• How Far Are We From Solving the Tech Gender Diversity Crisis?

    How Far Are We From Solving the Tech Gender Diversity Crisis?0

    Today, weathering the storm of the Coronavirus pandemic will naturally take first priority across the tech sector, and indeed all businesses across the economy. However, I urge industry leaders not to forget the underlying challenges that are continuing to stifle progress.

  • Offering A One-Of-A-Kind  Service

    Offering A One-Of-A-Kind Service0

    United Worldwide Logistics is an independent and experienced multi-modal logistics provider. Following their recent success in SME’s Business Elite 2020, we caught up with Michael Mitchell, Managing Director who provided us with an insight into the inner workings of the firm.

  • Operating The Vape Industry Through Adversity

    Operating The Vape Industry Through Adversity0

    Remaining one of the most talked about and contentious industries in the world, vaping is one of the fastest growing sectors in the history of retail. Coming to prominence in around 2003, Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik’s invention of the e-cigarette became a new way to consume nicotine in a harm-reducing format. This was influenced after the death of his father to lung cancer, as well as to combat his own cigarette addiction. Since then, vaping has snowballed year on year to become a juggernaut business of its own. It’s estimated the vape industry was worth approximately $14 billion as of 2018, with it widely expecting to exceed the $29 billion mark come 2022.