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Posted 13th July 2023

Automatic for the People

Centelli is an award-winning automation services provider to the hospitality industry that specialises in building and deploying digital workers and transforming the guest experience while driving revenue growth, increasing efficiency across the organisation and improving employee experience.

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automatic for the people.

Automatic for the People

Centelli is an award-winning automation services provider to the hospitality industry that specialises in building and deploying digital workers and transforming the guest experience while driving revenue growth, increasing efficiency across the organisation and improving employee experience. Founder and Managing Director, Aneesh Gupta tells us more as the firm celebrates being crowned Best Robotic Process Automation Technology Company, 2023 – UK.

Every business has a problem that could be solved with the right technology and intelligent automation. Robotic process automation (RPA) reduces costs, frees people from boring tasks, eliminates errors, and saves costs without replacing IT systems. This is whilst business intelligence (BI) gives you powerful insight from data so you can identify trends and increase your competitive advantage.

Centelli helps businesses automate routine tasks by deploying digital workers who support staff to improve business efficiency and save time. For those who haven’t heard of digital workers before, they are basically able to be taught or learn repeatable tasks that you might otherwise have staff members undertaking. For example, copying information from one system into another or ‘reading’ data and making simple judgements as to what to do next. Many people may have read how big businesses are using tools such as this to drive productivity and efficiency, however Centelli helps small and medium size businesses using exactly the same technology, which can still deliver quick and significant returns.

So, why should you bother?

“Our clients all notice that digital workers not only operate more efficiently and therefore produce cost savings, but they are also more accurate AND they make existing employees happier,” explains Aneesh Gupta, the firm’s Founder and Managing Director. “This latter point is because employees fund the mundane parts of their jobs the most boring and unsatisfying, and so if you let a digital worker do this it means employees can focus on adding value and helping customers.”

Aneesh founded Centelli in 2014 to help organisations improve productivity. He is a spirited advocate for delivering solutions that help businesses improve customer and employee experience. Over the past 20 years, Aneesh has worked in a wide range of industries including pharmaceuticals, public sector, professional services, financial services, retail, and manufacturing. This broad base of experience makes him Centelli’s powerhouse when it comes to delivering the outcomes that it promises.

In terms of why people choose Centelli specifically, it is because the firm approaches automation completely differently to other companies. Unlike large consulting firms, Centelli won’t recommend multi-million-dollar investments in new systems that take up lots of resources. As supportive partners with significant experience in business, the team will collaborate with you to help you streamline your business with existing technology.

It strives to offer flexible engagement models to fit your needs and relishes working at pace to achieve the outcomes you seek.

 “We don’t talk about programming robots or changing processes; we simply get to know your existing processes and then teach digital workers in exactly the same way you would train a new employee,” Aneesh elaborates. “We even offer free consultations where we quickly demonstrate how automation can help in your specific business.”

Many of the industries that Centelli works with are facing issues in terms of recruitment and retention. However, Aneesh tells us that by deploying digital workers to undertake the most mundane and boring parts of a person’s job, companies have found that they are better able to both retain employees and recruit new staff. This is because employees are happier when a digital worker does the dull stuff, and they can focus on speaking to customers and using their brains to add real value.

“This post-Covid staffing situation has definitely made more big businesses consider automation and the role digital workers can play,” Aneesh continues. “Our challenge is helping smaller businesses understand that this same technology and approach is available and achievable for them, and it’s not just something that multi-billion-dollar companies can benefit from!”

Of course, having digital workers is great for certain tasks, but they can’t replace people for everything, and Aneesh is very keen to highlight the exceptional work that his dedicated team undertake.

RPA is incredibly powerful technology, but too often it is made overly complicated and not explained in ways that businesses can understand. Centelli staff do just that; they talk to clients about digital workers just like you would approach training a new employee. Then they go away and programme the ‘robots’ to behave in the same way.

“This provides a seamless solution for the business, and in fact soon uncovers other areas where digital workers are able to assist and add value,” he enthuses. “We’re also really pleased that our clients really value this approach.”

Recently, Centelli gained recognition in the SME News Business Elite Awards 2023, being named Best Robotic Process Automation Technology Company 2023 for the UK. The award is testament to the dedication of the firm and its commitment to both customers and employees.

As the future beckons, Aneesh and the team are hoping to continue to get the message out into the SME sector in Centelli’s core markets of UK, USA, and India. And that message is…?

“Digital workers can REALLY help SME businesses,” Aneesh states passionately. “They can be quick and easy to deploy and, as most of our clients have seen, they can achieve an ROI in weeks or months, not years!”

Centelli certainly does have a raft of satisfied supporters who are more than happy to leave glowing five-star reviews about the firm and its innovative products. For example, M Smith of Davidson Hospitality Group says, “Centelli have been great to work with. From day one, they’ve been responsive, have understood and interpreted our business needs, and implemented the digital worker incredibly smoothly.”

Similarly, C Ball of Clermont Hotel Group was also very impressed with the entire process, stating, “We already had some automation within our booking processes, but with so many partners and integrations there was still a lot of manual data transfer to be done. Centelli worked with us to understand that a digital worker could perfectly complement existing processes, by behaving just like a human does – but way more efficiently.”

Likewise, V Bharti of Krishna Automobiles couldn’t agree more, having experienced Centelli, saying, “We were suffering as a business because the process of data transfer from one system to another meant we didn’t always have visibility of our true financial position. Now with our digital worker doing this every night, we can see the live position of the business which hugely helps us with decision making.”

For business enquiries, contact Aneesh Gupta from Centelli on their website – https://centelli.com/

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