Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022

Sep22069 As the only attraction of its kind in Wales, Lido Ponty has truly carved out a niche for itself in the tourism and holidaymaking market. Attracting customers from near and far, this stunning restoration lido has stood in Pontypridd’s Ynysangharad War Memorial Park since the 1920s. Indeed, it has withstood the test of time by way of its huge popularity with families of all shapes and sizes, giving them the chance to make the most out of sunny days by way of its inflatable obstacle course as well as serving local swimming enthusiasts. Open seasonally as well as over boxing day and new year’s, the original Mediterranean vibe of this exemplary lido has been staunchly maintained.. Indeed, Lido Ponty’s heated pools have endeared it to casual swimmers and those of a more professional variety, even open on boxing day and New Year’s Day for an invigorating post-celebration swim that is sure to provide a fun holiday activity for the kids and clear away the cobwebs for adults! With sun terraces, loungers, outdoor changing booths, showers, and distinctive Italian style roof tiles, all of it has been restored over the years to retain that classic 1920s charm whilst updating it for the comfort of contemporary swimmers. Showcasing the history and modernity of Pontypridd both, it was always hoped that Lido Ponty would be able to remain a haven for visitors of all ages, and it achieves this through its cheap activity passes and prevailing ‘kids swim for free’ rule, making it an affordable holiday or weekend treat. Indeed, many people who remember the original lido have returned many a time to enjoy the revamped and renovated version that now exists. With all the charm they remember and all the comfort of the future, it forms the heart of the wider Pontypridd appeal, surrounded by historical attractions, meeting spaces, conference centres, a café, an adventure playground, and the wider surroundings of the Memorial Park. By turning what could be quite a sombre site into something that allows guests to immerse themselves in the joy of life, people travel from all over the country in order to partake. Year on year, its visitor numbers increase, and despite the issues presented to it by recent extreme weather and closures due to the pandemic, its local community and wider customer base have truly banded together in order to keep the place thriving. Therefore, with huge pride in the happy, diverse, inclusive, and well-maintained nature of this attraction, Lido Ponty and its staff promise that it will only get bigger and better going forward; although the 2022 swimming season is over, guests can look forward to its boxing day and New Year’s swims, as well as an up-and-coming October and November pilot season. Company: Lido Ponty Contact: Brent Bennett Website: lidoponty.co.uk Best Outdoor Pools & Adventure Play Park 2022