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Posted 9th January 2024

Fully Customisable and Scalable HR and Productivity Software

Empowering SMEs across the world, Appogee HR offers fully customisable HR and people management software solutions that are easy to use and seamlessly scale with growing businesses.

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fully customisable and scalable hr and productivity software.

Fully Customisable and Scalable HR and Productivity Software
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Empowering SMEs across the world, Appogee HR offers fully customisable HR and people management software solutions that are easy to use and seamlessly scale with growing businesses. Its comprehensive suite of cloud-based HR solutions includes software for absence management, core HR management, advanced HR management, and time tracking. Here, we take an in-depth look at Appogee HR’s offerings and what makes the company unique.


Since 2009, Appogee HR has been developing Software-as-a-Service HR applications designed to reduce administrative tasks for employees and managers, enabling them to complete their jobs in the most productive way possible. The company has four key solutions: Appogee Leave, Appogee HR Essentials, Appogee HR Success, and Appogee Time Tracker.


Firstly, Appogee Leave is a simple absence management software solution with which businesses can easily track and manage their staff absences, including holiday allowance, sick leave requests, time off in lieu (TOIL), unlimited paid time off (PTO), and leave reporting.


Secondly, Appogee HR Essentials is a core HR management software solution that allows clients to keep all company and employee information centralised, secure, and accessible. Using this solution, businesses can store important company documents and employee profiles, including right to work information, learning and development progress, and performance tracking. They can also manage staff time and attendance with location recording, clock-in and clock-out capabilities, and online timesheets. With Appogee HR Essentials, clients also receive Appogee Leave and multiple integrations.


Thirdly, Appogee HR Success is an advanced HR management software solution that has even more useful features than Appogee HR Essentials. With the solution’s online onboarding portal, companies can easily preboard both remote and in-office employees. They can also benefit from enhanced performance management processes with all the features they need to deliver valuable employee reviews. When clients choose to invest in Appogee HR Success, they also receive Appogee Leave, Appogee HR Essentials, and regular health checks and support from the company’s customer service team.


Lastly, Appogee Time Tracker is a time tracking software solution that empowers businesses to ensure that their workforce is focusing on the most important tasks at hand. With an intuitive and simple interface, this solution allows clients to track project information accurately by inputting individual project roles with cost and rate data. Furthermore, to improve planning and productivity, they can also input forecast costs and timescales with project estimates.


Generally, Appogee HR’s clients start out with Appogee Leave, upgrade to Appogee HR Essentials, then upgrade again to Appogee HR Success. Appogee Time Tracker can be purchased as either an add-on to any package or on its own. As a standalone product, it also comes with staff location recording, clock-in and clock-out capabilities, and online timesheets.


Built on the highly scalable and secure Google Cloud Platform, Appogee HR’s web-based solutions are used by over 700 businesses across the world and require no server or client software installation. The company also offers integrations with other cloud platforms like Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), Microsoft Office, and more. However, it is important to note that Appogee HR’s online applications can be used independently.


Operating in a competitive industry, Appogee HR sets itself apart from its competitors through its highly customisable solutions, which can easily be tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. On top of this, the company offers flexible package sizes that are designed to cater to businesses at every stage of their journey. No matter their industry, from logistics to travel to recruitment, Appogee HR has the tools it needs to support them.


One of Appogee HR’s clients is FirstGroup PLC, a transport company with more than 30,000 employees. The business has been using Appogee HR to streamline leave processes across its divisions since 2017. FirstGroup’s previous HR system lacked leave management capabilities, which meant that the HR team had limited visibility on employee absences. This caused significant difficulties in payroll. Since the company began using Appogee Leave, it has benefitted from a simple-to-use solution that caters to all types of employees. It also appreciates the ongoing support it receives from Appogee HR’s technical team.


Appogee HR’s commitment to exceptional customer service is truly unmatched. The company promises to deliver user-friendly HR and time-tracking solutions that evolve alongside clients’ businesses. Appogee HR goes above and beyond to not only achieve this goal but also exceed customers’ expectations by leveraging the knowledge and expertise of its diverse team. Over the years, the team has been relentless in their efforts to create a software platform that not only streamlines HR tasks but also provides employers with valuable insights into their workforce.


Internally, Appogee HR values diversity, equity, and inclusion above all else. Its culture is friendly, dynamic, creative, and centred around its core values. For this reason, in hiring, the company seeks individuals who possess qualities like adaptability, creativity, and strong customer focus. Furthermore, to foster the team’s personal growth, it aims to create a work environment in which staff are encouraged to become the best version of themselves.


In the years to come, Appogee HR plans to step up its game to meet the needs of its customers as the demand for integrated HR solutions continues to grow. For example, it is currently working to redesign its mobile experience and develop further integrations for addition to its product portfolio. Appogee HR’s ultimate goal is to provide businesses with a complete HR ecosystem whilst facilitating effortless communication and collaboration between its various tools and platforms.


Additionally, as a highly customer-centric company, Appogee HR values customer feedback and will continue to use it to drive its product roadmap and innovation in the future. By seeking a deeper understanding of clients’ pain points, priorities, and needs, the company will continue to adjust its solutions to better serve them. The result of these efforts will be a more intuitive, efficient, and effective product.


With ambitious plans for the years ahead, there is no doubt that Appogee HR looks towards a bright future as it works to continue simplifying the complexities of HR management for the world’s growing SMEs.


For business enquiries, contact Tara Clarke from Appogee HR on their website –  www.appogeehr.com

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