Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022

14 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 standards in the UK are extremely high and medical professionals adhere to a code of conduct. We learn skills and gain vast knowledge in dealing with many issues and situations. Therefore, when using prescribed medication via various methods, one being injectables, we have a better understanding than someone who is not medically trained.” Currently, UK standards surrounding aesthetics are gaining momentum and stricter regulations are being lobbied in parliament, however currently anyone can train in injectables and administer them, leaving many people open to botched aesthetic treatments which in turn leads to other complications, and further pulls resources from the NHS. This is something that Shane feels very passionately about, and is also one of the main reasons that Peppermint stands out from the crowd. “Friends, family, and clients tell me that the USP of Peppermint is me!” he laughs. “I’m professional at all times, kind, caring and empathetic to my clients’ needs. The main moral that I live by is to treat everyone how I would want to be treated myself.” Shane manages his clients’ expectations by giving in-depth consultations prior to any treatments beginning. He has found, from experience, that not only does this put the clients at ease, but it also ensures that they are suitable for a treatment and not simply wasting their money. Whilst Peppermint is a business, Shane also believes in raising the standard of aesthetics. “I try to be honest,” he says. “In aesthetics it’s kind of the job role, not to be rude or unkind but mainly to supply the facts. If that means telling someone they’re not suitable for a treatment then that’s more of a benefit to them by stopping them from making the wrong decision, wasting their money or making an issue worse.” With more and more people having aesthetic treatments, it’s important to understand exactly what certain procedures entail. Peppermint Aesthetics is not only committed to ensuring its clients’ safety, but also keeping them fully informed at all times. We find out more from Owner, Shane Griffiths, in the wake of the clinic gaining recognition in the Welsh Enterprise Awards. Based in Blackwood, South Wales, Peppermint Aesthetics (Peppermint) is an aesthetics clinic with a difference. Striving to keep the industry standards high by keeping its clients safe and well informed, Peppermint does not shy away from discussing the good, the bad and the ugly, to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Owned and managed by registered nurse, Shane Griffiths, Peppermint offers premium non-surgical treatments to both men and women over the age of 18 years old, with a few treatments open to under 18s by medical referral and parental consent. “Safety is our priority!” enthuses Shane, who trained as a district nurse and had several years working for the NHS before opening up Peppermint. He has been trained by some of the best aesthetic trainers in the country and is constantly updating his skills to keep the clinic up to date with others in the market. Maintaining high industry standards is of utmost importance to Shane and his dedicated team. In a world where “anyone can pick up a needle and inject someone” it is even more imperative to ensure that Peppermint is regulated for its clients continued safety and wellbeing. “It’s a severely unregulated industry, allowing anyone to perform certain aesthetic treatments after undergoing a day’s course,” he explains further. “There are two sides to the coin: the medical professional side – such as nurses, doctors and dentists – then the non-medical side, which is everyone else.” Being medically trained means that, not only is Shane aware of the chemicals that he is injecting, but he can also act appropriately if something were to go wrong. Shane adds, “The nursing and medical Aug22576 Trends in aesthetics change constantly and it is an industry which is constantly evolving. It is also an area that is heavily influenced by social media, with celebrities plugging the new and latest treatments and fans following suit. Whilst a couple of years ago Shane saw an increase in lip augmentation procedures, he is now experiencing an uptick in skin improvement treatments. The Covid-19 pandemic affected the beauty industry massively, and Peppermint, much like many other businesses, lost two years of trading and is still feeling the effects of it today. not just a localised area. “Peppermint opened and closed three times, for long periods, all in-line with government guidelines and rules at the time,” Shane elaborates. “We are just grateful to our clients for being loyal and sticking with us in what was a very tricky time.” On a positive note, when the clinic finally reopened fully last year, its clientele grew massively which has helped it to go from strength-to-strength, helping it to become recognised in the Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 and achieve the coveted title of Best Premium Non-Surgical Aesthetics Treatments Company – South Wales. Now, as Shane tells us, the future for Peppermint is looking wonderful indeed! “Peppermint is looking to take on another member of staff, upgrade our current Lynton Laser to their Gold Standard machine that offers more premium treatments to tackle vast skin issues and, further down the line, we would like to expand our brand to another location by opening a second clinic.” Contact: Shane Griffiths Company: Peppermint Aesthetics & Laser Clinic Ltd Web Address: www.peppermintaesthetics.com Best Premium Non-Surgical Aesthetics Treatments Company – South Wales Peppermint Aesthetics & Laser Clinic Ltd