Finance Awards 2022

Oct22642 The team at Almond Financial are committed to offering something different. Theirs is a way of financial planning which is smarter and more ethical when it comes to delivering quality financial planning. In the UK Finance Awards 2022 from SME News, the team were recognised for their innovative attitude. We dig a little deeper to find out more. Confusion is rife within the financial sector, but the team at Almond Financial are determined to fix that. Their passion has seen them become leaders in a new way of offering ethical, personal and effective financial planning and advice, one which embraces the tools and techniques of the digital age to help you to see your money as clearly as possible. The team put power into your hands, and let you chose a way forward that works with you. For those who turn to Almond Financial, a fresh approach means that investments flourish. With a personal advisor always on hand to help with any advice you might need regarding pensions, investments and mortgages, you can watch your money grow. The way in which financial services are often delivered is usually opaque and difficult to understand. Almond Financial has committed to looking for fresh ways to break new ground. They are defiantly different, thinking big and working as smart as possible. For them, clients come first every time. When we asked the team what drives them forward, the answer from Samuel Robinson was clear and pragmatic. “We’re here to help our clients see their money grow,” he tells us. “It really is as simple as that. As experts in personal advice on pensions, investments and mortgages, we promise you an ethical, high-quality service. We use the very latest tools and techniques – all delivered by an exceptional team who really care about your investments. We’ll treat your money as if it’s our own and make sure you understand your options, so you can make quality decisions about your investments and your future.” Having a team so passionate about your finances on your side is incredibly comforting and sets the team apart from the crowd. Their focus on finding unique solutions means that they are able to treat their clients as though their investments are their own. No two people have the same priorities in life, and Almond Financial is built about ensuring that every individual client can have their needs met easily and straightforwardly. Looking ahead, the team are planning to continue their incredible journey of growth. The team still has room within which it can grow in order to offer an even better service to clients. Part of this will see new talent entering into the industry. While the team have the potential to reach out across the country, much of what the Almond Financial team doo is focused on their home city of Lincoln. For the team, it’s key that local businesses should do what they can to support one another, especially in such trying times. What does it mean to be a business focused on financial advice? It’s clear that the Almond Financial team see it as a way of reaching out to individuals and supporting them to achieve their dreams. While it sounds obvious, such a bold statement of intent is often ignored by many in the industry. We celebrate the team’s tenacity in bringing this vision of the financial sector to life, and cannot wait to see what they do next. Company: Almond Financial Name: Samuel Robinson Email: Web Address: Financial Advice Firm of the Year - UK