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Posted 23rd October 2023

Helping People Make Great Decisions

Not many have been able to identify the potential behind utilising geospatial context, combined with intricate data, in order to make meaningful decisions that will have a positive impact.

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helping people make great decisions.

Helping People Make Great Decisions
city with lots of networks

Not many have been able to identify the potential behind utilising geospatial context, combined with intricate data, in order to make meaningful decisions that will have a positive impact. However, 3DEO Ni has long since recognised the opportunity that adopting such a method presents, and it’s for this reason that its cloud-hosted product, ActiveMaps.Live, came to be. Join us as we venture into how, through this incredibly innovative product, 3DEO Ni has come to earn the title of Most Innovative Data Intelligence Company 2023.


Operating in key market segments, such as ports and harbours, commercial infrastructure, environmental monitoring, security and defence, and city and region management, 3DEO Ni has come to an understanding on the needs of individuals throughout these respective sectors. Before the development of its ActiveMaps.Live platform, it was clear that there was a divide between making timely decisions, and making the correct decisions. The lack of access to real-time, clear data made it almost impossible for the correct choices to be made, and something desperately needed to be done to rectify this problem.


As such, 3DEO Ni stepped up to the challenge, and went on to craft ActiveMaps.Live. Designed to be a cloud-hosted product, ActiveMaps.Live serves as a platform that’s able to present real time monitoring, decision making, remote working, and collaboration opportunities to all of its users. By making sense of diverse and combined data, partnered with geospatial context, it lends a hand to clients who may not specialise in GIS, or simply don’t have the capability to invest time and money into a dedicated GIS software. ActiveMaps.Live is the go-to solution that the market has been searching for, and its excellence is demonstrated in a multitude of ways.


What makes ActiveMaps.Live such an ingenious platform is, of course, its unique capabilities. Not only does is provide an easy-to-digest visualisation or both legacy and live data, but it allows for historic or live monitoring and detection of change, data, asset, and environment management from any location. As a result of its careful design, ActiveMaps.Live empowers businesses to make full use of complex data to produce interactive, 3D visualisation maps, all whilst remaining incredibly streamlined in terms of user navigation.


But why is this method so impactful? Well, by presenting clients with a 3D visualisation, they’re able to make decisions founded on accuracy, all whilst benefitting from enhanced insight into present data. This, combined with its straightforward communication capabilities between stakeholders, makes it a no-brainer for anyone looking for a means to share real time data both internally and externally. In addition, its sensor agnostic approach to combining, layering, and comparing operational data allows for a holistic estate visualisation and analysis, all from one single window.


As a result of its unerring dedication to excellence, convenience, and helping individuals make the best choices for them, 3DEO Ni has established a diverse customer base spanning a multitude of years within a plethora of industries. From infrastructure to ports sectors, its ability to deliver sensor agnostic, dynamic digital mapping, and visualisation of historic, live, and temporal data streams has earned it a place among some of the greats. No platform is able to transform the way in which businesses use data quite like 3DEO Ni, and it’s all thanks to its real-time capture capabilities and flexible accessibility. Users now have the opportunity to convert business data into something visually engaging, and it’s all a byproduct of the genius behind ActiveMaps.Live.


ActiveMaps.Live represents what a keen eye for innovation can accomplish, should it be utilised to its fullest potential. When using ActiveMaps.Live, users can experience a complete interactive digital representation of estate and operations, allowing them to break down, combine, and compare data in context. All of this serves to help extract an otherwise unutilised value from new and old systems alike. Partner this with the fact that ActiveMaps.Live can connect to business applications and IoT devices via its comprehensive API library and integration tools, and you’ve got a platform that’s fully equipped to help users make smarter, more informed decisions.


In addition to this, ActiveMaps.Live promises a connection between multiple sources, bringing them together into a single window that grants clients a far deeper insight into their operations. As such, users can identify emerging issues, and will have the capability to make targeted interventions to minimise the overall impact of these problems. This further serves to enhance the running of a business’s efficiency, stability, and profit, all whilst keeping its processes visually appealing and easy to understand. ActiveMaps.Live builds a cohesive, geographic representation of a business, all in the hopes of transforming their data into meaningful visualisations that help with the decision making process in every conceivable way.


3DEO Ni is a fast growing software development company that is focused on the future. It has its sights set on consistently demonstrating a knack for innovation, and this truly shines through ActiveMaps.Live. Whether clients need a visualisation platform for large scale public organisations, or are looking to support their academic environments, ActiveMaps.Live acts as the perfect backbone for making decisions that will stand the test of time. It lays data out in a clear visual that’s easy to operate alongside, making it an invaluable piece of kit for any wanting to make the right choices for them, their business, and the surrounding environment.


We’re excited to showcase the brilliance of 3DEO Ni and its ActiveMaps.Live platform. This advanced software marks a shift in the right direction for the data industry, and its dedication to making the lives of its clients that little bit easier sets it apart as a beyond admirable company. Through sheer brilliance, 3DEO Ni has reestablished the diversity of the data sphere in new and inventive ways, earning it the title of Most Innovative Data Intelligence Company 2023. And, with the increase of technological evolution, we simply can’t wait to see how 3DEO Ni will continue to deliver fantastic, innovative solutions to clients across the globe.


For business enquiries, contact Andrew Macpherson from 3Deo Ni on their website – https://www.3deo.com/

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