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Posted 25th October 2023

BigRep: Individual, Creative, and Affordable Manufacturing

Already a leader in large-format FFF additive manufacturing, BigRep believes in a holistic solution – its four pillars of success – for smarter, more efficient, cost-effective production.

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bigrep: individual, creative, and affordable manufacturing.

BigRep: Individual, Creative, and Affordable Manufacturing
3D printing press machine

Already a leader in large-format FFF additive manufacturing, BigRep believes in a holistic solution – its four pillars of success – for smarter, more efficient, cost-effective production. The heart of BigRep’s offering is open, intelligent industrial AM platforms, in addition to quality materials, intuitive software, and unparalleled service.

BigRep’s large 3D printers are your partner for industrial additive manufacturing, whether for functional rapid prototyping, tooling, or end products. The industrial 3D printers offer a number of state-of-the-art features that enable a wide range of professional applications.

BigRep filaments are available in spool sizes up to 8 kg, perfect for large-format printing. Created under carefully controlled conditions, BigRep materials deliver uniform diameters and consistent quality. BigRep’s 3D printers are also compatible with third-party filaments because the company believes that experimentation and versatility are key to creating the perfect products.

As you explore the world of 3D printing, it’s crucial to have full control of the process. That’s where BigRep comes in with its three software solutions: FLOW, BLADE, and CONNECT. With these tools, you’ll have complete control over your printing processes, from design to print monitoring, making it easier than ever to create products that meet your exact specifications. BigRep’s software solutions are designed to meet your unique manufacturing needs, allowing you to scale your operations and maximize efficiency and productivity.

BigRep offers a range of support so you can boost productivity, produce better prints, and maximize your machine uptime. For fastest troubleshooting 24/7, visit the Knowledge Base in BigRep HUB. For additional support, access BigRep’s On-Demand Service with the online ticket system. If you want to prevent issues with scheduled maintenance, get even faster support, and cover spare parts, BigRep Service Contracts will give you peace of mind, predictable costs, and improved performance. BigRep Academy covers all aspects of large-format 3D printing, including design, slicing, printer operation, troubleshooting, and so much more. Get certified in basic fundamentals up to expert knowledge.

Prototyping, production tooling, and manufacturing processes are all simplified with industrial additive manufacturing technology. Add large-format 3D printers into your company workflows to reduce production costs and time-to-market, and develop sustainable practices that enable complete control throughout your product’s entire lifecycle.

Companies like Ford Motors, Airbus, SFM Technologies, and more are adopting large-format additive manufacturing to shorten lead times, reduce production costs, and overcome common challenges for manufacturers.


Let’s have a closer look!

Ford Motor Company is no stranger to 3D printing. The auto-giant purchased its first 3D printer in 1986 and has since expanded its global additive manufacturing capabilities. With a need to produce larger parts and lower reliance on outsourcing, Ford invested in BigRep’s large-format 3D printing solutions to optimize its factory-floor tooling production. The result: its factory-floor tooling production lead time decreased by 94%.

Learn how Ford implemented large-format additive manufacturing into their workflow and scaled for true 24/7 production. Read the story 

Modern manufacturers like Nikola Motors’ processes are extremely diverse, and so are the tools needed to keep them running efficiently. Relying on traditional manufacturing methods, such as machining, to create custom jigs and fixtures can be costly and time-consuming. Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, offers an inexpensive and fast alternative. Learn how to create fast, custom tools for the right task. Read the story 

Aerospace and defense giant Leonardo tasked SFM Technology’s AeroAdditive division with redesigning their helicopter blade restraint cradle after they found the previous design failed to live up to standards. SFM Technology looked toward large-scale 3D printing as the perfect solution for the task. The result: the first 3D-printed helicopter blade restraint cradle in full series production. Highlighting the repeatability of the BigRep PRO and BigRep’s HI-TEMP CF material, SFM was able to produce lightweight yet strong cradles faster than traditional manufacturing methods. Read the story 

3D printing is a transformative solution for manufacturing challenges. It simplifies complex processes, reducing the need for highly skilled workers. It also enhances supply chain resilience through localized, on-demand production, streamlines inventory management by minimizing stock needs, and enables cost-effective mass customisation. With 3D printing, scaling your business becomes flexible and efficient, and automation seamlessly integrates into production, boosting productivity while cutting labor costs. Embrace 3D printing for a more agile, efficient, and future-ready manufacturing approach.

For business enquiries, contact BigRep GmbH on their website – www.bigrep.com

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