British Made Awards 2023

SME News | British Made Awards 2023 | 32 Best Unified Storage Technology Solutions 2023 Founded in the UK and based in Derby, Nexsan is a leading provider of enterprise-class, highly dense, cost-effective, and reliable data storage systems for organisations that have large amounts of data to store. Since 1999, the company has gained an impressive reputation for delivering solutions that are purposefully designed to meet the client’s needs, serving specific use cases and business demands. Known for its reliability, Nexsan offers a range of high-quality but affordable block, unified, and immutable storage systems to suit a wide variety of cases, including backup and recovery, large data stores, ransomware protection, and more. Leading the way in its field, Nexsan’s outstanding innovations include AutoMAID®, Active Drawer Technology™, File Fingerprinting, FASTier ®, and unified storage with integrated cloud connector, immutable snapshots, and object locking. With these solutions, its clients are empowered to securely manage, protect, and utilise their valuable business data. Nexsan’s flagship product is Unity™, a unified storage platform that combines enterprise NAS with high-performance block storage. Unity™ works seamlessly with the company’s newest innovation, Assureon™, which delivers secure archive storage for the most compliant of industries. Together, these products enable clients to benefit from ransomware protection, lower costs for primary storage offload, and regulatory compliance. Moreover, Nexsan’s E-Series is the storage backbone of many data centres around the world due to its high-performance, reliable, and high-density storage. Lastly, customers can benefit from maximum uptime with BEAST, a practical and hardworking storage platform. Striving to offer products that are not “one size fits all” but rather “purpose-built”, Nexsan’s design process begins with gaining an understanding of the customer’s diverse workload. Following this, the company will work to provide them with innovative solutions that deliver exceptional value, addressing their most pressing business problems. With the needs of its clients varying significantly, the company understands the importance of offering a broad range of solutions. Since its establishment more than two decades ago, Nexsan has operated with an internal culture of excellence. To achieve the quality, durability, and reliability that it has become known for, the company has worked hard to design and implement stringent quality control procedures. To support its team’s ability to deliver the expected standards of quality, Nexsan provides them with boundless training and development opportunities to facilitate their professional growth and improvement. It also hosts meetings with all employees to ensure their complete compliance with all quality control procedures. In hiring, Nexsan seeks smart and motivated individuals who want to make a difference in the world, whether they are a rising star or an experienced manager. Regardless of their background, the company is committed to identifying and recruiting the top talent for its team. Furthermore, Nexsan believes that it is important to involve multiple people in the hiring process, from colleagues to subordinates to management. The company wants everyone to be on board with each new member of the team so that they are motivated to help them succeed. Whilst it primarily utilises recruiting channels, Nexsan believes that good people know good people, so it strives to hire through word of mouth where possible. For its continued excellence in all areas of business, Nexsan has been named Best Unified Storage Technology Solutions in the British Made Awards 2023. As the year draws to a close, the company expects to go into 2024 on a positive note, with its sales ramping and its team expanding. In the coming months, it plans to expand into new markets, invest in product development, and launch several new initiatives, including a rebate programme for customers to trade in their old Nexsan systems for a discount on a new purchase. With exciting plans ahead, including a number of new solutions in the pipeline for 2024, Nexsan looks towards a bright future. We congratulate the company on its success in this awards programme and wish it the best of luck in the years to come. Contact Details Contact: Mark Smith Company: Nexsan Technologies Ltd Web Address: