How These Businesses Are Thriving During COVID

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COVID-19 threw an unexpected curveball at most businesses around the world. Overnight, everyone had to learn new ways to reach consumers who had to stay at home to maintain their health.

Although some small businesses shut down, others overcame their challenges by finding innovative new ways to stay open. Here’s how these companies are thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic and making the world better while people shelter in place.


The YMCA has a long history of helping people in need. They opened their doors to the homeless nearly two hundred years ago and now provide a community space for people to meet up, exercise and engage their kids in fun classes.

Since many have had to stay home, the YMCA decided to take their efforts to the front doors of members and non-members alike. They offer online classes and workouts that anyone can do from home, with or without equipment. These activities make it easier for people to stay fit and keep their kids entertained without having to go outside.


Anyone who struggles with keeping their house clean knows how nice it is to have a professional team come and organize your belongings. Horderly helped people do exactly that before the pandemic, but now they offer virtual organizing services so people can take control over their living space. With multiple packages to choose from, everyone can clean their homes and find more peace in minutes.

Maine Lobster Now

It’s tempting to order fast food, but it’s harder to find healthy options that offer no-contact delivery. Maine Lobster Now has stepped in to help people find locally sourced lobster that’s always fresh. Anyone who places an order can trust they’ll get seafood hand-sorted according to high-quality control standards.

Services like this will become even more important soon. Experts have begun to predict a future meat shortage, which makes seafood shipments increasingly vital for families lacking a source of protein.

Pike Place Market 

Before COVID-19, Pike Place Market was already sending food delivery orders to local customers. When the owners noticed nearby businesses couldn’t do the same, they expanded their delivery capabilities so no nearby shops or restaurants had to shut down. This move also provided residents with more food options to stay healthy and fed during times when grocery stores had limited inventory due to panic buying.


Tultex is an apparel brand that’s been around since World War II. Although they once made uniforms for the military, they transitioned to civilian apparel and have been producing it ever since. When the coronavirus threatened the United States’ supply of personal protective equipment, Tultex changed their production factories so they could make over 2 million face masks every week.

By shifting their business to meet the needs of the modern marketplace, Tultex stayed afloat as consumers started saving money for essential purchases and bills.

Think Outside the Box

These businesses are thriving during the COVID-19 crisis because they think outside the box to address current customer needs. Adjusting a business plan may take some time, but it’s worth it to hold the country together and make it through the coming months.

Kathryn Hall