4 Tips for Keeping Your Workplace Clean During the Pandemic


Following on from the coronavirus outbreak, it has become of paramount importance to make sure your workplace is clean enough for employees to safely work in the office. As everyone knows, pathogens can be transferred to surfaces when people touch them and so they need to be regularly cleaned. However, this is easier said than done because the workplace isn’t a controlled environment in the same way that your home is. Not only are people constantly coming in and out, but they also probably don’t have the same high standards of hygiene that you do. So, how exactly are you supposed to keep your workplace clean whilst we’re amid a pandemic?


1.) Stop Hotdesking

Most offices have a hotdesking system in place, where employees change who uses each workstation every day. However, hotdesking is simply not a viable option now that we’re facing a global pandemic. Employees will inadvertently spread their germs to one another if they’re using the same desk or keyboard. At the very least, you need to thoroughly clean the workstations after using them. This includes wiping down the surfaces, the chairs, drawer handles, ectara.


2.) Avoid Touchpoints

Touchpoints are ‘high traffic’ areas that receive a lot of human contact, such as light switches and doorknobs or sink taps and kettle handles. To prevent the spread of coronavirus in your workplace, try to avoid using these touchpoints. Whenever you can, you should give these surfaces a good clean, too. Some people like using bleach but other cleaning products will suffice. It might also be worth investing in some self-cleaning nanoseptic mats. These can be stuck to touchpoints and clean themselves without human intervention. They’re a good additional precaution.


3.) Professional Cleaners

Making sure your workplace is always clean is a huge job that you probably don’t have the time for if you’re also supposed to be working. That’s why hiring some professional cleaners is a good idea. They will have specialist knowledge and equipment, doing a much more thorough job and giving you time to concentrate on other things. We recommend using the services of a professional cleaning group like SMC Premier, who are contract and commercial cleaners who launched a specific Coronavirus cleaning service this year. You can hire them to come into your office several times and ensure everything is as hygienic as possible.


4.) Fogging

Fogging is one of the latest and most innovative forms of cleaning out there. It’s become essential during the pandemic because this technique can destroy airborne germs, which the coronavirus is. What’s more, fogging is perfect for cleaning in workplaces where there is electrical equipment. The technique spreads a ‘dry’ fog, which won’t cause your computers to short-circuit. Of course, you will need to hire professional cleaners to complete the fogging process for you. This is definitely worth the time and effort, though.

These are our top tips for keeping your workplace clean during the pandemic. We hope you have found our advice helpful. Keep yourself and your employees safe with the proper standards of hygiene.