Finance Awards 2022

7 | Finance Awards 2022 working flexible hours, and “absolutely zero fees”, the firm goes beyond all expectations to ensure that its clients are accommodated and cared for. “Life is expensive enough as it is at the moment, so we want to try to help clients save money from the start. This doesn’t make our advice or service any less - quite the opposite. We work hard to make sure every client’s mortgage goes through quickly and smoothly for our clients and then we get paid from the lender – it’s a win-win.” By all regards, it is also refreshing that Nichola and The Mortgage Way have such a grounded outlook to the economy and the changes we are seeing across almost all markets as a result. “Sometimes things are out of our control. Lender’s policy, interest rates, house prices for example but we have been through the good and the bad times over the years and have always dealt with industry changes in a positive way - after all we can’t change them. “We are a well-established company we’ve been giving mortgage advise for over 25 years and whilst we don’t have a crystal ball for what the future holds, we will always act with honesty and integrity to ensure our clients get the best outcome for them.” So, what is next? While many establishments and firms are looking towards protecting themselves for whatever is to come, The Mortgage Way is keeping at least one eye on making sure its clients come first as Nichola concludes. “By all appearances, it seem remortgages will be a big focus next year with clients looking at ways to save money on their mortgages. It is more important now than ever before that client’s protection is in place, ensuring that families are protected, and their income is secure is so important. We can’t pay our mortgages if we have no income so this The mortgage industry is notoriously complex for the lay individual, filled with potential pitfalls that need an expert hand to navigate. The Mortgage Way has cultivated an impressive reputation for ethical, expert advisory services, regardless of where its clients are in the UK. We spoke with Mortgage Consultant Nichola Graham to find out more about the company’s mission, ethos and achievements. It’s no secret that it’s a challenging time for all businesses that operate directly or tangentially to the financial sphere – especially those tied to real estate and lending. The uncertainty of the last few years has only compounded, with firms having to showcase an incredible degree of endurance and adaptability to succeed and thrive. While The Mortgage Way has utilised those qualities, it has also harnessed an ethos towards client centricity, ensuring that its clients are “at the heart of everything” it does. Here, Nichola takes a moment to detail how a focus on client service has shaped The Mortgage Way into the firm it is today. “We love helping our clients buy their first home, their forever home or build up a portfolio of properties to rent out. It’s not all about buying houses though - we have a client for life philosophy and take pride in the fact that clients trust us and stay with us over the years. When its re-mortgage time we do our best to save client’s money in the long and short term.” It’s easy to see how this mindset has informed all aspects of The Mortgage Way’s operations. From undertaking clients all over the country, Nov22046 is going to be really focused on in 2023 - we don’t want any of our clients’ homes being at risk should the worst happen.” This ethics-first approach has firmly secured The Mortgage Way as one of the leading advisory firms in the industry, making it an obvious choice for recognition in this programme. “The Mortgage Way are thankful to all our family, friends and clients who have recommended us over the years and who continue to do so. We are proud that the majority of our business comes from recommendations which is the biggest compliment we could ever be given. Don’t just take our word for it look at all our reviews on Facebook.” -Nichola Graham, The Mortgage Way Company: The Mortgage Way Contact: Nichola Graham Address: 23 Highcliffe Court, Shelf, Halifax, HX3 7JX Website: Email: Telephone Number: 07968842879 Best Mortgage & Protection Advisory Firm - Yorkshire “We work hard to make sure every client’s mortgage goes through quickly and smoothly for our clients and then we get paid from the lender – it’s a win-win”