Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022

Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 | 21 Aug22606 Agriculture Technology Business of the Year 2022 A rustic and traditional view of farming and agriculture permeates the public consciousness. Agxio is here to dispel it. The future of agriculture is here, and it is AI that gathers data from the fields and smart technologies that brilliantly boost productivity, alongside so much more. As the future is here and now, let’s look at how Agxio has turned science fiction into fact. Founded in 2018 by a world-class team of award-winning technologists, scientists, entrepreneurs, and practitioners, the team at Agxio passionately believes that the future of traditional farming hinges on implementing innovative solutions to modern-day agritech, biotech, and living sciences challenges. With challenges like climate change, increasing consumer demands, rising costs, and regulatory requirements, the old ways will not cut it anymore. As such, Agxio maintains a healthy, forward-thinking mindset and methodology and leverages the most revolutionary and cutting-edge technology to provide solutions for tomorrow’s problems and further streamline the practices of today. A glowing example of the latter would be the use of field mapping and analysis. These systems and practices work to increase yields and enhance crop health, all while improving farm income. Through Agxio, farmers can deploy specialised IoT sensors directly into their fields. These then provide detailed analysis of the conditions, including soil health, water availability, and nutrient content, enabling those involved to make more informed and robust decisions for safeguarding their crops and enhancing their yields – all in real-time. In addition, Agxio’s advancements in machine learning mean that the data gathered is taken on board by experienced and top-of-the-line technology platforms that produce real-world, real-time solutions. All to better enhance and protect the crops in the field and further support and inform a farmer’s decisions, complete with management tools and real-time alerts that have come together to guarantee better harvests year after year. However, with more conventional challenges – such as increased input costs, changeable markets, and rising consumer demand – making it increasingly challenging to maintain a viable agricultural business; another of Agxio’s innovations, a range of smart technology applications, work to enhance farm management and long-term economics to compensate. More of Agxio’s next-generation advanced machine learning algorithms allow producers to manage all aspects of farm and business economics easily. Paired with Agxio’s sensors, it gathers and interprets data to provide detailed reports on risk management, minimising costs, and maximising the farm’s productivity. Yet the truly brilliant aspect of these applications isn’t the deep learning facilities that allow them to provide solutions to modern problems quickly, but their adaptability to dynamic agricultural markets, changing climate and consumer demands. Agxio’s tools don’t just guarantee that a farmer’s business is viable in the here and now, it ensures they are future-proof. Futureproofing is a real focus of Agxio. With rising prices and record shortages of agricultural produce, exacerbated by current geopolitical climates and increasingly worrying changes to the environment, no company or industry can afford to look at anything other than the long-term effects of their actions. As such, Agxio does that for itself and provides the agricultural sector with the tools to follow its example. With the integrated battery of soil degradation, rising production costs, raw material scarcity, and prices – increasing distribution costs, and a growing global population – agri-food supply chain challenges have been brought into sharp focus by the war in Ukraine. The need to apply innovative technologies, to mitigate or resolve these issues and help ensure food security, is more urgent than ever. Agxio sees these solutions manifesting not only in the adoption of its data and farm management hardware and software, as well as its continued innovations of them, but also in destigmatising and strongly investing in indoor and vertical farming and directly combatting the sources of climate change. It stands at the forefront of these issues in every way it can. From proudly demonstrating how advancements in vertical farming methods and hydroponics have reduced the environmental impact of indoor farms, emphasising their use of less land and the thriving, productive businesses they support, to Agxio’s firm stance against the use of harsh chemicals and fertilisers. Agxio is firmly in the corner of both farmers and the environment, fighting the myth in the agricultural industry that the two are mutually exclusive. Also, it firmly combats the idea that cutting-edge technology and agriculture shouldn’t be side-by-side in this modern age. Its firm, forward-thinking approach and the staggering advancements it has made, as a result, are precisely why Agxio is the Agriculture Technology Business of the Year 2022. Its work is far too essential not to be praised. Contact: Dave Gregory Company: Agxio