The Key to Accelerating Your Small Business

There are many options available to small businesses looking to achieve that next vital step in their growth cycle. From utilising technology to capitalising on the online marketplace or nurturing a new client-base
The Key to Accelerating Your Small Business

The Key to Accelerating Your Small Business

There are many options available to small businesses looking to achieve that next vital step in their growth cycle. From utilising technology to capitalising on the online marketplace or nurturing a new client-base, many require a significant resource investment.

Equally, it can be difficult to determine which options will yield the most significant results and the situation is made more complicated by the fact that many big banks have tightened their lending criteria in recent times, making it difficult for small business owners to know which way to turn. In fact, a report just last year from the British Business Bank actually found that 7 in 10 small businesses would now avoid borrowing money from a bank, even if it meant they would not expand.

Thankfully, that’s where alternative finance providers such as Capify come in. Offering a range of products, which differ from traditional bank loans, but can still provide small business with a much-needed cash injection, these companies are providing UK SMEs with the opportunity to grow and thrive.

SMEs play an utterly essential role in the UK’s economy

There can be little doubt that small businesses are the lifeblood of Britain’s economy. In the wake of burgeoning Brexit uncertainty, they hold the key to the economy’s future success. After all, the British entrepreneurial spirit remains strong and unflinching, with new businesses thriving through innovation, honed expertise and creativity.

Yet, despite this unwavering vitality, the key to growth remains a challenge for businesses of any size, as they struggle to realise and implement the most cost-effective of opportunities. This is only exacerbated under Brexit’s looming shadow, restricting the long-term effectiveness of tried and tested growth strategies.

However, with spring fast approaching, there is no better time to capitalise on an opportunity to revitalise your small business as you prepare for the year ahead. Regardless of your market, niche, industry, or sector there are more avenues available to you than you might realise.

Social media, by all regards, remains a cornerstone of the modern business landscape. It is a popular option for those with limited working capital, needing little in the way of up-front cost. It also allows businesses to easily connect with new clients, as well as offering an online ‘storefront’ to market themselves and their products – customer testimonials are, after all, a powerful tool in the modern marketer’s arsenal.

Further, engaging directly with clients nurtures a community of ardent fans. After all, perhaps more than ever before, consumers want to be treated as individuals, treasured by the businesses that they choose to offer their patronage. This creates a valuable feedback loop, allowing businesses to refine their services to the ever-changing needs of their consumers.

Financial investment – an inevitability?

However, it is likely that the next step of vital growth lies behind a considerable investment, whether in your time, your energy or your finances – with an emphasis on the latter. Ultimately, whether you are looking to network into new markets, diversify your product line, or nurture your existing client base, it all costs money. Then, a loan or cash advance could seem like the best option to kickstart your company’s goals.

Capify are specialists in alternative business finance options that are catered to the individual, bespoke needs of an SME. Indeed, Capify has long been considered an ally to small businesses in need of a helping hand to realise their full potential. A decade in the industry has helped them to refine a product that is decidedly client-centric, understanding that small business owners crave that all-essential ‘personal touch’. After all, their business isn’t cookie-cutter, so their financial solutions shouldn’t be either.

This becomes an incredibly important asset when you consider the economy’s current uncertainty, defined by unpredictability and volatility. With the economy offering no guarantees, flexibility is paramount. For businesses that have been trading for at least twelve months, the Capify Business Loan is designed to provide working capital to accelerate growth, with repayments being made on a little and often basis to aid with cash flow management. With loans available from £5,000 to over £150,000, SMEs at every stage of growth are accounted for. Further, there is no large monthly repayment, and everything relies on turnover.

Supplementary to all of that, Capify have built a reputation on the back of a best in class client service that aims to offer supportive, expert guidance throughout the transaction and beyond. With dedicated UK-based account managers that are on-hand and eager to answer any questions, business owners can rest assured that they will always have the help they need. Today, they are trusted by thousands of small and medium sized businesses who have flourished on the back of Capify’s simple and quick financial loans. Getting that all-important cash injection needn’t be an arduous process, nor should it be considered a last resort. It’s all about choosing the right company to partner with.