• Forging the Future of Finance

    Forging the Future of Finance0

    Banking Circle is a global scale financial utility, underpinning the service propositions of a wide spectrum of financial institutions, allowing them to focus resources on the customer relationship. In September, Banking Circle’s Chief Executive Officer, Anders la Cour, was awarded the title of 2018

  • The Expert in Global Alternative Investment

    The Expert in Global Alternative Investment0

    XIO Group is a global multi-billion-dollar alternative investments firm headquartered in London, with operations in China, Germany, Hong Kong, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. In June, XIO’s Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Pacini, was named among the winners of CEO M

  • CEO Changing the Future of Finance

    CEO Changing the Future of Finance0

    AdviceRobo applies psychographics, behavioural data and artificial intelligence to discover patterns that predict consumer credit risk. It’s risk robot revolutionizes both onboarding as monitoring of risk in in lending. AdviceRobo’s CEO, Diederick Van Thiel, was recognised as London’s CEO of the Yea