Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022

Hair Clinical, a trichology clinic based in Pembrokeshire, has been working hard to create new hair loss treatments and hair recovery solutions for its patients. Ostensibly, since its inception, founder Lisa Thomas has been dedicated to the provision of full-service, holistic, empathic, and effective services in line with her IAT, WTS, and MRSPH accreditations, securing Hair Clinical as a household name. With people coming from all over the UK – and indeed the world – in order to seek Lisa’s advice, she herself grew up suffering with psoriasis on her scalp, a condition that plagued her for 30 years until she found her own solution through hard work and determination. Thus, Hair Clinical started with a humble mission that it maintains to this day. It hopes to meet people wherever they are on their journey, starting to rebuild their confidence from day 1 with reassurance, advice, treatment plan development, cutting edge investigation, and sensitive treatment delivery. Since hair is such an intensely personal thing, it has gone above and beyond to hire people who respect and understand this. Its professional, empathic, and hardworking staff boast some of the best in-depth knowledge in the business, with considerable training and close working relationships with other UK based and international trichology clinics, the latter allowing it to ensure it keeps abreast of the newest innovations. After all, it will only ever offer the best of the best to its patients, so when something new is developed – such as treatments aimed at frontal fibrosing alopecia – it will rigorously investigate the treatment first, and regarding frontal alopecia it has been able to respond to increased demand for solutions to this with an outstanding treatment plan and camouflage options. Thus, despite the tumult of the pandemic, Hair Clinical was able to pull through thanks to the faith that its patients have in it. Each of them remained staunchly by the clinic, and came back to it upon its re-opening to see it had brought in new treatments such as in-house laser machines to combat pattern hair loss; it has even since made connections with an American laser cap company. Making hair loss treatments as understanding, affordable, and stress-free as possible, its discrete and diligent efforts have seen it recommended by GPs, dermatologists and pharmacists and it is proud to say that this growing reputation shows no signs of slowing. Thus, patients can expect to see it continuing Aug22547 Best Hair Loss Clinic - South Wales to develop, with its newest hair growth serum currently in development at the factory creation stage, ready for release alongside other exciting solutions in 2023 and 2024. It is honoured by the chance to help many more people in the future, and looks forward to welcoming its new patients into the fold with open arms. Company: Hair Clinical Contact: Lisa Thomas, 01437 764144 Website: hairclinical.co.uk With hair styling and colouring reaching new and more exciting heights every day, hair has always been and remains to be one of the most fun and playful ways to express oneself. Hair Clinical, consequentially, hopes to ensure that everyone still have access to this mode of expression, no matter what in life seeks to rob them of it through various hair loss issues or scalp conditions.