Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022

13 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 Every year, more than 2000 deaths are recorded as a result of Radon gas in the UK. If the right checks were in place, this number could drop dramatically. Without any government funding, however, the RPW team make sure that this vital work is undertaken. Standing as the leading company within Wales for the job, the team have built a reputation for excellence over the last 18 years. The team’s main aim has been to reduce the risk of lung cancer through research, detection, and reduction of Radon gas levels. Over the years, a great deal of research has shown that Radon gas is the most significant cause of lung cancer amongst non-smokers. It has been linked with other diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and cancers in children. Because so few people in the public sphere really understand the dangers to the body, RPW offers a comprehensive approach to the issue. Education is just as important to the overall success of the business as managing the various risk assessments that come their way. RPW is a small business run primarily by the Waters family, with Richard Waters as Founder and Managing Director. He started the business in 2010 and was joined in 2019 by his Daughterin-Law Vicky Waters and his eldest son, Lee Waters in 2021. Vicky brought a management career to the venture, whilst Lee joined after 10 years as a qualified Building Inspector. He adds immeasurably to the business through his position as Technical Director. In 2022, the business had grown to the point where an office administrator was appointed in the form of Liz Kilgour who is first point of contact for customers handling whatever comes her way with ease. The closeness of the business means that when you engage the team at RPW, you engage a team that understands precisely what it means Aug22710 Radon Detection & Reduction Specialists Company of the Year 2022 Radon gas can cause incredible harm if left unchecked, but the team at RPW Radon Wales Ltd are on hand to ensure that it doesn’t. Specialising in Radon gas measurements and risk assessments, they’ve had an incredible impact on many people’s lives. Recognised in the Welsh Enterprise Awards, we take a closer look to uncover more about this impressive firm. to provide protection against the harms of Radon gas. Radon gas is not properly policed by the government, meaning that thousands of homes or workplaces in Wales have dangerous levels in their properties. Over the last few years, the COVID-19 pandemic might have taken away some of the focus the team might have had, but the importance of airflow in protecting people’s health is just as vital to maintaining high standards against Radon gas. As such, the team were able to continue spreading the word about Radon and reduce its levels in the environment. Being based in West Wales has been a boon to the team, as it’s a region where research into the topic is constantly in progress. The team have grown as a result of this research. Slowly, this has had an impact on how properties are built, with Wales slowly implementing Radon measures into its new build properties. Being able to turn to a specialist as people become more and more aware of the risks has been incredibly helpful in terms of building up a business model. The team has designed hundreds of extraction systems, each of them unique to each individual build. Thanks to this bespoke approach, the team have been able to make a real difference to how people live their lives. Their future work will see the team collaborating with the Welsh Assembly as well as 22 local authorities on their Schools, Social Housing and Offices, Housing Associations and Health Boards across Wales. Only through this level of interaction at a governmental level can real change be achieved. Very few people know or understand the danger to the body that comes with Radon gas, but the team at RPW are trying their best to make the risks known to as many people as possible. Their success in the Welsh Enterprise Awards reflects the incredible reach that their efforts have had. We celebrate their achievements and look forward to what they do in the future.