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Posted 12th June 2017

Janus Token Registers Phenomenal Growth

The software and services startup, Janus offers investors a share of profits, as the token skips ICO and goes straight to exchanges.

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janus token registers phenomenal growth.

Janus Token Registers Phenomenal Growth

The software and services company Janus has started offering investors monthly dividends and other privileges, through its Janus cryptotokens. The company dropped plans to continue with its early-ICO and instead launched the business’ token on the NXT Asset Exchange and started sharing profits. Following steady growth in all areas, Janus has now announced the imminent launch of its Social cryptocurrency and FOREX trading site.

The business concept developed by Janus back in January 2016 envisions a software suite that utilizes interconnecting technology platforms capable of rapid implementation of distinctly branded products in carefully selected markets. Through this approach, the development team plans to reduce the development costs while increasing product quality. It also enables the company to establish successful businesses and generate substantial profits, which will, in turn, be shared with Janus token holders.

The business has already put its concept to test in a small scale by integrating NXT betting option on its own online Bitcoin casino, BetterBets.io in January 2017. In the next few months, it has further expanded its reach in the same “online casino” vertical by launching ETCBets.com which holds the distinction of being the first-ever use case of Ethereum Classic in the industry. The platform’s expansion starting soon after the listing of Janus on NXT Asset Exchange has enabled the Janus Project to start paying out dividends to investors from the very next month (February 2017). The first monthly dividend payment included 90 percent profit from the NXT betting on Betterbets.io. The next dividend payout included proceeds from newly launched ETCBets.com.

Janus has more products in the works. It has announced the plans to launch two new business endeavors, which involve the upcoming codebase upgrade of BetterBets.io and the much-awaited social trading site for forex and blockchain currencies, www.trademimic.com later during Q3 2017.

Alongside its strengthening portfolio, Janus is also expanding its team by picking the right talent required to drive adoption and growth. Alphonso Morris Jr. recently joined as the fourth member of the former team of three. He will be playing a huge role in the platform’s marketing efforts.

The Director of Marketing at Janus, Bjorn outlining the latest developments said:

The Janus developers are in full swing finalizing two sites. Alphonso will play a big part in the promotion of these. The other half of our team is immersing themselves in the forex community now. Getting prepared for the social fintech site, I have started reaching out to traders with social followings in excess of 1000 people. As a consequence of this, we should have several professional traders ready after beta ends.

A long time blockchain enthusiast, Bjorn believes in the power of collaboration, community-building and incentivizing investors with a share of company profits as a reward for dedication and belief in the project. With a vision that stretches beyond the technical side, Bjorn looks to take advantage of the endless possibilities of blockchain technology and introduce the next level of software design to ordinary PC users as well as investors.

In the spirit of collaboration, Janus has formed a strategic partnership with the Ethereum Classic Development team, who have made significant contributions to the development and deployment of ETCBets.com. For their efforts, the ETC development team also receives a share of dividends from the betting platform. The current dividend distribution pattern for profits from ETCBets.com includes 10 percent each to JNS and JanusXT holders, ETC developer team while the remaining 70 percent to the Janus team. Through this partnership, both Janus and the ETC dev teams will be working together to create new products for future implementation.

Bjorn voices his confidence in the progress of the Janus project by stating,

At this stage in development, I no longer feel it’s necessary to protect info we withheld back in December. I’m confident anyone who attempts to copy any of this will not deliver a better business in the time frame we will.”

The Beginning of Janus

The Janus project had initially announced the ICO on Bitcointalk, reaching out to the cryptocurrency community. However, the company’s interest in gaining the attention of potential investors from outside the cryptocurrency community made it rethink its initial strategy of going ahead with a traditional ICO campaign. Instead, Janus project decided to take a different route by canceling the ICO and listing the Janus profit sharing tokens on the open NXT Asset Exchange in January 2017. Since then, there has been no looking back for Janus as it started building a series of interconnected online businesses capable of generating profits, to be shared with the investors via Janus (JNS) profit-sharing tokens.

Being issued on the Nxt Blockchain, Janus tokens are readily tradable on the platform’s in-built decentralized Asset Exchange. The investor community, realizing the potential of the Janus project has since then actively invested in JNS. The growing interest among the investor community has led to a massive increase in the cryptotoken’s value. Since January 2017, the value of JNS has grown from the initial $0.008 to $0.23 this week — an astounding 2800% organic increase in the value in under six months. During the same period, JNS has made itself available on C-CEX.io and Stocks.Exchange platforms, making it convenient for BTC investors to purchase the tokens.

The Janus team takes pleasure in announcing new development — the upcoming launch of a new major social trading site, which will further enhance the passive income currently enjoyed by the JNS token holders. The relentless efforts of the team to develop their business and raise awareness has paid off as the Janus platform prepares to make its presence in the industry official. Janus’ journey from a disappointing ICO to the launch of a new series of businesses exhibiting attractive growth has made JNS a hot property for investors. Janus’ unique integration of Blockchain features, real-time communication with investors, profit-sharing structure, and full transparency might soon force its competitors to adapt or fall behind.

The project in its present form is a culmination of numerous technical as well as business decisions. The creators have put in a considerable effort to create a balance between technological advancements and mainstream implementation of blockchain without losing sight of the revenue making capabilities. The project is designed to start generating revenues from the very first day to ensure self-sufficiency and serve the interests of everyone involved, be it the customers, investors or the team. Keeping this philosophy in mind, the creators of Janus are working on building a business empire with efficient use of available technology.

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