Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022

16 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 Sep22120 Best Family-Run Independent Funeral Directors – Cardiff Established in January of 2019 – and named for the father/son duo who founded it – Ivor Thomas Funerals is a family affair. Born from Mark Ivor’s work at Cardiff Bereavement Services, he saw the organisation’s high prices and distinct practices. Mark, and his father, agreed that there was room for a local cost-effective funeral service that centres itself around the needs of families. It is very firmly rooted in its family-run roots. The funeral directors and initial founders are son and father, Mark and Neil. In addition, Mark’s wife Natasha – a trained doctor – helps behind the scenes, as does Neil’s wife Sue – a florist – and Mark’s sister Sarah, who helps in the office twice a week. The team is rounded out by Donna Sharon, David and Keiron, who bring the same level of passion and care that the family holds, not focusing on big profits and a larger slice of available customers, but on doing right by the people it works with. This perspective is what the company was founded on and is one it maintains to this day. It does not want to be known as a large funeral director but as one that cares. As such, when Ivor Thomas recruits, it cares more about the candidate’s personality than their experience. As a result, it has maintained a team that does what is best for the families it works for above all things. Servicing the areas in and around Cardiff, Barry, and Caerphilly, it helps families with their funerals in any way possible, giving them as much choice and information as they wish. Ivor Thomas, above everything, wants its customers and clients to make an informed decision that is right for them without pressure or expectation. In line with this, it ensures its assorted services are available in the most cost-effective way. It remains open and honest at every stage, not obfuscating costs in fine print or surprising families with hidden fees later down the line. One of Ivor Thomas’ standout services is its options for planning a funeral through its prepaid funeral services. It provides these prepaid funeral plans in line with its continued aim of providing cost-effective solutions. Plans are secured by Golden Leaves Funeral Plans, offering people an affordable way to pay for their funerals whilst protecting costs from inflation and remaining impressively flexible. The monthly costs vary according to the arrangements made; from basic cremations to coffin upgrades and limousine transport, Ivor Thomas allows its customers to organise the perfect funeral affordably. Beyond affordability, Ivor Thomas only performs one funeral service a day. This is so each service retains the intimacy and respect such an event should have, absent of the targets and ticking clocks that can hinder it. In addition, it allows the Ivor Thomas team to be the first people at the service and the last to leave. There is no rushing off trying to do another funeral. Instead, families know that if there is anything it can do – before or after the service – Ivor Thomas will be there and ready to help. Time and time again, Ivor Thomas demonstrates that it does what is best for the families it works with and understands the enormity of participating in a funeral. Its team’s zeal and compassion shine through at every stage, highlighting an organisation with a reverence for human life and those it works with that is atypical of other funeral directors. The care it displays and the lengths it goes to demonstrate that respect are why Ivor Thomas Funerals Ltd stands as Cardiff’s Best FamilyRun Independent Funeral Directors. Its work is a credit to themselves, and the family, with the local area blessed to have the team’s care. Contact: Mark Thomas Company: Ivor Thomas Funerals Ltd Web Address: https://www.ivorthomasfunerals.co.uk/ Funerals are important, and emotionally charged, events that must be overseen with care and reverence at every stage, including before and after the day itself. Aware of all these factors and founded with the desire to keep the grieving family’s needs at the forefront, Ivor Thomas Funerals Ltd is a funeral director with notable differences.