• Risk Software Success!

    Risk Software Success!0

    As the world becomes more dependent on regulatory scrutiny, compliance has become more of a challenge for businesses. The team at Albany Group have found a way forward, with a transformational software application that brings 21st Century technology and expertise to the critical functions of insurer supply chain management. We look at how they were awarded Best for Risk and Intelligence Software, 2021 – England in SME News’ rolling series of Business Elite awards for their efforts.

  • Taking Tech Marketing by Storm

    Taking Tech Marketing by Storm0

    Being crowned the Best in Technology Marketing, 2021, is not an easy thing to achieve, but that is exactly what the team at Bite IT Marketing have done for themselves. They understand that marketing does not need to be overly complicated. Discover more about the firm as we take a closer look in this issue of SME News Magazine.

  • High-Ranking Solutions

    High-Ranking Solutions0

    SciChart Ltd designs, develops and sells the world’s fastest, most flexible, cross-platform 2D/3D Chart components as a software development kit. Recently, we caught up with Andrew Burnett-Thompson who enlightened us about the firm, its mission and offerings.

  • Amazing Space

    Amazing Space0

    Pepper Sq is a new generation, e-commerce platform, that helps customers navigate through endless and overwhelming choices. Through innovation, proprietary visualisation and personalisation capabilities, the process of designing a home is made easy thanks to technology that allows users to create a home with confidence in just two clicks. We spoke to CEO and Founder, Oxana Yanushkovskaya to find out more.

  • The Benefits Of Email Automation Workflow For Your Business

    The Benefits Of Email Automation Workflow For Your Business0

    Email automation workflows are automated emails sent to help turn prospects into customers. Email automation plays a crucial role in marketing. Through email automation, you will not have to spend hours writing individual emails for every prospect or customer. You also won’t have to send general email after email to your entire subscriber list, which can make you send irrelevant messages to them. If that happens, they are more likely to mark your emails as spam or worse, unsubscribe.

  • Top 5 Eco-changes for Offices to Make, Post Lockdown

    Top 5 Eco-changes for Offices to Make, Post Lockdown0

    With the UK now on a slow but steady path back towards normality, the prospect of returning to the office is at the forefront of our minds. Despite the challenges of working from home, there have been a number of environmentally beneficial effects from staying local and avoiding the commute. Here, Lars Ronning, from impactful habit inducing app Ailuna, outlines 5 easy and effective ways to continue to be environmentally conscious when back at your workplace.