Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022

Since being launched in 2003, the team at Daioni have curated a stunning range of long-life organic milk, organic flavoured milk drinks and organic ready to drink fairtrade coffee. The team’s premium products have gained an astonishing reputation within the UK and internationally, standing out for its quality and its providence. The core of what has brought Daioni such success is in its name. Daioni means “goodness” in Welsh, and goodness is what the team are determined to provide to everyone who samples their incredible milk. Based out in the glorious Welsh countryside, it’s easy to see why goodness is such an important value for the team. To make the most of the stunning environment the teamwork in, they have committed to developing innovative, sustainable and organic farming practices that champion quality and ethical products. The team have managed to rise to a position within the Premium Organic Milk that beats the competition through remaining true to their brand commitments of goodness for you, our environment and our communities. For many looking to discover premium products, the quality comes not only from the taste, but from where it comes from. Over the years, the methods used by Daioni have seen them recognised as a UK Future Climate Change Leader in last years UN conference. They were the first British dairy brand to be certified by the Chinese organic certifying body, the China Quality Certification Centre. Organic milk is now a key growth driver within the Dairy Category, reaching a record $22b after ten years of consecutive growth. By 2026, it will rise to $34bn. This is a market which is connected with the growing wellbeing sector as consumers seek naturally nutritious foods, as well as being prioritised by governments around the world. The cost-of-living crisis, however, might change all of this. Already in the UK, there has been a 13% decline in organic purchasing. The focus for Daioni, and for those who are in the organic milk industry, must remain on making their products available through awareness, education and value. Being based in Wales and working with likeminded organic dairy partners has allowed the team access to some of the UK’s and Europe’s most incredible natural resources, with lush, fertile ground that gives the team’s cows some of the best grazing grounds in the world. The result is milk which is fantastically creamy and highly nutritious. Needless to say, the people are fantastic as well! Looking forward there is always demand for organic products and these products are constantly evolving. Customers want new products that change their perspective and that’s Sep22191 Best Organic Dairy Brand 2022 precisely where a small and agile business can thrive. Daioni’s range of award winning products are becoming household favourites across the United Kingdom, and indeed throughout the world. Their success is one which reflects the need for products which are ethical and sustainable in equal measure. Goodness is not something we often think of when we look at a product, but it’s the value that has driven the success of Daioni. Their tremendous achievement in the Welsh Enteprise Awards reflects the astonishing demand for their services. We cannot wait to see what they do next! Company: Daioni Organic Name: Adam Fitzpatrick Email: adam@daioni.co.uk Web Address: https://daioni.co.uk/ When it comes to organic food, the team at Daioni Organic have you covered. Their delectable organic milks have delighted tastebuds for nearly 20 years. In the Welsh Enterprise Awards, Daioni Organic were recognised for their premium products. We take a closer look to see how they’ve managed to milk such astonishing success.