Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022

18 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 its supplied products and services, Heatforce’s customer service is what makes it stand out, and it is the impetus for its meteoric growth. Skills can be learned but a good attitude isn’t something that can be taught. So, while specific roles have qualification requirements it adheres to, Heatforce prefers to recruit an individual with the right attitude and train them in the skills needed to do the job. To enormous success. There are multi-generational members of the same family working at Heatforce and, with an active apprenticeship programme in place, the pipeline to recruit and develop staff for the future is continual. Heatforce also looks to recruit from the local workforce as much as possible, creating jobs and security for its local communities. It is one of the numerous benefits of its large-scale but local approach. By tapping into these local communities – whilst operating on a national scale – it can give back whilst remaining abreast of changes in its sector. Changes in recent years, that Heatforce has been at the forefront of, include the drive to provide environmentally friendly energy sources. The increase in demand for renewable energy systems has been felt across multiple sectors and has required vast changes in approach whilst also highlighting other areas to grow. For example, the spike in demand for electric cars created a surge in demand for EV Charger points. Concurrently, the recent energy price increase has seen homeowners and commercial property owners review their energy sources. Heatforce was prepared for this and had already invested in air-source heat pumps, PV batteries, solar thermal, solar PV, ground-source heat pumps, and more. Heatforce is one of the leading figures in the UK supply and installation of boilers, bathrooms and fireplaces. Its dominant status is borne from its sheer scale that allows them to compete and provide services on a national scale built on a very local focussed mindset and the three decades of experience it has within the sector. From investing in its local community, to remaining family-run, there is a lot to learn from a company that has managed to grow without losing sight of its roots. Since Paul Maddocks founded the company in 1981, Heatforce has become Wales’ largest independent supplier of quality fireplaces, bathrooms, boilers, and renewable energy solutions. With a customer base that includes homes, businesses, large public sector organisations, and charities, customer service has been at the company’s core since it first started. As a large, independent, family-run Welsh business, it holds a distinct advantage in its sector. Its size and diverse product and service portfolio means it can compete with large national organisations. All whilst its local presence keeps them in touch with the local communities it serves and their specific needs. Heatforce has also worked hard to provide a “full circle service” for all products; it offers a complete service from survey to installation, including aftercare and maintenance. The Heatforce Care Scheme is a notable example. Popular with its customers, thanks to its affordability, it is a monthly scheme that covers callouts, labour, and materials for central heating systems – whether Heatforce fitted it or not. It prides itself on the amount of repeat business acquired through word of mouth and satisfied customer recommendations. This has been achieved through a persistent vision for customer service excellence, helpful advice, and avoiding aggressive, pushy sales techniques. Heatforce believes in doing the job right and at a fair, transparent price. The company also invests heavily in its staff and is proud to continually develop the skills of its workforce. When recruiting, regardless of role, attitude is critical. Despite the high quality of Best Boiler, Fireplace, & Bathroom Installers – Cardiff Sep22003 Heatforce has offered Solar PV for over 20 years, so this wasn’t a completely foreign enterprise. But growing demand for other “renewables” over the last five years saw both an opportunity and a necessity for the business to expand into new products. It has also kept abreast of the funding available to help with installing these products – now offering finance packages to assist homeowners in installing renewable energy systems – and has become an approved member of multiple bodies, including the Energy Performance Validation Scheme due to its focus on supplying the best green energy solutions. The business is transitioning to the next generation of leaders, with founder Paul Maddocks’ son, Jake, taking an active lead in the company’s running. This new leadership will spearhead the next stage of the business’s approach, which includes an even greater focus on providing renewable and green energy solutions. Heatforce is already poised to meet the growing demand and its classic services. Heatforce is already a goliath in the supply and service of various solutions, and that status only becomes more prominent every quarter. With its commitment to supply and maintenance, the award for Best Boiler, Fireplace, and Bathroom Installers in Cardiff is one it holds comfortably. With a bold new step into renewables and the next generation of leadership at the helm, Heatforce is heading towards more incredible growth and success than ever before. Contact: Jake Maddocks Company: Heatforce Web Address: https://www.heatforce.co.uk/