Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022

20 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 Sep22478 Best Self-Catering Holiday Home Rental Services - Southwest Wales Netlet Properties is an umbrella under which three exemplary companies operate. Netlet UK, NetLet Laundry, and NetLet Housekeeping all form several branches of excellence within the wider organisation, each facet of which carries out its role with the utmost tenacity and an upright zeal that has made it a favourite amongst its clients. Fundamentally, each work together to provide the ultimate holiday home package, with comprehensive and holistic services that allow for the full management of the property in question, successfully handling third party changeover services for Pembrokeshire’s busy holiday home industry. Critically, its great depth and breadth of experience, its confidence in service, and its accurate advertisement of services has allowed it to become a cornerstone of its market. With each staff member having been trained to the highest of standards under the British Institute of Cleaning Science Standards, Netlet Properties has become known as a high quality, reliable, and full-service cleaner for all segments of its target market. Indeed, able to serve such a huge variety of different holiday homes and rentable properties, it has gained a reputation that it guarantees it will be able to prove every time. Providing services with the utmost sanitation, infection prevention, and productivity as standard, it is the only Electrolux Professional HACCP accredited service to service its specific pool of clientele, with this governing body only awarding such accreditations to those who use the strictest standards of equipment and materials. Whilst this specifically relates to the food safety capabilities of its equipment, it also boasts a vast range of other innovative technologies, each of which are consistently vetted by a team of peers. These assessors ensure that the machinery is operating in peak condition, and between each of these things, Netlet Properties has consistently proven itself and its lofty claims to fame. Moreover, it is part of a massive go-green initiative to use only eco-friendly cleaning products, and has been becoming more eco-friendly over time, updating itself to be more ecologically friendly and to offset the carbon footprint of its industry however it can. Its comprehensive gardening and caretaking, therefore, has become known the second-tonone option in its industry, servicing properties 52 weeks of the year and resolving issues from blocked drains to faulty bulbs. Excited to see where this period of growth will lead it next, it is looking forward to bringing its clients with it into a bright future. Company: Netlet Properties Contact: Penny Hows Website: netletuk.co.uk Netlet Properties offers a complete solution for self-catering holiday cottages in Pembrokeshire. Nominally, catering to both holidaymakers and property owners alike, it provides holiday home management, cleaning, laundry services, and more, all under one remit, serving all manner of different clients and a diversity of different properties. Working hard for the owners it serves, it does all it can to leave their holiday home a spic and span place they can be proud of.