzis, and swimming pools. The company also stocks hot tub chemicals, accessories, and parts. Hot tubs are becoming increasingly popular with UK residences, and making the right choice to suit the home and family in key. The friendly team at South Wales Pool and Spa can offer all the advice needed when it comes to purchasing a new hot tub, pool, or spa. The business prides itself on reviewing the supplier base to provide our customers with the most economical the environmentally friendly options on the market today. Earth Spas is based in United Kingdom. The Earth Spas range has been conceived and manufactured with a vision of being more ergonomically and environmentally friendly than any other hot tub. With the addition of the Eco Smart73 uses world class Air Source Heat Pump which can reduce running costs by 73%. Looking for something different the look no further than the Rexener hot tubs. They are handmade in Finland. Their workmanship exhibits uncompromising quality and unmatched comfort. Rexener hot tubs take their colours from the building materials of the idyllic Northern landscape, white snow and the black granite stone of the North, Gabro. The tubs have an outer cladding that is made of lichen grey Northern wild spruce. Of course, it is important to take care of your hot tub, too, which can be intimidating, especially for those who have never owned one before. South Wales Pool and Spa can offer free, continuous advice and support for every customer, including how to look after a hot tub. With all the hot tub chemicals available for purchase both instore and online, the company’s knowledgeable team can provide all the help needed, either in-person or over the phone. Not only does this set South Wales Pools and Spa apart from competitors, but also the way its staff don’t make people feel pressured into making a decision on a hot tub, since they recommend based on individual needs rather than focusing on hitting sales targets. Furthermore, the company’s hot tubs are built for longevity, so customers can expect years of problem-free hot tub use. South Wales Pools and Spa offers more than just hot tubs – The team are also specialists in DIY swimming pool kits and installations, whether concrete inground, fibreglass inground, or above ground. Due to our environmental ethics the business has teamed up the Lighthouse pools to supply and install HeatForm insulated pool. The convenient and eco-friendly way to build a high quality in-ground or above-ground swimming pool in your home, garden, spa or school, whilst helping the planet at the same time. Manufactured in Devon, UK with insulation made from 100% recycled PET bottles, HeatForm can reduce your pool’s energy usage by up to 50% compared to a traditional in-ground concrete pool. For those who love the sound of a pool but don’t have the space, there is range of exercise pools available – with all the benefits of a traditional swimming pool, but requiring only a fraction of the space! You can never reach the end of the pool thanks to its smooth current which can be adjusted to any speed or ability, enabling you to swim at your own pace, as well as not have your workout interrupted by regular turns so you can focus on your stroke and technique. Potential customers can even visit the South Wales Pools and Spa showroom in Cardiff to try out counter current systems in the onsite pool. A free no-obligation “wet test” allows individuals to see for themselves how easy it is to swim in place against a smooth, gentle, and adjustable current. It doesn’t stop there, either. South Wales Pools and Spa also offers services in the form of pool cleaning and repair, pool opening and closing, and hot tub cleaning and repair. Regular professional servicing provides a wide range of benefits, including extending the lifespan of the device and keeping it in perfect condition. The pool cleaning and repair service can include cleaning, chemical balancing, water testing, equipment service and maintenance, sand changes, filter cleans, pool repairs, and leak detection and repair. This can be as a one-off visit, or a tailor-made service plan. The pool opening and closing service is aimed at owners of domestic swimming pools. The opening service involves making sure the pool is swim-ready at the beginning of the season and maintaining it. Then, the closing service is the process of readying the pool for the off-season, making sure the pool is balanced correctly and that the equipment is protected from freezing. The hot tub cleaning and repair service ensures the safe use of the equipment. South Wales Pool and Spa’s skilled engineers are able to repair many different brands and models of hot tubs. Modern hot tubs are complex mechanical and electrical systems that need to function in a range of environments. Routine maintenance allows early detection of problems such as small leaks which could potentially evolve over time and cause serious damage and potentially high repair costs. If you’re interested in hearing more about any of South Wales Pool and Spa’s products or services, simply call 02920 712444, email enquiries@southwalespoolandspa.com, or pop into its Cardiff showroom. Company: South Wales Pool and Spa Email: enquiries@southwalespoolandspa.com Website: https://southwalespoolandspa.com/

Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 | 7 Best Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs Dealer - South Wales

8 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 Fastest Growing Online Bathroom Company of the Year 2022 Offering customers a choice like no other, Tradeprices Bathrooms has revolutionised the bathroom market. Through innovative business decisions and an outstanding knowledge of the market, Tradeprices Bathrooms offer exceptionally made bathrooms at an affordable price to suit anyone’s budget, whilst maintaining the high-quality products and customer service the business is renowned for. With its rising – and overwhelmingly positive – reputation, Tradeprices is putting Wales on the map, changing the market not only nationally, but throughout the UK with a clear niche that sets the business apart from the rest. With 2022 brining in exclusive ranges not seen anywhere else in the UK, Managing Director, Gavin keeps Tradeprices up to trend with a market nobody else can take advantage of, giving the company a lead over its market. Tradeprices scours the market for the latest bathroom trends, trends that the UK public are asking for. Early in 2022, Brushed brass was mentioned as a huge trend. At the time, there were no companies in the UK selling any brushed brass show enclosures, although these were already in demand. Tradeprices teamed up with two manufacturers and agreed a design in its Pacific and Apex ranges to provide high quality show enclosures in all shapes including pentagon, sliding, quadrant, and offset quadrant. The bathroom company has since fast become a European distributor to one of the biggest glass manufacturers in Europe. It has also expanded its ranges, while still being the UK’s leading brushed brass enclosure supplier. None of its hard work and accomplishments are going unnoticed either, with the business’ success within the Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 being the ninth accolade it has received in the space of two years. Gavin comments, “I would just like to thank the team; both John and Claire have been fantastic. So much hard work goes on behind the scenes to make this company happen. It really is mind-blowing.” Playing a large part in the team’s extraordinary success is its internal culture. The Tradesprices office is a fun one, but with only four team members, they do maintain a hard work ethic and are always pushing orders out as fast as they can. There are always obstacles within this industry, from dealing with couriers, and national stock with distributors, but the team always strives to consistently deliver the highest quality customer service levels. Of course, the pandemic was quite a challenge, too – But the business refused to settle for mediocrity, instead determinedly sustaining lead over competition by working with its distribution companies on new ranges and colours, despite factories and manufacturing companies being closed, or projected delays around the world for up to 16 weeks. In addition to this, Gavin makes clear that the future is bright for the business, adamant that the niche of the business is a key opportunity for growth. He tells us, “The future is very bright for us. We have found a niche in the market that we fit comfortably in. We are always working towards making things even better for the customer. We are currently trialling free delivery UK wide which will help our customers even more with tighter budgets. If not, we also include free gifts to alleviate any delivery charge, so we always have the customer at the forefront of what we do.” The company is now on its third warehouse move in two years, which reflects its huge growth. Gavin says, “The growth of the business keeps me guessing on what happens in 2023, but we have set our target of direct manufacture rather than the traditional use of distributors in the UK. This way, we can have the upper hand on the latest trends. We can also maintain our prices as we have more control over the cost.” He adds, “In 2023, we are also renewing the website to make our customer experience even better. With more interaction, more inspired blogs to showcase our ranges, and to allow the customer to trust our brand even more.” Company: Tradeprices Bathrooms Contact: Gavin Smith Email: gavin.smith@tradeprices.com Website: www.tradeprices.com Aug22544

Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 | 9 Fastest Growing Online Bathroom Company of the Year 2022

10 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 8 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 healthy experience with their dog that is the envy of other dog owners. Darren and Jacqui’s extensive knowledge and understanding, gained over years of experience and working with thousands of different dogs, means they know how to deal with complex behavioural issues, enabling them to take their service and training to the next level. Their unique approach and the way they build lasting relationships with clients is achieved through consistently providing an experience and level of support that is unsurpassed. They listen intently, advise correctly, and educate constantly both on a practical and theoretical level that the majority of their clients have never seen before. They aim to provide a level and standard of training that is definitely not the norm for the dog training industry across the UK, and they intend to keep improving with each client they work with. The overall issue with both dog training and dog ownership across the UK is that there are too many trends, too much confusion and confliction, and too much promotion of generic advice that is not tailored to the individual dog’s needs and/or those of the owner. People are trying to fit dogs into a box that they do not belong, a box that suits their own needs over those of the dogs. Over the last few years, there has been a huge spike in terms of dog ownership with people being stuck at home during the pandemic. This was one of the worst possible times to try and raise a social, balanced, and stable dog. Lack of exposure and socialisation is just the beginning, but owners have been with their dogs 24/7 and as a result, have not provided them with the space or ability to deal with being on their own. There have been nine fatalities due to dog attacks this year, the highest number recorded in the last 50 years – and it is not a coincidence. If the last few years have highlighted anything, it’s the great need for much better education and understanding of owning, raising, training, and managing dogs. Not with legislation, but proper Extremus Dog Training Ltd (Extremus) was founded in 2013 when two already professional dog trainers, Darren Priddle and Jacqui Law, came together to provide the highest levels of service to both the clients they work with and their dogs. Award-winning Extremus Dog Training continually strives for excellence and the promotion of a healthy, lasting relationship between human and dog. It specialises in residential dog training courses, daily behavioural one-to-ones, and board and train packages, supporting owners across the whole of the UK and Europe. It even has clients who have travelled all the way from Barcelona, Spain to experience and learn from its knowledge and passion for dogs. Together with dog owners, Darren Priddle and Jacqui Law want to help promote the right education and understanding for dog ownership and how, with the right foundation, every dog owner can create a joyous, interactive, and Best Residential Dog Training Course Specialists 2022 Aug22560 education by experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Extremus can help by being at the forefront of said education. Teamwork makes the dream work; this is Extremus’ ethos and mentality. Darren and Jacqui have a fantastic partnership that allows them to look at their work from differing perspectives so they can provide a level of input, including their advice and guidance, that others are unable to achieve. They encourage this mentality in anyone they work with. Drive, dedication, and passion are qualities they seek when searching for new employees, along with a willingness to be adaptive and to realise that working with dogs is a lifestyle, not just a job. This is how Darren and Jacqui see the company – a lifestyle rather than just a 9-5. This is another reason that Extremus has such a superb support network with its clients and their training requirements. Now, Extremus is looking towards a very bright future where it is focused on continued development and growth, increasing its capacity for dog owners across the UK. The company also runs a UK-based non-profit called Dogs 4 Wildlife, where it raises and develops its dogs to help fight against wildlife crime across SubSaharan Africa. This is Darren and Jacqui’s passion and where their expertise really shines; training dogs to help save wildlife is very special to them, and although they love helping the everyday dog owner create the relationship they want with their dog, which in itself is incredibly rewarding, nothing gives them more pride than to be involved in and the founders of such an amazing organisation. Company: Extremus Dog Training Ltd Contact: Darren Priddle & Jacqui Law Email: darren@extremusdogtraining.co.uk Website: www.extremusdogtraining.co.uk

work with the many varied and forward-thinking Welsh businesses across the region. They have consultants based across Wales and can offer Welsh Speaking services should clients require. As well as Wales, Resolution at Work consultants can provide services across the nation and indeed internationally thanks to online meeting provisions. Services can be provided face to face in most instances, but there has been a strong shift towards virtual services which has meant growth for Resolution at Work and is in line with the company’s Green Pledge to limit environmental impact wherever possible. Resolution at Work has grown from a small consultancy to a team of 10 in the past 18 months, with director Alison Love carefully handpicking her consultants to reflect the ethos of the business. She works tirelessly to promote Resolution at Work’s services as the future of workplace conflict resolution and a true alternative to the costly and formal Grievance processes that often end in the loss of a once-valued staff member and cause deep ruptures in workplace culture. These approaches have previously been the mainstay of many corporate organisations in their approach to conflict, however they fail to address the root of problems and do not prevent issues from arising again. Happily, Alison explains that more and more organisations are now looking for viable alternatives to these expensive and ineffective past processes and are now focussing on investing in equipping their teams with the skills to positively approach conflict and resilience. This is resulting in a sharp rise in demand for Resolution at Work’s conflict coaching services and a great deal of positive feedback. Alison is now focusing on expanding the company’s training output, designing more options for managers and HR professionals to benefit from the skills and services that Resolution at Work offers. She is a vocal advocate for the positive impact of conflict coaching and the benefits of mediation and offers her support and advice as a speaker and sponsor of events in Wales and nationwide. Resolution at Work hosts several Established by director Alison Love in 2000, Resolution at Work have been at the forefront of workplace mediation and conflict coaching ever since. Their team of experts comprises highly experienced mediators and coaches who share Alison’s passion for working with organisations and teams to reduce the negative impact of unresolved conflict in the workplace. Based in Cardiff and operating nationwide, Resolution at Work prides itself on providing expert support to their clients by offering a wide range of services alongside conflict coaching, including mediation services, conflict training and workshops, resilience coaching and supporting organisations with their resolution policies, learning and development and HR practices, as well as specialist neutral assessment and workplace investigations. These services are designed to support the modern workplace in improving working relationships and therefore positively benefit productivity, employee relationships and workplace culture. Resolution at Work focuses on empowerment as a key value. Their consultants work with individuals, teams and organisations to empower them to positively manage conflict. Clients are supported with creative, future focused and sustainable options enabling them to positively manage issues that may arise within the workplace. Alison’s approach is entirely clientfocused, and Resolution at Work’s reputation is built on providing a friendly and trusted service working in partnership with clients and resulting in fantastic working relationships. With a Cardiff-based head office, Resolution at Work is proud of its Welsh heritage and its Best Conflict Coach (2022): Alison Love Sep22225 free online events per year, with topics ranging from discussing the Grievance process and benefits of conflict coaching to resolving team disputes. These events are always free and open to all, with many recordings of past events available on their website. Interested parties are also encouraged to sign up to the regular newsletter via the company website for more details of services and events. The next of these free webinars is taking place on November the 2nd with details available online. Over the coming months, Resolution at Work will be joining the CIPD roadshows across Wales to meet and develop relationships with clients old and new. Contact: Naomi Headland, Executive Assistant at Resolution at Work 08000 489235 Company: Resolution at Work Ltd Web Address: www.resolution-at-work.co.uk Clients are supported with creative, future focused and sustainable options enabling them to positively manage issues that may arise within the workplace.

Sep22069 As the only attraction of its kind in Wales, Lido Ponty has truly carved out a niche for itself in the tourism and holidaymaking market. Attracting customers from near and far, this stunning restoration lido has stood in Pontypridd’s Ynysangharad War Memorial Park since the 1920s. Indeed, it has withstood the test of time by way of its huge popularity with families of all shapes and sizes, giving them the chance to make the most out of sunny days by way of its inflatable obstacle course as well as serving local swimming enthusiasts. Open seasonally as well as over boxing day and new year’s, the original Mediterranean vibe of this exemplary lido has been staunchly maintained.. Indeed, Lido Ponty’s heated pools have endeared it to casual swimmers and those of a more professional variety, even open on boxing day and New Year’s Day for an invigorating post-celebration swim that is sure to provide a fun holiday activity for the kids and clear away the cobwebs for adults! With sun terraces, loungers, outdoor changing booths, showers, and distinctive Italian style roof tiles, all of it has been restored over the years to retain that classic 1920s charm whilst updating it for the comfort of contemporary swimmers. Showcasing the history and modernity of Pontypridd both, it was always hoped that Lido Ponty would be able to remain a haven for visitors of all ages, and it achieves this through its cheap activity passes and prevailing ‘kids swim for free’ rule, making it an affordable holiday or weekend treat. Indeed, many people who remember the original lido have returned many a time to enjoy the revamped and renovated version that now exists. With all the charm they remember and all the comfort of the future, it forms the heart of the wider Pontypridd appeal, surrounded by historical attractions, meeting spaces, conference centres, a café, an adventure playground, and the wider surroundings of the Memorial Park. By turning what could be quite a sombre site into something that allows guests to immerse themselves in the joy of life, people travel from all over the country in order to partake. Year on year, its visitor numbers increase, and despite the issues presented to it by recent extreme weather and closures due to the pandemic, its local community and wider customer base have truly banded together in order to keep the place thriving. Therefore, with huge pride in the happy, diverse, inclusive, and well-maintained nature of this attraction, Lido Ponty and its staff promise that it will only get bigger and better going forward; although the 2022 swimming season is over, guests can look forward to its boxing day and New Year’s swims, as well as an up-and-coming October and November pilot season. Company: Lido Ponty Contact: Brent Bennett Website: lidoponty.co.uk Best Outdoor Pools & Adventure Play Park 2022

13 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 Every year, more than 2000 deaths are recorded as a result of Radon gas in the UK. If the right checks were in place, this number could drop dramatically. Without any government funding, however, the RPW team make sure that this vital work is undertaken. Standing as the leading company within Wales for the job, the team have built a reputation for excellence over the last 18 years. The team’s main aim has been to reduce the risk of lung cancer through research, detection, and reduction of Radon gas levels. Over the years, a great deal of research has shown that Radon gas is the most significant cause of lung cancer amongst non-smokers. It has been linked with other diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and cancers in children. Because so few people in the public sphere really understand the dangers to the body, RPW offers a comprehensive approach to the issue. Education is just as important to the overall success of the business as managing the various risk assessments that come their way. RPW is a small business run primarily by the Waters family, with Richard Waters as Founder and Managing Director. He started the business in 2010 and was joined in 2019 by his Daughterin-Law Vicky Waters and his eldest son, Lee Waters in 2021. Vicky brought a management career to the venture, whilst Lee joined after 10 years as a qualified Building Inspector. He adds immeasurably to the business through his position as Technical Director. In 2022, the business had grown to the point where an office administrator was appointed in the form of Liz Kilgour who is first point of contact for customers handling whatever comes her way with ease. The closeness of the business means that when you engage the team at RPW, you engage a team that understands precisely what it means Aug22710 Radon Detection & Reduction Specialists Company of the Year 2022 Radon gas can cause incredible harm if left unchecked, but the team at RPW Radon Wales Ltd are on hand to ensure that it doesn’t. Specialising in Radon gas measurements and risk assessments, they’ve had an incredible impact on many people’s lives. Recognised in the Welsh Enterprise Awards, we take a closer look to uncover more about this impressive firm. to provide protection against the harms of Radon gas. Radon gas is not properly policed by the government, meaning that thousands of homes or workplaces in Wales have dangerous levels in their properties. Over the last few years, the COVID-19 pandemic might have taken away some of the focus the team might have had, but the importance of airflow in protecting people’s health is just as vital to maintaining high standards against Radon gas. As such, the team were able to continue spreading the word about Radon and reduce its levels in the environment. Being based in West Wales has been a boon to the team, as it’s a region where research into the topic is constantly in progress. The team have grown as a result of this research. Slowly, this has had an impact on how properties are built, with Wales slowly implementing Radon measures into its new build properties. Being able to turn to a specialist as people become more and more aware of the risks has been incredibly helpful in terms of building up a business model. The team has designed hundreds of extraction systems, each of them unique to each individual build. Thanks to this bespoke approach, the team have been able to make a real difference to how people live their lives. Their future work will see the team collaborating with the Welsh Assembly as well as 22 local authorities on their Schools, Social Housing and Offices, Housing Associations and Health Boards across Wales. Only through this level of interaction at a governmental level can real change be achieved. Very few people know or understand the danger to the body that comes with Radon gas, but the team at RPW are trying their best to make the risks known to as many people as possible. Their success in the Welsh Enterprise Awards reflects the incredible reach that their efforts have had. We celebrate their achievements and look forward to what they do in the future.

14 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 standards in the UK are extremely high and medical professionals adhere to a code of conduct. We learn skills and gain vast knowledge in dealing with many issues and situations. Therefore, when using prescribed medication via various methods, one being injectables, we have a better understanding than someone who is not medically trained.” Currently, UK standards surrounding aesthetics are gaining momentum and stricter regulations are being lobbied in parliament, however currently anyone can train in injectables and administer them, leaving many people open to botched aesthetic treatments which in turn leads to other complications, and further pulls resources from the NHS. This is something that Shane feels very passionately about, and is also one of the main reasons that Peppermint stands out from the crowd. “Friends, family, and clients tell me that the USP of Peppermint is me!” he laughs. “I’m professional at all times, kind, caring and empathetic to my clients’ needs. The main moral that I live by is to treat everyone how I would want to be treated myself.” Shane manages his clients’ expectations by giving in-depth consultations prior to any treatments beginning. He has found, from experience, that not only does this put the clients at ease, but it also ensures that they are suitable for a treatment and not simply wasting their money. Whilst Peppermint is a business, Shane also believes in raising the standard of aesthetics. “I try to be honest,” he says. “In aesthetics it’s kind of the job role, not to be rude or unkind but mainly to supply the facts. If that means telling someone they’re not suitable for a treatment then that’s more of a benefit to them by stopping them from making the wrong decision, wasting their money or making an issue worse.” With more and more people having aesthetic treatments, it’s important to understand exactly what certain procedures entail. Peppermint Aesthetics is not only committed to ensuring its clients’ safety, but also keeping them fully informed at all times. We find out more from Owner, Shane Griffiths, in the wake of the clinic gaining recognition in the Welsh Enterprise Awards. Based in Blackwood, South Wales, Peppermint Aesthetics (Peppermint) is an aesthetics clinic with a difference. Striving to keep the industry standards high by keeping its clients safe and well informed, Peppermint does not shy away from discussing the good, the bad and the ugly, to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Owned and managed by registered nurse, Shane Griffiths, Peppermint offers premium non-surgical treatments to both men and women over the age of 18 years old, with a few treatments open to under 18s by medical referral and parental consent. “Safety is our priority!” enthuses Shane, who trained as a district nurse and had several years working for the NHS before opening up Peppermint. He has been trained by some of the best aesthetic trainers in the country and is constantly updating his skills to keep the clinic up to date with others in the market. Maintaining high industry standards is of utmost importance to Shane and his dedicated team. In a world where “anyone can pick up a needle and inject someone” it is even more imperative to ensure that Peppermint is regulated for its clients continued safety and wellbeing. “It’s a severely unregulated industry, allowing anyone to perform certain aesthetic treatments after undergoing a day’s course,” he explains further. “There are two sides to the coin: the medical professional side – such as nurses, doctors and dentists – then the non-medical side, which is everyone else.” Being medically trained means that, not only is Shane aware of the chemicals that he is injecting, but he can also act appropriately if something were to go wrong. Shane adds, “The nursing and medical Aug22576 Trends in aesthetics change constantly and it is an industry which is constantly evolving. It is also an area that is heavily influenced by social media, with celebrities plugging the new and latest treatments and fans following suit. Whilst a couple of years ago Shane saw an increase in lip augmentation procedures, he is now experiencing an uptick in skin improvement treatments. The Covid-19 pandemic affected the beauty industry massively, and Peppermint, much like many other businesses, lost two years of trading and is still feeling the effects of it today. not just a localised area. “Peppermint opened and closed three times, for long periods, all in-line with government guidelines and rules at the time,” Shane elaborates. “We are just grateful to our clients for being loyal and sticking with us in what was a very tricky time.” On a positive note, when the clinic finally reopened fully last year, its clientele grew massively which has helped it to go from strength-to-strength, helping it to become recognised in the Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 and achieve the coveted title of Best Premium Non-Surgical Aesthetics Treatments Company – South Wales. Now, as Shane tells us, the future for Peppermint is looking wonderful indeed! “Peppermint is looking to take on another member of staff, upgrade our current Lynton Laser to their Gold Standard machine that offers more premium treatments to tackle vast skin issues and, further down the line, we would like to expand our brand to another location by opening a second clinic.” Contact: Shane Griffiths Company: Peppermint Aesthetics & Laser Clinic Ltd Web Address: www.peppermintaesthetics.com Best Premium Non-Surgical Aesthetics Treatments Company – South Wales Peppermint Aesthetics & Laser Clinic Ltd

Since being launched in 2003, the team at Daioni have curated a stunning range of long-life organic milk, organic flavoured milk drinks and organic ready to drink fairtrade coffee. The team’s premium products have gained an astonishing reputation within the UK and internationally, standing out for its quality and its providence. The core of what has brought Daioni such success is in its name. Daioni means “goodness” in Welsh, and goodness is what the team are determined to provide to everyone who samples their incredible milk. Based out in the glorious Welsh countryside, it’s easy to see why goodness is such an important value for the team. To make the most of the stunning environment the teamwork in, they have committed to developing innovative, sustainable and organic farming practices that champion quality and ethical products. The team have managed to rise to a position within the Premium Organic Milk that beats the competition through remaining true to their brand commitments of goodness for you, our environment and our communities. For many looking to discover premium products, the quality comes not only from the taste, but from where it comes from. Over the years, the methods used by Daioni have seen them recognised as a UK Future Climate Change Leader in last years UN conference. They were the first British dairy brand to be certified by the Chinese organic certifying body, the China Quality Certification Centre. Organic milk is now a key growth driver within the Dairy Category, reaching a record $22b after ten years of consecutive growth. By 2026, it will rise to $34bn. This is a market which is connected with the growing wellbeing sector as consumers seek naturally nutritious foods, as well as being prioritised by governments around the world. The cost-of-living crisis, however, might change all of this. Already in the UK, there has been a 13% decline in organic purchasing. The focus for Daioni, and for those who are in the organic milk industry, must remain on making their products available through awareness, education and value. Being based in Wales and working with likeminded organic dairy partners has allowed the team access to some of the UK’s and Europe’s most incredible natural resources, with lush, fertile ground that gives the team’s cows some of the best grazing grounds in the world. The result is milk which is fantastically creamy and highly nutritious. Needless to say, the people are fantastic as well! Looking forward there is always demand for organic products and these products are constantly evolving. Customers want new products that change their perspective and that’s Sep22191 Best Organic Dairy Brand 2022 precisely where a small and agile business can thrive. Daioni’s range of award winning products are becoming household favourites across the United Kingdom, and indeed throughout the world. Their success is one which reflects the need for products which are ethical and sustainable in equal measure. Goodness is not something we often think of when we look at a product, but it’s the value that has driven the success of Daioni. Their tremendous achievement in the Welsh Enteprise Awards reflects the astonishing demand for their services. We cannot wait to see what they do next! Company: Daioni Organic Name: Adam Fitzpatrick Email: adam@daioni.co.uk Web Address: https://daioni.co.uk/ When it comes to organic food, the team at Daioni Organic have you covered. Their delectable organic milks have delighted tastebuds for nearly 20 years. In the Welsh Enterprise Awards, Daioni Organic were recognised for their premium products. We take a closer look to see how they’ve managed to milk such astonishing success.

16 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 Sep22120 Best Family-Run Independent Funeral Directors – Cardiff Established in January of 2019 – and named for the father/son duo who founded it – Ivor Thomas Funerals is a family affair. Born from Mark Ivor’s work at Cardiff Bereavement Services, he saw the organisation’s high prices and distinct practices. Mark, and his father, agreed that there was room for a local cost-effective funeral service that centres itself around the needs of families. It is very firmly rooted in its family-run roots. The funeral directors and initial founders are son and father, Mark and Neil. In addition, Mark’s wife Natasha – a trained doctor – helps behind the scenes, as does Neil’s wife Sue – a florist – and Mark’s sister Sarah, who helps in the office twice a week. The team is rounded out by Donna Sharon, David and Keiron, who bring the same level of passion and care that the family holds, not focusing on big profits and a larger slice of available customers, but on doing right by the people it works with. This perspective is what the company was founded on and is one it maintains to this day. It does not want to be known as a large funeral director but as one that cares. As such, when Ivor Thomas recruits, it cares more about the candidate’s personality than their experience. As a result, it has maintained a team that does what is best for the families it works for above all things. Servicing the areas in and around Cardiff, Barry, and Caerphilly, it helps families with their funerals in any way possible, giving them as much choice and information as they wish. Ivor Thomas, above everything, wants its customers and clients to make an informed decision that is right for them without pressure or expectation. In line with this, it ensures its assorted services are available in the most cost-effective way. It remains open and honest at every stage, not obfuscating costs in fine print or surprising families with hidden fees later down the line. One of Ivor Thomas’ standout services is its options for planning a funeral through its prepaid funeral services. It provides these prepaid funeral plans in line with its continued aim of providing cost-effective solutions. Plans are secured by Golden Leaves Funeral Plans, offering people an affordable way to pay for their funerals whilst protecting costs from inflation and remaining impressively flexible. The monthly costs vary according to the arrangements made; from basic cremations to coffin upgrades and limousine transport, Ivor Thomas allows its customers to organise the perfect funeral affordably. Beyond affordability, Ivor Thomas only performs one funeral service a day. This is so each service retains the intimacy and respect such an event should have, absent of the targets and ticking clocks that can hinder it. In addition, it allows the Ivor Thomas team to be the first people at the service and the last to leave. There is no rushing off trying to do another funeral. Instead, families know that if there is anything it can do – before or after the service – Ivor Thomas will be there and ready to help. Time and time again, Ivor Thomas demonstrates that it does what is best for the families it works with and understands the enormity of participating in a funeral. Its team’s zeal and compassion shine through at every stage, highlighting an organisation with a reverence for human life and those it works with that is atypical of other funeral directors. The care it displays and the lengths it goes to demonstrate that respect are why Ivor Thomas Funerals Ltd stands as Cardiff’s Best FamilyRun Independent Funeral Directors. Its work is a credit to themselves, and the family, with the local area blessed to have the team’s care. Contact: Mark Thomas Company: Ivor Thomas Funerals Ltd Web Address: https://www.ivorthomasfunerals.co.uk/ Funerals are important, and emotionally charged, events that must be overseen with care and reverence at every stage, including before and after the day itself. Aware of all these factors and founded with the desire to keep the grieving family’s needs at the forefront, Ivor Thomas Funerals Ltd is a funeral director with notable differences.

Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 | 17 Sep22077 Scaffolding Company of the Year - North Wales Established in 2018, Atom Scaffolding began as a one-man band, Tom Mosely and his labourer. Tom and his team now operate from a purpose-built yard in Gronant, supplying the highest quality, most cost effective services to the whole of North Wales and Chester areas. We got in touch with Tom to learn more. Prior to founding his scaffolding business, Tom was working offshore, which meant he was spending a lot of time away from home and his young child. With this in mind, he decided to go it alone using the experience he had gained over the years. His father invested in the company and he quickly managed to build up a good customer base through local building firms who provided regular work. As time went on, Tom gained a great reputation and began securing bigger jobs from bigger local construction firms. This meant that he required additional employees. And he now has quite a team behind him, one that focuses on quality at all times. Tom tell us, “Every job must be completed with the outcome being perfect!” He believes that attitude is more important than qualifications and that he can provide the skills needed for his team to go far – Training and development the Atom way is the focus. At Atom Scaffolding, quality is promoted over quantity, having created a culture that encourages employees to focus on every aspect of the job rather than rushing it up and moving onto the next. The team is dedicated to attention to detail, focusing on the health and safety of themselves and others around them; erecting an access that displays pride in their work with a strong focus on quality; and being environmentally aware by constantly surveying their surroundings. When lockdown hit in 2020, Atom Scaffolding remained a working team. The requirement was there, and with the correct policies and procedures in place, they were able to build up a bigger client base. This is where the company went from strength to strength! Then, following the pandemic, as well as the storms during November 2021, Atom Scaffolding was finishing up on the backlog of work through local builders’ insurance claims. This was a remarkably busy period for Atom Scaffolding and enabled its name to become highly respected within the construction industry. Tom tells us, “Our mission is to become the number one scaffolding erect firm of choice in North Wales and surrounding areas. Although we are not there yet, I believe that should we continue our quest to achieve this; with our skilled workforce and the development opportunities we offer, the team strength, employee welfare initiative, and the quality output and continued customer satisfaction reports, we will achieve this by 2025!” Within a ten-mile radius of Atom Scaffolding, there are more than ten other similar sized scaffolding access companies. However, Tom tells us that he doesn’t see any of them as a competitors, saying “We each have our own customer base and we work in different industries or specialise in areas which don’t impinge on business for one another and therefore don’t feel it necessary to compete for work.” Atom Scaffolding stands alone with specialists in heritage buildings on its team. These staff members have developed a set of skills that are outstanding and display perfection when working on such delicate architecture. Tom comments, “These are my most experienced and talented workers, with a strong background and array of skills, and they have the knowledge and experience to work on such erects.” Therefore, Atom Scaffolding considers itself lucky to be located in an area where there is a lot of work being completed on heritage sites throughout Wales, following EU funding. This work has been secured by the company due to the skills and expertise of its team members who have gone above and beyond to ensure each job is completed with high attention to detail at all times. As a result, Atom Scaffolding has built up great relationships with those responsible for the restoration of the sites, and this work is expected to continue into next year. Now, the company is in talks with housing associations for the installations of solar panels throughout Wales, due to the cost of living crisis and government initiatives. If successful, this work will take it through the next few years. Then, the heritage work it has in sight will be ongoing until at least the end of 2023. Tom concludes, “We are proud of our achievements in securing this business and will be employing new staff at the start of next year in order to train to the standards we require for the ongoing work scheduled.” Company: Atom Scaffolding Contact: Tom Mosely Email: atomscaffolding@gmail.com Website: www.atomscaffolding.com