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Aurora SDE, Sean Vickers

Leveraging the experience of its team across a wide range of corporate entities, Aurora is a London-based boutique business consultancy with a truly global reach. Eager to find out more about their services, we spoke with Aurora’s Founder and Managing Partner, Sean Vickers, to find out how the firm are driving innovation and change across a plethora of industries.

Founded two years ago, Aurora has swiftly established a strong track record of helping businesses of all sizes, from global banks to start-ups. Drawing on the insight and knowledge of its Founders, who boast a wealth of real-life business and technology expertise to develop holistic, practical and sustainable business solutions, the firm is able to help businesses to grow, shape their strategic vision and solve the most complex issues facing their company today.

As Sean explains, this experience has proven to be a crucial tool when laying the foundations for Aurora’s enduring success. “The Aurora management team are all former Financial Services leaders rather than consultants, with decades of experience across operations, strategy, technology, change delivery, sales and risk. We have seen first-hand what can go wrong in businesses that do not have the correct governance, strategic guidance, and financial management required to achieve successful outcomes.”

As a result, they have a proven success transferring this knowledge from large, complex organisations and applying it to help shape the strategic direction of small businesses and start-ups, as Sean continues. “We are strong believers that the small business community, regardless of size, deserves better advice – honest, informed, tailored – and this is how we approach each client relationship. We help small business think big! Ultimately, what many of these businesses have in common is that they are looking to grow, and we are able to use our extensive experience to help their teams transition through the stages of growth.”

Aurora’s services and tested solutions have only grown more in demand in light of economic uncertainty – not least of which is the uncertainty caused by Brexit. “We recognise that many small businesses are nervous about Brexit and the effect it will have. We try and help by offering services in small ‘bite-size’ chunks so the spend and commitment isn’t huge, and value is always front of mind. We have worked with several business owners from overseas and recent changes in the visa application process mean that we have had to change our approach. As such we are one of the few consultancies that already understand the new ‘Start-Up’ and ‘Innovator’ process and what the Home Office (and Endorsing Bodies) are expecting.”

Overall, since its inception two years ago, Aurora has flourished and enhanced both its team and product offering. Moving forward, the firm will continue to grow its client base by enriching its website and working to support an even more diverse clientele over the years ahead. Sean, in his final comments, touches on the effectiveness of Aurora’s services and how they can help SMEs over the UK to thrive.

“To date we have worked with all types of SMEs from start-ups right up to businesses that have significant revenue. We know we always deliver value through the way we challenge and the innovative thinking we bring. Get in touch – we can help you connect the dots.”

“The Aurora team have a genuine interest in helping my business succeed… a breath of fresh air in the Small Business space” – James Aldridge, CEO at Aldridge Landscape

“It has been so helpful to have your support, advice and expertise. I have received many great comments about the way Fleur Boutique is coming over on social media – and that is all down to you guys .” – Charles Barnard, Director at Fleur Boutique

Company: Aurora SDE
Name: Sean Vickers, Founder and Managing Partner
Phone: 0203 475 9567

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