The Midlands Enterprise Awards are returning once more as SME News rewards the hardworking individuals and firms hailing from the Midlands region for their innovations in business practice as well as their outstanding overall performance.

The Midlands Enterprise Awards returns once more, allowing SME News to reward the hardworking individuals and firms hailing from the Midlands region for their innovation and excellence in their business practice as well as their outstanding overall performance.

The Midlands, home to over ten million people and hosts eight hundred thousand businesses, both large and small, is the heart of England. Many of these smaller, yet influential businesses to the region, often go overlooked, despite their achievements, missing out on the recognition they so richly deserve.

Taking part in the programme is the perfect way to show your employees that their efforts are valued by the organisation, whilst also providing the public with evidence of your successes as a business. Notifying stakeholders of your participation in our programme indicates that your business is garnering the attention of third parties, and that word or your expertise, customer service or products offered are creating a buzz within the sector, industry or market.

In a region which has become the most popular location, outside of London, for the emergence of new businesses to start-ups in recent years and attracting regional high record levels of foreign direct investment over the last decade, there is truly much to celebrate across the various trades and industries operating across the East and West Midlands.

From engineering and manufacturing to food & drink and satellite technology, the Midlands Enterprise Awards welcomes nominations from all traders and businesses in the area and will highlight those companies who are found to be driving innovation and competition within their sectors and ensuring that the most deserving businesses get to stand in the spotlight.

Winning a Midlands Enterprise Award provides you with evidence you need to prove, beyond doubt, you stand apart from the competition. Enhancing your victory with visual reminders, allows for the promotion of your brand to extend even further, which in turn can attract talented new employees, looking to work for the best and new clients and customers looking to work with the best.

With award categories for overall business management, growth, products and services offered, and even highlighting specific achievements by individuals, our award programme is the perfect way to commemorate the momentous developments undergone by your business, enterprise or initiative.

Of course, our programme is open to all small businesses operating in the Midlands region, we also encourage those companies and organisations, who facilitate the growth and development of this business community, to join the programme and allow for their efforts in making certain an equitable opportunity exists for these new and innovative endeavours to thrive.

Our awards are based on merit, not the number of votes received. Our process works to ensure that we reward parties based on their excellence in the industry, the quality of their products and their dedication to service.

Key Dates

Entries Open:

Monday 6th May 2019

Entries Closed:

Monday 1st July 2019

Winners Announced:

Monday 9th September 2019

Awards Coordinator

Natalie is both creative and highly customer focused. She has a wealth of experience working closely with customers from all walks of life, this along with her degree in Design & Visual Communications means that she is able to offer creative ideas and guidance on how to maximise the benefit of an award nomination as well as an award win.

Our Methodology

Gathering Nominees

Researching nominees

The SME News team work ardently to identify market leaders, innovators and enterprising start-ups, driving many of the nominations themselves.

We also encourage external nominations via the SME News subscribers, online visitors, social media followers, clients and wider circulation.

Nominating parties are invited to put forward either third-party businesses whom they hold in high regard, or their own organisation.

Shortlisting nominees

All nominees are formally requested to accept their nomination. Should any firm or individual rather decline at this point, they are simply taken out of the running.

Those formally accepting are given the opportunity to submit additional materials in support of their nomination. Although there is no obligation to complete and supply material, we have found that many nominees value this stage, in the process, as much as our research team do.

Evaluating and Judging

Evaluating and judging

Our dedicated research team will assess all information presented to them.

The team gather information independently from a variety of publicly accessible sources, which are assessed alongside any material supplied by a nominating party or the nominee themselves.

The research team casts their final judgment, based on various criteria including: client dedication, innovation, business growth, longevity, online reputation, customer feedback and business performance.

The lucky winners

Once winners are determined, they are personally notified before any public announcement is made, allowing time for any communications throughout the wider business and the coordination of marketing strategies.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be a winner; however, all who take part are encouraged to come back next year.

Once the press embargo is lifted, details of our SME award winners will be made public via the website, award winners’ magazine and subscriber newsletter.

The Lucky Winners
Making the Most of Your Win

Making the most of your win

We are prepared to offer a range of promotional packages and items to SME award winners, which vary from inclusion in the free-of-charge winners’ directory, to trophies, content in our magazine and on our website.

We encourage all winners to publicly announce their win independently. Announcements via company websites, social media, via publicly released press releases, and through local and national press are all great ways of maximising the exposure which can be gained from such an amazing achievement. If you have need of further advice, on how to gain maximum exposure from your win, please feel free to get in touch. We are happy to assist our clients with their needs.


These categories are used in the classification and grouping of nominees and assist with the selection and judging process.

Staff are the backbone of any successful business, and as such awards in this category recognise organisations that are supporting their teams and providing them with an internal culture they can be proud to be a part of.

Best Place to Work

Specifically designed to reward and recognise organisations that are striving towards a key goal, as well as achieving growth and success that will impact on both their business and their customers.

Business Growth

Creativity is vital in every industry, and as such we are keen to highlight the SMEs that are integrating creative thinking and new ideas into their business strategy.


Corporate social responsibility is a key part of every organisation, but there is a difference between those who embody this and those who simply incorporate it for show. As such, SME News is keen to showcase the businesses that are making a real difference and incorporating CSR into every aspect of their work.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In today’s technical age where consumers can easily rate and rank businesses, client satisfaction has become a key part of any corporate strategy. As such, we are keen to reward those businesses that make a real effort to give their clients the quality of support and service they expect.

Customer Satisfaction

Seeking to showcase innovation and technical prowess, this category recognises businesses that have embraced the latest digital solutions and used them to drive their company forward.

Digitalisation in the Workplace

Innovation is vital for any business seeking to be ahead of emerging market trends and offer its clients the cutting-edge solutions they expect, and as such SME News is eager to find and reward those businesses really doing their bit to innovate and adapt to the latest market developments.

Excellence in Innovation

Working with family members can be a unique form of challenge, but also offer rewards that other forms of business simply cannot. SME News is keen to showcase family businesses that embody support, communication and excellence in client service.

Family Business

Leading the charge, MDs, C-suite executives and Business Leaders drive their companies to success through their ingenuity and focus on innovation. Our Individual Achievement category showcases the senior team members that are constantly striving towards achieving success for both their team and company as a whole.

Individual Achievement

For businesses based in the UK but operating overseas, regulations and logistic issues can cause complex challenges. Firms that overcome these have the opportunity to achieve phenomenal results for their clients, and as such SME News is proud to highlight excellence in the International Business category.

International Business

Mid-market firms are a unique breed, and here at SME News we are proud to showcase these businesses and the hard work they undertake on behalf of their clients.


Businesses that started less than two years ago, or individuals that entered the business market during the same period, both have the opportunity for recognition under our Newcomer Awards. This category celebrates the hard work and commitment to surviving and thriving in today’s competitive corporate landscape exhibited by the teams and entrepreneurs driving some of the world’s newest enterprises to success.


Our Operational Excellence category focuses on rewarding businesses that have performed their strategy to the highest possible standard and achieved true success in their operational activities.

Operational Excellence

This category allows us to recognise the best of the best from their specific sector and share the secrets behind their success.

Sector Specialist

Our Small Business Awards reward sole traders, partnerships and small companies that have achieved incredible feats despite their small size.

Small Business

Businesses that have been on the market for many years have shown their resilience and unique ability to overcome challenges. As such, SME News seeks to reward them through our Sustainability Awards.


People who are not learning are not progressing, and as such the corporate landscape has become increasingly focused on training and educating its workforce over recent years. Through our Training & Education category we recognise the firms in this sector that are really making a difference and helping their clients to grow and flourish.

Training & Education

Well-being and wellness are core tenants to any successful corporate culture, and as such our Well-Being at Work category aims to showcase the companies that are supporting their staff and offering them the resources they need to enjoy great mental and physical health.

Well-Being at Work

How long has SME News been in circulation for?
SME News was first launched in 2017 making it one of AI Global Media’s newer publications. SME News is a quarterly magazine circulated to just over 100,000 recipients. The publication seeks to inform, entertain, influence and endorse the start-up and SME business culture in the UK. We aim to achieve this by providing quality editorial and rigorous research utilising a multimedia platform capable of targeting key stakeholders of dedicated advisers, experts and contributors.SME News is owned by AI Global Media, a UK based publisher which has over 200 issues to its name since 2010.
Where did the nomination come from?
In the interest of nurturing an environment proven to produce a high response rate, we don’t ask nominees to reveal any personal identity. With regards to methodology, we often nominate candidates ourselves and, when it comes to voting, if you didn’t cast a vote through a self-submission, it is likely to have been cast via a colleague or client who has received one of our direct invitations.One of the main mantras of our awards system is that your ability to succeed is not linked to the number of votes received, meaning your award is presented purely on merit. In the interest of security and fairness, we track unusual behaviour on our website to identify repeat votes and cyber-threats.
What happens if I agree to be shortlisted?
In the interest of focusing our efforts on relevant and eager candidates, we ask all nominees to accept their position on the shortlist giving people complete control in the decision on whether they would like to move forward with the award. Nominees who accept are subject to our scrutiny during the internal vetting procedure and are given the opportunity to present their own data to be considered alongside information collated by our research team. This can take up to 8 weeks for final assessments to be rendered.
Who makes the final decision?
We employ an entirely impartial panel of 5 individuals to conduct all research. At the helm of the panel, is a veteran academic leader with international academic and training experience and is well versed in research, fact-checking and mediation. SME News’ research is overseen by Sam Jordan-Turner, who holds a master’s in history and experience in coaching, sales and hospitality.This two-tiered system allows for a neutral mediator which we feel allows a more efficient method when determining individuals and companies most deserving of winning an award and has brought us much success and commendation throughout its use.
Is there a winner’s ceremony/award dinner and if so, when does it take place?
The short answer is, no.We decided to not focus our efforts on a celebratory event. Despite being an enjoyable occasion, it doesn’t support our group’s philosophy of cost-effective marketing. We follow the belief that optional costs associated with an award are better placed in a year’s worth of online marketing for the winner rather than spending large sums on a ceremonial evening.Our press announcements are made digitally, online and across our network to enforce our position as digital publishers. We aim to provide you with the tools (both digital and physical) to generate real-world value.
What happens if I am deemed successful?
After you have been notified we enforce a short press embargo while the programme manager will liaise with you to establish your preferred method of coverage. Generally, our coverage takes the form of a digital celebratory magazine, we also offer physical trophies, wall mounted certificates and plaques and digital certificates, web-based advertisements and press releases which can be custom designed for you or your company.
Are there any costs involved?
As mentioned there are no compulsory costs in accepting a nomination or winning an award with SME News. We do offer a variety of paid additional benefits for our winners, but these are completely optional. To demonstrate our commitment to no mandatory fees, all our winners are offered a free of charge promotional package. Our company policy will always remain: regardless of budget, our clients should always be able to garner the full value of the award and our seal of approval. We offer a variety of promotional opportunities to our winners, as we have an extensive network and we know, more than anyone, the wider business benefits from promoting industry awards.

Our Winners

Our featured winners are included in our celebratory awards magazine, published online and circulated to the circulation of SME News. All winners are included in our winners directory. Once a year's winners have been announced the full list of winners for that year will be available to view by clicking on the equivalent button displayed below.



Dynamic HR Services is delighted to have been awarded 'Best HR Management Consultancy' in partnership with SME News. Proud to be recognised for striving to do things differently, and innovating in an industry which can sometimes appear staid.The SME news team have been fantastic. Thanks to everyone involved.

Natalie Lewis - Director, Dynamic HR Services

SME News were so very professional to communicate with, we received guidance and assistance exactly as required and we have no hesitation to recommend SME News to any future customer.Here at I Giardini di Sorrento Italian Restaurant, Cardiff, had an immediate increase in public awareness from both SME and our own media posts. We have grown in strength over past 3 years, as a direct result, and thank them for their contribution and wish them every success going forward.

Massimo Fraioli

The SME team are very friendly and helpful. SME News has helped to promote my business in a unique and very positive way. An award from SME means a lot to me as It is clear that they are team that are seeking out the best of British businesses and help them to succeed and grow.

Martin Rapley - The Bug Man

SME News has been highly professional throughout, taking the time to understand our company and what makes us stand out from the crowd. A publication that is a true insight in the SME market, the faces behind the businesses and the challenges they face building a company every day. A recommended read and something I encourage with my team.

Inspired B2B Marketing

The team at SME News is excellent and the whole process is easy and stress-free. They are very responsive and supportive making the entire journey an exciting one. We look forward to working with them next year and for many years ahead. I would highly recommend any company or individual to work with the team.

Shabbar DHalla - Managing Care Limited

SME News has been very professional from the start to end, we are delighted to have been recognised for our accomplishments and success to date. Communication has been excellent and questions answered immediately. Without doubt our business has been promoted professionally and has assisted in our local profile/ brand being elevated and has generated new enquiries locally.

Jean Orsbourn - Happy Kids Childminding Service

All emails were responded to promptly by the SME News team, I never had to chase anything up and the staff was always polite and courteous.The award has created not only the perfect PR opportunity but we have gained extra business because of the award. Its created a buzz locally and people are talking about our recent award. We've circulated a press release to all local press, lifestyle magazines, social media & website. This is the perfect opportunity, to create lots of noise about your business.

Julia Carr - Elegance Bridal Studio

Our Awards Team

Our Awards Team

Jane Henderson - Director
Jane is one of three directors at AI Global Media, the publishing house behind SME News. Jane is committed to ensuring that each winner of an SME News award not only has a great experience but also gains maximum value for their win.

Jeremy Roe - Head of Research
Jeremy is dedicated to his research team and to the readers, nominees and award winners of SME News. Jeremy's diligent approach is carried across to this team members ensuring quality in the research carried out on behalf of SME News.

Sam Jordan-Turner - SME News Lead Researcher
Sam is fascinated by the business world, with a keen interest in the finer details of how a business may succeed and the path taken in creating truly great things. Sam is committed to uncovering what makes a business tick, ensuring that we gain a good understanding of the businesses nominated for our awards as well as our eventual winners.

Steven Simpson - SME News Awards Team Leader
Steven came to the group in 2015 and has since proven to be a most respected, conscientious and valued team member. Steven oversees a number of SME News' key awards programmes ensuring that all nominees and winners receive a great experience from the team and that our winners are supported in gaining maximum exposure from such an amazing achievement.