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Posted 14th June 2023

6 Small Business Ideas to Start From Your Own Garden

Creating your own business from home is a dream many of us have. And thanks to the developments in technology in recent times, it has never been easier to make that dream become a reality.

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6 small business ideas to start from your own garden.

6 Small Business Ideas to Start From Your Own Garden

Creating your own business from home is a dream many of us have.

And thanks to the developments in technology in recent times, it has never been easier to make that dream become a reality.

Here, we will discuss the benefits of starting your own small business and six great business ideas you can use to create your own successful business.

Benefits of Starting a Business in Your Garden


First and foremost, setting up a profitable business is much easier if you do so in your garden, as you will have much lower costs than if you purchase or rent an office space.

Even a great business idea requires time, money, and effort to set up, so managing to save money on your office location can be extremely beneficial.

Flexibility and convenience

Secondly, it is also highly convenient to have your small business located at the bottom of your garden. Rather than having to tackle the daily commute, wasting hours sitting in traffic, you can quickly and easily make your way from your home to your garden office and get to work.

You also have much more control over when you work, as a garden office allows you to quickly tackle a task whenever required.

Increased productivity

Convenience isn’t the only benefit of having your business venture set up in your back garden.

Studies have also shown that working from a home garden office that gets plenty of fresh air and natural light will help you become more productive, as you are not bombarded by the potential distractions that occur in a shared working space or working from your kitchen table.

Reduced risk

Finally, choosing to work from your garden greatly reduces the risk of setting up your own small business. Even the best small businesses have the potential to fail, so reducing risk as much as possible is vital, especially early on in your business venture.

6 Small Business Ideas to Start From Your Own Garden


In recent years, more and more people have turned to eCommerce as their go-to for purchasing new products rather than going to physical shops.

This change in consumer behaviour escalated at a rapid pace during the pandemic, with many consumers continuing to opt for the convenience of purchasing goods online.

As a result, the market has never been bigger for you to launch your own eCommerce store! Set your business website up with a few clicks from one of the many website providers, choose your product and supply company, and kick-start your budding eCommerce brand.

Freelance consulting

Would you consider yourself an expert in your field of expertise?

If so, chances are other people would think the same and pay you for your services. A garden office is a great place to start consulting, either on the side or as a full-time profession.

Personal training

If you currently rent out gym space to train your clients, you could save yourself a ton in monthly expenses by investing in your own wooden garden building.

By having your own home gym, you can dictate what equipment you have to use, offer your clients a private and high-quality place to train, and even get a few workouts in yourself in between sessions.

Affiliate marketing

When done correctly, an affiliate marketing business can be extremely profitable and one of the best online business ideas for you to try your hand at.

As an affiliate marketer, you will be in charge of promoting products and services, earning a small commission each time someone clicks on your unique link and makes a purchase.

This is a great way to make a living working from home without having to hold any stock, but it is a highly competitive market.

Home-based daycare

Having a garden building also allows you to open your doors as a home-based daycare. With many people getting asked to come back into the office more frequently, offering child support can be a very lucrative profession, and with a garden building, you can ensure each child has plenty of space to play whilst also keeping them protected from the sun.

Air BnB

If you don’t mind having a few guests on your property, then a high-quality summerhouse or log cabin can make the perfect Air BnB, especially when you live in a popular tourist destination.

Just be sure to check the local laws about using your garden building as a residency, as you may require specific planning permission.

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