Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022

Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 | 17 Sep22077 Scaffolding Company of the Year - North Wales Established in 2018, Atom Scaffolding began as a one-man band, Tom Mosely and his labourer. Tom and his team now operate from a purpose-built yard in Gronant, supplying the highest quality, most cost effective services to the whole of North Wales and Chester areas. We got in touch with Tom to learn more. Prior to founding his scaffolding business, Tom was working offshore, which meant he was spending a lot of time away from home and his young child. With this in mind, he decided to go it alone using the experience he had gained over the years. His father invested in the company and he quickly managed to build up a good customer base through local building firms who provided regular work. As time went on, Tom gained a great reputation and began securing bigger jobs from bigger local construction firms. This meant that he required additional employees. And he now has quite a team behind him, one that focuses on quality at all times. Tom tell us, “Every job must be completed with the outcome being perfect!” He believes that attitude is more important than qualifications and that he can provide the skills needed for his team to go far – Training and development the Atom way is the focus. At Atom Scaffolding, quality is promoted over quantity, having created a culture that encourages employees to focus on every aspect of the job rather than rushing it up and moving onto the next. The team is dedicated to attention to detail, focusing on the health and safety of themselves and others around them; erecting an access that displays pride in their work with a strong focus on quality; and being environmentally aware by constantly surveying their surroundings. When lockdown hit in 2020, Atom Scaffolding remained a working team. The requirement was there, and with the correct policies and procedures in place, they were able to build up a bigger client base. This is where the company went from strength to strength! Then, following the pandemic, as well as the storms during November 2021, Atom Scaffolding was finishing up on the backlog of work through local builders’ insurance claims. This was a remarkably busy period for Atom Scaffolding and enabled its name to become highly respected within the construction industry. Tom tells us, “Our mission is to become the number one scaffolding erect firm of choice in North Wales and surrounding areas. Although we are not there yet, I believe that should we continue our quest to achieve this; with our skilled workforce and the development opportunities we offer, the team strength, employee welfare initiative, and the quality output and continued customer satisfaction reports, we will achieve this by 2025!” Within a ten-mile radius of Atom Scaffolding, there are more than ten other similar sized scaffolding access companies. However, Tom tells us that he doesn’t see any of them as a competitors, saying “We each have our own customer base and we work in different industries or specialise in areas which don’t impinge on business for one another and therefore don’t feel it necessary to compete for work.” Atom Scaffolding stands alone with specialists in heritage buildings on its team. These staff members have developed a set of skills that are outstanding and display perfection when working on such delicate architecture. Tom comments, “These are my most experienced and talented workers, with a strong background and array of skills, and they have the knowledge and experience to work on such erects.” Therefore, Atom Scaffolding considers itself lucky to be located in an area where there is a lot of work being completed on heritage sites throughout Wales, following EU funding. This work has been secured by the company due to the skills and expertise of its team members who have gone above and beyond to ensure each job is completed with high attention to detail at all times. As a result, Atom Scaffolding has built up great relationships with those responsible for the restoration of the sites, and this work is expected to continue into next year. Now, the company is in talks with housing associations for the installations of solar panels throughout Wales, due to the cost of living crisis and government initiatives. If successful, this work will take it through the next few years. Then, the heritage work it has in sight will be ongoing until at least the end of 2023. Tom concludes, “We are proud of our achievements in securing this business and will be employing new staff at the start of next year in order to train to the standards we require for the ongoing work scheduled.” Company: Atom Scaffolding Contact: Tom Mosely Email: atomscaffolding@gmail.com Website: www.atomscaffolding.com