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Posted 13th July 2023

Award-Winning Construction Telemarketing and Lead Generation Provider

Established in 2020, Excel TM Group is an award-winning construction telemarketing and lead generation service provider that strives to maximise clients’ returns on their investments.

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award-winning construction telemarketing and lead generation provider.

Award-Winning Construction Telemarketing and Lead Generation Provider

Established in 2020, Excel TM Group is an award-winning construction telemarketing and lead generation service provider that strives to maximise clients’ returns on their investments. Backed by market-leading intel and expertise derived from over 30 years of combined knowledge and experience in the industry, the company is commonly recognised as the best of its kind. We speak to Mike Dunn, Managing Director of Excel, about the company’s establishment and its success in the Business Elite Awards 2023.

Before he founded Excel, Mike Dunn spent many years developing experience across the different stages of the construction lifecycle, including lead generation, planning and running telemarketing campaigns, and attending active on-site construction projects.

However, in 2019, Mike suffered from ill health due to job-related stress. This made him realise that something needed to change. “Whilst I had always enjoyed working for the companies I was at, I always thought about how it could be better and how quality was missing,” Mike explains. “After spending years moaning about this to my wife, she politely told me that it was time and so Excel was born!”

Coming from a family of builders and having gained a strong foundation of relevant knowledge throughout his career, Mike was inspired to create a company that delivers outstanding quality in the construction telemarketing and lead generation industry. Today, his experience and knowledge enable Excel to effectively tailor its services and work with partners to create long-lasting and trusting relationships.

Excel offers a range of services, including appointment scheduling, CPD (Continuous Professional Development) call campaigns, product launches, framework and supply chain agreements, events and seminars, lead enquiry and generation, as well as market research. The company schedules and attends a number of meetings, which allow it to regularly gain crucial insights into the construction sector and how the different stages work.

Growth has not always been easy for Excel. The company was founded in January of 2020, just before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Because of how small it was at the time, Excel did not qualify for any funding, so everything was built from the ground up. With no financial help during the pandemic, Mike decided to work free of charge for two months in the hopes that Excel would be able to retain its customers.

Despite the challenges it has faced, the company made it to the other side of the pandemic. In November 2021, Excel proudly announced its newfound status as an official partner of FutureBuild, one of the UK construction industry’s longest running and most prestigious shows. This was not only a huge achievement for Excel but also an example of how it was breaking the mould and setting a new standard for other construction telemarketing agencies.

Alongside thousands of international visitors, FutureBuild attracts hundreds of companies that deliver products and services to the construction industry. Excel provides FutureBuild with telemarketing campaigns every year, helping to drive more traffic to the show. The company also exhibits at the show itself, which is something it is extremely proud to do.

Furthermore, in January of this year, Excel announced the launch of the UK’s first ever construction telemarketing CPD, titled “Addressing the Taboos of Telemarketing”. This new CPD educates prospects on Excel as a company, its history, and also how it has grown in an aging market. It aims to paint a brighter picture of what can otherwise be perceived as a negative industry.

Excel is an industry leader when it comes to scheduling CPDs. As a result of its incredible attention to detail and work ethic, the company has scheduled over 3000 CPD appointments since its foundation, which has enabled it to yield a total of over £12.2 million in projects won for its clients.

In order to maintain its position as a leader, Excel is continuously innovating and expanding into new ventures. It has recently set up Excel PA Services, which involves the company taking calls for its clients and prioritising who they speak with. This has already enabled clients to generate over £40,000 extra in revenue.

Excel has many more plans in the pipeline for the next 12 months. Firstly, it is looking to start an excel training academy in the coming year, which will help people with modulars such as mindset, sales training, objection handling, closing sales, and more.

Secondly, the company plans to develop a unique web-based app through which it will provide clients with complete transparency of their campaigns. The app will also enable new prospects to build a campaign before they have even spoken to the Excel team.

Lastly, Excel is looking to extend its reach into new countries. It has recently been approached about the possibility of expansion into Australia and America. This would be a huge opportunity for Mike and his team.

As a result of its superior lead generation and telemarketing services, Excel TM Group has been awarded Best Construction Industry Lead Generation Service Provider in the Business Elite Awards 2023. We congratulate Mike and his team on this achievement and look forward to seeing how their plans unfold in the years ahead.

In the wake of this triumph, we ask Mike about his personal and professional goals. He comments, “As someone who suffers with dyslexia and struggles with basic maths, I want to make sure that everyone, most importantly my daughter, understands that you should never let your disadvantages determine your ability to succeed. I would also like to be known as someone who challenged the status quo of an industry that is often frowned upon and made it unique and exciting!”

For business enquiries, contact Mike Dunn from Excel TM Group on their website – www.exceltmgroup.com

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