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Posted 7th August 2023

A Rewarding Business

Prosper² is a business club for like-minded people to share business and investment opportunities and get access to market leading products and services exclusively aimed at the SME market.

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a rewarding business.

A Rewarding Business
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Prosper² is a business club for like-minded people to share business and investment opportunities and get access to market leading products and services exclusively aimed at the SME market. However, it has so much more to offer, such as a compelling reward scheme for the businesses and their loyal customers and suppliers. We find out more from Founder, Michael Wilson, in the wake of the club being recognised as SME Business Club of the Year 2023 – UK.

Prosper² provides an environment for the most entrepreneurial and influential business owners, innovators, and founders to collaborate and share opportunities with likeminded people, whilst enabling members to promote their business to a wider audience.



The club’s founder, Michael Wilson has an extensive network in the property sector in and around London.

Michael would often find projects or opportunities arriving on his desk and reach out to his network to find parties who might be interested in investing or collaborating. Typically, sometime after the opportunity had passed, he would then bump into someone who would have loved to be involved and missed out on the chance. Michael thought there must be a better way to run his business network and that’s when the concept of Prosper² emerged.


The Club

Prosper² is a membership-based business club for UK businesses.

Prosper² membership delivers specialist business benefits and services designed to help you promote and grow your business such as networking events, business helplines and business concierge services. As a member, your business also has access to the club’s award-winning, unique points-based rewards and loyalty programme to use as part of its own marketing strategy. This helps you attract, retain, and incentivise business relationships to increase revenue.

In order to thank its members for their business, Prosper² wanted a points-based rewards programme. Traditionally, reward and loyalty programmes have been too difficult and expensive for smaller businesses to access, and Founder, Michael didn’t want the loyalty card to be a meaningless piece of plastic. Therefore, he successfully engaged with Mastercard to develop an innovative rewards programme linked to a pre-paid card.

Whereas traditional rewards programmes only let you redeem the points in-house and the customer spend is very limited (e.g. airmiles can only be redeemed with the issuing airline for future flights), Prosper² Rewards gives the member the ability to spend their rewards whenever and wherever they see fit.

Prosper² Rewards offers the member the ability to redeem their points to the card and spend worldwide wherever they see the Mastercard logo, which has proven to be a major pioneer in the loyalty sector.

Each redeemed Prosper² Point is typically worth £1. Your customers and suppliers can use their points to enjoy whatever they want!

Prosper² Rewards can help you differentiate your business from your competitors by rewarding your own customers and suppliers with Prosper² Points. This will help you increase sales, boost profitability, stand out in your marketplace, and develop stronger relationships with them in a cost-effective manner.

As a member, you can use Prosper² Rewards® to create your own loyalty programme to reward your most-valued customers and suppliers for their business, generating brand loyalty and improving customer satisfaction.

What makes Prosper² Rewards so unique is that it is a market-leading, award-winning, open-loop rewards programme that allows your most valuable customers and suppliers to accumulate points with your business and redeem those points directly to a multi-currency Prosper² Rewards Mastercard.



Prosper² gets SME businesses because, quite simply, it is one. That means it can relate to members’ challenges and passions. 

The team at Prosper² understands that sometimes running your own business can be lonely. At times it can seem daunting to hold all the answers and responsibility whilst driving business growth, direction, and strategy, even if things are going well.

Prosper² brings people together to advocate and support each other, to share insight, expertise and create business opportunities. This support, assistance, and advice can help you through a difficult day, assist you in focusing on your priorities or simply just keeping things running smoothly. Whatever is happening with your business, Proper² provides solutions to make business life a little easier.



Prosper² members are welcomed to the community approach to business relationships and networking, providing each other with access to opportunities and mutual support. With Prosper² membership, you have access to all the tools and advice needed to support the running, growth, and protection of your business, as well as the network of passionate entrepreneurs within the community. 

There are many reasons why your company would benefit from Prosper² membership. Prosper² has collated 10 common reasons, but it believes that every member should have three of these reasons to join, for it to positively impact their business and deliver on its purpose.



With dedication to its members, commitment to its employees, and a real passion for helping small businesses grow, Prosper² was recently recognised in the SME News Business Elite Awards 2023, being bestowed with the prestigious title of SME Business Club of the Year 2023 – UK. This award is testament to the time, effort, and hard work that Michael and all of the team have put in over the years to ensure that the club flourishes and can continue to help businesses like itself to prosper too.



“At Prosper² we Listen, Engage, and Enable at every opportunity – It’s simply what we do!” explains Founder, Michael. “We listen to our members, as each member business has a unique story, challenge, or offering. We engage in the correct manner for that member and only then, are we able to enable Prosper² to help, support, and assist that member to flourish.”

Join today and feel the benefit of Prosper² membership in your business!

For business enquiries, contact Anthony Brand from Prosper² on their website – www.prosper2.co.uk

Michael Wilson

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