Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022

team passionate about delivering high customer service levels.” This sort of credit is one which reflects the high quality that the team have been determined to offer since their inception. With every company looking to ensure that their teams are trained to the highest possible standard, it’s little wonder that the Celtic Training & Skills team have managed to achieve Businesses cannot develop if they stand still. No one knows this better than the team behind Celtic Training & Skills. No matter what the industry, this astonishing family-run firm has managed to gain a reputation within the training industry that is truly second to none. Their incredible efforts have earned them amazing success in the Welsh Enterprise Awards 2022 from SME News. We take a closer look to uncover more in the light of their achievements. With the world moving at such an astonishing pace, it’s little surprise that there is a clear need to train employees with new skills and abilities at an ever-faster place. This need has arisen across a host of different industries, but there are very few training providers who have the capacity to deliver all of these courses. Based in Narberth, the family-run firm of Celtic Training & Skills has proven time and again that its team sees the incredible value of training. For the last couple of years, they have swiftly risen to the forefront of the industry, equipping people with the practical skills that ensure their success. One of the core tenets of the business is inspiring people to continuously create, grow and learn, and then passing on that inspirational approach to others. The Celtic Training & Skills team are based in a state-of-the-art facility that allows them to deliver the full range of courses in as effective a manner as possible. The various courses on offer cover topics as wide-ranging as health and safety, transport, construction, working at height, agricultural and food safety. In a modern business, it’s essential that staff are trained to the highest standard and that this can be proven to customers. That level of service is what Celtic Training & Skills excel at. The team of instructors and participants are from a host of diverse backgrounds. Combined, the approach of the Celtic Training & Skills team ensures that customers receive the training that they need in the most efficient way. Testimonials from customers have been overwhelmingly positive, with many turning to Celtic Training & Skills for repeat courses. Graham, of Miles Plant Hire, says that “James & his team have delivered exceptional service for many years. Excellent service and a superb Best Multi-Industry Training Provider 2022 Sep22089 such incredible results for their clients. We celebrate their efforts in the Welsh Enterprise Awards and look forward to how they will continue to train new generations to higher standards long into the future. Company: Celtic Training & Skills Name: James Elkins Email: james@celtictrainingskills.co.uk