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Posted 10th November 2023

Easy Ways SMEs Can Increase Kerb Appeal

A business's kerb appeal, or how attractive and inviting its exterior appears from the street, can significantly impact its success in drawing customers inside. For SMEs seeking to boost revenue, upgrading lacklustre storefronts is a strategic imperative.

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easy ways smes can increase kerb appeal.

Easy Ways SMEs Can Increase Kerb Appeal
Small Business

A business’s kerb appeal, or how attractive and inviting its exterior appears from the street, can significantly impact its success in drawing customers inside. For SMEs seeking to boost revenue, upgrading lacklustre storefronts is a strategic imperative.

A business’s exterior appeal encompasses everything potential customers see before they set foot inside, from the overall aesthetics and cleanliness to the ambiance conveyed by the exterior signage and displays. With consumers often deciding whether to patronise a business in seconds, kerb appeal can be the make-or-break factor determining if they will come in or walk on by.


Why Brick and Mortar Businesses Need to Upgrade Their Premises

The exterior appearance of any brick and mortar establishment essentially serves as a 24/7 advertisement and sales pitch to every potential customer passing by. An outdated, worn or unattractive facade conveys entirely the wrong first impression – that the business lacks professionalism, doesn’t care about customer experiences, or may be struggling financially. This quickly turns prospective patrons away before they’ve even stepped inside.

On the other hand, a clean, polished and eye-catching storefront signals a successful enterprise customers can confidently support. Investing in upgrades like fresh exterior paint, modern signage or decorative displays demonstrates that a company values being inviting and appealing to clients, which builds trust and goodwill. Beyond just aesthetics, a well-maintained exterior implies the products and service inside will also be high quality which can encourage higher website traffic too.

Additionally, unique or creative elements help an SME stand out from surrounding competitors. An excellent return on investment, a compelling presence can entice foot traffic and directly translate to increased revenues. Given the immense impact a business’s exterior has on consumer perceptions and purchasing decisions, SME owners would be remiss not to regularly invest time and resources into enhancing their property.


Install a Pergola or Covered Entryway

Installing a pergola or covered entryway leading into your business is an impactful upgrade that can dramatically improve the appeal of your premises. Pergolas can be free-standing structures featuring an open lattice-work roof supported by posts or pillars, or they can take the form of a fabric, retractable covering that immediately gives an exterior space added visual interest through attractive architectural details. A pergola naturally draws the eye while providing a graceful transition into your storefront.

Covered entryways serve similar enhancement purposes. They signal an inviting, accessible entrance while providing shelter. The covered area also creates a natural congregating spot for your business, meaning that customers may be tempted to linger under the shade of an entry pergola or awning, increasing the chances they will ultimately come inside. These covers can be designed to match your brand image and exterior aesthetics. Consider materials like wood or metal, stone or brick bases, and compatible design styles from modern to ornate that complement your existing branding.


Give the Exterior a Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the easiest and most affordable ways for SMEs to instantly boost their kerb appeal is by applying a fresh coat of exterior paint. Even if the current paint job is relatively new, fading over time can make a storefront look dated and worn. A new paint job in updated, vibrant colours gives the impression that a business is established yet forward-thinking. 

When selecting exterior paint colours, SME owners should choose hues that convey a welcoming vibe while complementing any existing branding. Neutral tones like beige, grey or taupe are safe bets for projecting warmth, while accent walls in bolder tones add eye-catching pops of interest. White, meanwhile, keeps things clean and fresh.

Beyond aesthetics, new exterior paint provides practical benefits as well. A fresh coat helps protect against weathering damage, while proper preparation and priming ensures the paint adheres well and lasts longer. With a small upfront investment of time and money, a new paint job pays dividends in an enhanced impression for years to come.


Update Storefront Windows

The storefront windows of a brick-and-mortar business provide a crucial first glimpse inside. That’s why taking steps to enhance your window displays should be a priority for SME owners seeking to boost revenues and scale up their business. Start by ensuring windows are kept spotlessly clean, both inside and out – smudges, dirt and grime give the impression no one cares about the business. Set a schedule for professional window cleaning services and wipe down displays daily.

Be sure to also remove clutter pressed up against the glass. A crowded window discourages entry by making the interior look cramped and disorganised. Take the time to utilise displays in moderation to elegantly showcase products and even get creative to make your window one which customers flock to see throughout the year. Incorporate colourful accents and signage without overpowering the view inside.


Power Wash Dirty Exterior Areas

It almost goes without saying that dirty, grimy exteriors detract tremendously from your business, and signals neglect. For retailers hoping to make a great first impression, keeping all exterior surfaces clean should be a top priority. Power washing is an effective cleaning method for storefronts. Pressure washing using a specialised hose and nozzle spray can blast away grease, mud, mould and other stubborn accumulations to keep your premises looking their best year-round.

Target your cleaning efforts on exterior walls, pavements and driveways, entryways and any decorative exteriors like brick or stonework. Be sure to tape over or otherwise protect light fixtures, outlets and fragile objects first. It’s worth scheduling a professional exterior cleaning at least once or twice a year, and taking the time to top up those deep cleans regularly in the meantime.

A sparkling clean exterior reassures customers that the same level of care goes into welcoming store interiors and merchandise. By banishing accumulated dirt and grime, retailers present their businesses in the best possible light while conveying respect for patrons.


Boosting kerb appeal through storefront and exterior upgrades is a strategic imperative for brick-and-mortar SMEs seeking to increase revenues. In today’s competitive retail climate, businesses simply cannot afford to have a lacklustre exterior that fails to make a great first impression. The good news is that enhancing your premises does not require costly renovations. Often, just a few simple improvements can dramatically elevate a storefront’s visual appeal.

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