How Start-Up Finance Firms Can Expand To Become Powerhouses In This Dynamic Market


By Hannah Stevenson 

The finance sector is a booming marketplace where many young companies and entrepreneurs can thrive.

With the future of the finance sector set to be filled with challenger banks, fintech start-ups and outsourced service providers, there has never been a better time than now to grow your finance business.

For business owners in this sector, it’s important that you create a plan to drive your organisation towards the success you crave. To help, we’ve put together some tips for you to lead your finance business forward in 2020.


Understand The Needs Of Your Clients

Whether you run a fintech firm, investment organisation or a consumer accountancy company, you need to understand who your clients are and what they need from you. If you’re working as an outsourced financial services provider to firms within the finance market, then your clients will be influenced by the consumer finance market, but their needs and expectations will be different. Make sure that you take the time to understand the needs of your clients so that your organisation can effectively met them. 


Use Psychology To Improve Your Returns

Investment firms looking to drive their profits skywards and achieve the returns that they and their investors expect should try using psychology. This might sound a little strange and experimental, but psychology has a strong impact on trading performance as this research suggests, so you should review the way you think and trade to enhance your firm’s performance and drive it towards even greater success.


Invest Your Own Money

Any business that offers investment services should invest some of its Founder’s money, as this will not only reassure clients that their money is in safe hands, but it’ll also drive you be savvier in your investments. Make sure that you publicise how much of your own money you’ve invested to your clients, so that you can showcase your personal dedication to your work and give them the confidence to invest with you more and drive your business forward.


Network With Other Finance Professionals

The finance market is close-knit, with many organisations and leaders choosing to work with service and solutions providers that they’ve heard of. As such, you should work hard to network and get your name out there. Connect with professionals across your sector by talking to others on LinkedIn and attending industry-specific expos and networking events. This will help you to get to know professionals throughout the financial space who could potentially become clients or collaborators in the future.


Expand Into New Markets

With companies, banks and consumers alike all increasingly keen to work with one provider for a variety of services, financial services companies should consider growing their offerings to ensure that they provide a full suite of services that their clients can rely on. This model of providing a variety of services to customers has already been successfully used by challenger banks, who have expanded from just offering one or two account options to providing everything from credit cards to overdrafts and beyond, so that clients can work exclusively with one provider. This approach can be used by every business across the finance market to facilitate growth.


Hire Experienced And Driven Staff

Expanding finance businesses need to hire driven, ambitious staff who are as committed as the organisation they’re working with to achieving growth and success in this competitive space. Work with a specialist finance recruiter to ensure that you have access to the best candidates on the market and can select the staff that will help drive your firm to the success it is striving towards. It might take time to find the right employees for your company, but the results will be worth it when you’re able to grow your business and offer your clients the services they need.


Communicate With Your Clients

The finance market is constantly evolving and changing, so it’s important that your organisation does the same. No matter what sector you operate in, nor what kind of customers you work alongside, you should collaborate with your clients and talk to them to find out exactly what they’re looking for. This approach will help you to give them exactly what they want and need to survive in today’s competitive corporate market.


Stay Ahead Of Emerging Fintech Trends

Companies throughout the financial market, both those that work closely with fintech and those that simply use it, need to constantly explore the emerging trends in the fintech space. This will ensure that you understand how your firm, and your customers, will be using financial technology, allowing you to adapt your business to the latest relevant developments quickly and efficiently.

Building a financial powerhouse requires time, experienced management and strong industry expertise. Review these tips to explore the ways you can expand your business and become a leader in your sector of the thriving finance market.