Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022

10 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 8 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 healthy experience with their dog that is the envy of other dog owners. Darren and Jacqui’s extensive knowledge and understanding, gained over years of experience and working with thousands of different dogs, means they know how to deal with complex behavioural issues, enabling them to take their service and training to the next level. Their unique approach and the way they build lasting relationships with clients is achieved through consistently providing an experience and level of support that is unsurpassed. They listen intently, advise correctly, and educate constantly both on a practical and theoretical level that the majority of their clients have never seen before. They aim to provide a level and standard of training that is definitely not the norm for the dog training industry across the UK, and they intend to keep improving with each client they work with. The overall issue with both dog training and dog ownership across the UK is that there are too many trends, too much confusion and confliction, and too much promotion of generic advice that is not tailored to the individual dog’s needs and/or those of the owner. People are trying to fit dogs into a box that they do not belong, a box that suits their own needs over those of the dogs. Over the last few years, there has been a huge spike in terms of dog ownership with people being stuck at home during the pandemic. This was one of the worst possible times to try and raise a social, balanced, and stable dog. Lack of exposure and socialisation is just the beginning, but owners have been with their dogs 24/7 and as a result, have not provided them with the space or ability to deal with being on their own. There have been nine fatalities due to dog attacks this year, the highest number recorded in the last 50 years – and it is not a coincidence. If the last few years have highlighted anything, it’s the great need for much better education and understanding of owning, raising, training, and managing dogs. Not with legislation, but proper Extremus Dog Training Ltd (Extremus) was founded in 2013 when two already professional dog trainers, Darren Priddle and Jacqui Law, came together to provide the highest levels of service to both the clients they work with and their dogs. Award-winning Extremus Dog Training continually strives for excellence and the promotion of a healthy, lasting relationship between human and dog. It specialises in residential dog training courses, daily behavioural one-to-ones, and board and train packages, supporting owners across the whole of the UK and Europe. It even has clients who have travelled all the way from Barcelona, Spain to experience and learn from its knowledge and passion for dogs. Together with dog owners, Darren Priddle and Jacqui Law want to help promote the right education and understanding for dog ownership and how, with the right foundation, every dog owner can create a joyous, interactive, and Best Residential Dog Training Course Specialists 2022 Aug22560 education by experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Extremus can help by being at the forefront of said education. Teamwork makes the dream work; this is Extremus’ ethos and mentality. Darren and Jacqui have a fantastic partnership that allows them to look at their work from differing perspectives so they can provide a level of input, including their advice and guidance, that others are unable to achieve. They encourage this mentality in anyone they work with. Drive, dedication, and passion are qualities they seek when searching for new employees, along with a willingness to be adaptive and to realise that working with dogs is a lifestyle, not just a job. This is how Darren and Jacqui see the company – a lifestyle rather than just a 9-5. This is another reason that Extremus has such a superb support network with its clients and their training requirements. Now, Extremus is looking towards a very bright future where it is focused on continued development and growth, increasing its capacity for dog owners across the UK. The company also runs a UK-based non-profit called Dogs 4 Wildlife, where it raises and develops its dogs to help fight against wildlife crime across SubSaharan Africa. This is Darren and Jacqui’s passion and where their expertise really shines; training dogs to help save wildlife is very special to them, and although they love helping the everyday dog owner create the relationship they want with their dog, which in itself is incredibly rewarding, nothing gives them more pride than to be involved in and the founders of such an amazing organisation. Company: Extremus Dog Training Ltd Contact: Darren Priddle & Jacqui Law Email: darren@extremusdogtraining.co.uk Website: www.extremusdogtraining.co.uk