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Posted 11th April 2023

HR For The Future

When Nicola Bidgood opened Westcountry HR, she did so with a passion for the sector that would lead her to tremendous achievements.

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hr for the future.

HR For The Future

When Nicola Bidgood opened Westcountry HR, she did so with a passion for the sector that would lead her to tremendous achievements. From her humble HQ in Newton Abbot, she has built a business that has gained national standing. In the Business Elite Awards 2023, the team were named Best SME HR Support Provider 2023 – South West. We take a closer look at what the team have done to achieve such success.

Since opening its doors in 2016, Westcountry HR has gone from strength to strength in a crowded field. Now, more than ever, companies and businesses are seeing the importance of the workforce in how it can lead to expansion into new and exciting areas. At the very heart of this change, therefore, must be a passion for HR and all that it can offer. That’s precisely where Nicola Bidgood and her team come in.

HR Director Nicki has built a business which prides itself on being friendly, informed and always available. Certainly, that’s what clients tell her. Working in an always shifting, ever dynamic environment, Westcountry HR has thrived because the team takes the time to understand precisely what clients need and then by making sure that they always deliver. An impressive group of like-minded individuals lie at the heart of this stunning organisation, always working hard to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

When looking to enhance your company’s HR abilities, it can look daunting to hire in new people for such a specific purpose. In the business world, many companies need this support but cannot find a need for it on such a comprehensive level. Westcountry HR offers all of the advantages of an in-house team, acting as an efficient and effective alternative. Through working with this talented team, you can drive costs down whilst pushing productivity up.

Every business needs someone who can take on HR support, but they might not have the need for a HR team. The world of consultancy has boomed over the last few years, and Nicki has ridden that wave to her current position of success. Her ability to provide objective, unbiased employment advice means that she can easily support business owners and managers on the people management that they need to handle.

HR advice can be vague and unspecific, but Westcountry HR prides itself on an outsourced service which meets the needs of the individual. No job is too big or too small for this immensely savvy team. Far away from the world of AI and call centres where impersonal communication leads the way, Westcountry HR offers a hands-on solution that meets your requirements at all times. When you trust this team to deliver the results you need, you can focus on other parts of your business and ensure growth and expansion.

The passion for HR at Westcountry HR is due, in no small part, to Nicki’s determination and tenacity. She cut her teeth working for FTSE 100 companies, but couldn’t see any reason why SMEs could not have the same stunning level of support that they were able to access. As such, she took the big leap to move from employment at a large firm to self-employment for many small businesses. It’s little wonder that many have found the service she offers overwhelmingly positive as they can finally access the same level of care and attention that the big boys often hoard for themselves.

Big companies thrive because they work out where to take risks and where to play it safe. This approach is what Nicki and her team bring to the table at all times. Whether it’s considering employee relations issues, policies, restructure including redundancy, or other employee issues, such as absence, sickness and wellbeing, they can be by your side ensuring compliance at all times. For guaranteed protection from further actions, Westcountry HR is the place to be.

As a consultancy, Westcountry HR can also offer a host of different opportunities, including a free HR healthcheck which is independent from your organisation, and therefore entirely impartial. The team at Westcountry HR take a look under the hood to see what makes your business tick, providing a comprehensive HR review. If there is any better way of seeing what value good HR management can bring to your business, we haven’t seen it!

Looking ahead, Westcountry HR is already embracing new and exciting ways of using technology to broaden their reach and outlook. As a BreatheHR Partner, the team are committed to providing easier, data-driven decisions for your business. The BreatheHR software will transform any business, which is why Westcountry HR recommends its use. The team have found that their clients enjoy the way in which it is easy to use, secure and fully GDPR compliant.

It’s this care and attention which has led to the team being justly recognised in the Business Elite Awards 2023. Their approach is not just based around the rules and regulations that companies must abide by – although this is a major factor! It considers what a business needs and then offers solutions to improve efficiency and reliability. In a world which is always on the lookout for the next big thing, Westcountry HR must be at the top of many people’s lists!

For business enquiries, contact Nicola Bidgood from Westcountry HR via email – hello@westcountryhr.com or on their website – http://www.westcountryhr.com/

Nicola Bidgood

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