Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022

work with the many varied and forward-thinking Welsh businesses across the region. They have consultants based across Wales and can offer Welsh Speaking services should clients require. As well as Wales, Resolution at Work consultants can provide services across the nation and indeed internationally thanks to online meeting provisions. Services can be provided face to face in most instances, but there has been a strong shift towards virtual services which has meant growth for Resolution at Work and is in line with the company’s Green Pledge to limit environmental impact wherever possible. Resolution at Work has grown from a small consultancy to a team of 10 in the past 18 months, with director Alison Love carefully handpicking her consultants to reflect the ethos of the business. She works tirelessly to promote Resolution at Work’s services as the future of workplace conflict resolution and a true alternative to the costly and formal Grievance processes that often end in the loss of a once-valued staff member and cause deep ruptures in workplace culture. These approaches have previously been the mainstay of many corporate organisations in their approach to conflict, however they fail to address the root of problems and do not prevent issues from arising again. Happily, Alison explains that more and more organisations are now looking for viable alternatives to these expensive and ineffective past processes and are now focussing on investing in equipping their teams with the skills to positively approach conflict and resilience. This is resulting in a sharp rise in demand for Resolution at Work’s conflict coaching services and a great deal of positive feedback. Alison is now focusing on expanding the company’s training output, designing more options for managers and HR professionals to benefit from the skills and services that Resolution at Work offers. She is a vocal advocate for the positive impact of conflict coaching and the benefits of mediation and offers her support and advice as a speaker and sponsor of events in Wales and nationwide. Resolution at Work hosts several Established by director Alison Love in 2000, Resolution at Work have been at the forefront of workplace mediation and conflict coaching ever since. Their team of experts comprises highly experienced mediators and coaches who share Alison’s passion for working with organisations and teams to reduce the negative impact of unresolved conflict in the workplace. Based in Cardiff and operating nationwide, Resolution at Work prides itself on providing expert support to their clients by offering a wide range of services alongside conflict coaching, including mediation services, conflict training and workshops, resilience coaching and supporting organisations with their resolution policies, learning and development and HR practices, as well as specialist neutral assessment and workplace investigations. These services are designed to support the modern workplace in improving working relationships and therefore positively benefit productivity, employee relationships and workplace culture. Resolution at Work focuses on empowerment as a key value. Their consultants work with individuals, teams and organisations to empower them to positively manage conflict. Clients are supported with creative, future focused and sustainable options enabling them to positively manage issues that may arise within the workplace. Alison’s approach is entirely clientfocused, and Resolution at Work’s reputation is built on providing a friendly and trusted service working in partnership with clients and resulting in fantastic working relationships. With a Cardiff-based head office, Resolution at Work is proud of its Welsh heritage and its Best Conflict Coach (2022): Alison Love Sep22225 free online events per year, with topics ranging from discussing the Grievance process and benefits of conflict coaching to resolving team disputes. These events are always free and open to all, with many recordings of past events available on their website. Interested parties are also encouraged to sign up to the regular newsletter via the company website for more details of services and events. The next of these free webinars is taking place on November the 2nd with details available online. Over the coming months, Resolution at Work will be joining the CIPD roadshows across Wales to meet and develop relationships with clients old and new. Contact: Naomi Headland, Executive Assistant at Resolution at Work 08000 489235 Company: Resolution at Work Ltd Web Address: www.resolution-at-work.co.uk Clients are supported with creative, future focused and sustainable options enabling them to positively manage issues that may arise within the workplace.