7 Reasons to Get a Water Audit Done in Your Business

water audit

Water remains one of the most important resources in the world. Businesses of all sizes use it for different purposes, be it for sanitation or in their manufacturing processes. However, water can be costly, especially if your business uses a lot of it. Additionally, water systems can get damaged, leading to leaks and higher water bills. A water audit can provide you with the information you need to help reduce water usage and wastage as well as find out if your water systems have any issues. Below are more reasons why you should have a water audit done.


It Can Help You Identify and Replace Ageing Equipment

A water audit that checks the status of all equipment in your water system is vastly important. A water audit can reveal if the tanks, pumps or even pipes are worn and need to be repaired or replaced. This can not only help improve your water’s quality but can also reduce leaks and help you save water that way.


A Water Audit Helps You Save Money

Saving money is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why you should get a water audit done. A water audit identifies how your business is using water, where it is being used, and where it is being wasted. By having this information, you can find areas where to cut down waste which helps lower your water bill.

In addition to saving you money, a water audit can also make your business money. How? Well, a water audit can reveal if you have previously been overcharged on your water bills. If this turns out to be true, you might be entitled to a refund. If your water company has overcharged you in the past or their tariffs are too high, it is always a good idea to find an alternative water supply. To make this easier, Utility Bidder lets you compare water supply rates from top UK water suppliers to find the best rate for your business. Comparison sites like these help you get the best quotes from suppliers, ensuring you end up with the best rate which can save your business a lot of money over the years.


It Will Help You Know the Quality of Your Water

If you run a restaurant business, you need to know if the water you are using is suitable for drinking, washing or even cooking. You can request that your water be checked for contaminants during the water audit. If you discover that there are contaminants in the water you are using, you can try finding out why that is and rectify it. If you cannot, switching to a different supplier might be the best option.


It Will Help Improve the Life of Your Water Systems and Equipment

Leaks not only cost your business a lot of money due to water loss, but they also cost your business money due to damaged equipment. This is especially true for underground pipes. When there is a leak underground, you might notice that your water usage has gone up, but what you might not notice is that the soggy ground around where there is a leak causes pipe corrosion and rot.

By identifying where the leaks causing water loss are located, you can rectify them and save your piping from corrosion.


A Water Audit Helps You Ensure Your Sinks Are Up to Code

Sinks are important in helping stop the spread of illness-causing germs. In addition to ensuring everyone is using the sinks correctly, it is also important that the sinks are set up the right way. Sinks should have a maximum flow rate that is adequate but that is not too high. This is because a high flow rate not only causes water wastage, but it also causes splashing as people wash their hands. This splashing can lead to the spread of germs to other areas and be a hazard.

To correct both issues at the same time, all businesses and commercial buildings should have taps that restrict their flow and where possible, be set up to shut off automatically.


It Will Help You Realise a Return on Investing in New Equipment

Overhauling your water systems is costly and businesses need to realise a return on investing in the new water systems. A good way of doing this is ensuring the system helps you save money through minimising the amount of water wasted. A water audit can help you find out how the new system is performing and if there is any water being wasted. A business can offset the cost of the new water system by minimising waste to save money.


It Helps You Identify Small Problems Before They Become Catastrophes

A water audit can help you document and map out your water distribution system while helping you identify any risks and areas where leaks can happen and where other issues can spring up. Once you know where these risks exist, you can keep an eye on them and get them repaired as quickly as possible should something go wrong. By catching potential issues early, you can save yourself a lot of time, headache and money because you will be dealing with much smaller issues that can be rectified easily.

Every business should do a water audit regularly. A water audit is not only useful in helping your business save money by helping you reduce wastage, but it also has other benefits. These include identifying equipment that needs to be repaired or replaced or even identifying small issues before they become so big that they cost you a lot of money and time to rectify.