Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022

22 | Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022 Some children need more support than others and it can be difficult to find a business that does that wholeheartedly and with lived experience. Potential Unlocked is a company that trains children and young people to attain their greatness. We look to Founder and Managing Director David C Hall to discover more of what he and his company offers. Potential Unlocked is a training company aimed at children and young people who require more support throughout their education, whether they have poor educational outcomes in general or due to special educational needs, lack of motivation/focus or easily distracted, or anti-social issues. Ultimately, the real problem is that our outdated education system was designed for the industrial age, and we currently live in the digital age. The real solution is that we live in a digital global diverse economy rich in wide range of career opportunities, and we must prepare our children for the future not the past. The school system has not yet caught up, so parents and carers must find an education solution out of traditional schooling. It’s fair to say that the schooling system is not going to rapidly change. Realistically, it will take decades for this institution to adapt to the digital era and by that time children will already be the product of the current system. By all regards, parents who can identify that their children have great potential that is not recognised by the current system should seek out alternative educational support. Potential Unlocked is created for these parents and students by successful individuals who had to find their own way around the system that was not created for them. Founder and Managing Director, David C Hall, of Potential Unlocked has made it his mission to cultivate a generation of young people who are able to make a positive impact on the world through their gifts and talents. From the outset, it’s clear that Potential Unlocked is not just a training company, it is a business with a lot of heart – led by David, Potential Unlocked has set a trail ablaze for many generations to come. This path has Most Empowering Children’s Tuition MD: David C. Hall illuminated the way for countless children who are now recognised as motivated, bright, and inspirational, despite the hurdles that they have had to overcome. Potential Unlocked helps children to lead lives of success and it does so by providing all the assistance and care that they need to feel safe and understood. David had a childhood of special education needs as he struggled with dyslexia. This had a huge impact on his learning and his ability to perceive himself as a successful individual – potentially starving him of the success he could achieve. Despite all of this, David developed and used tactics alongside a learning system that inspired and allowed him to overcome these challenges. David was then able to achieve GCSEs five grades above his academic predictions due to his hard work and dedication and supportive parents. David launched Potential Unlocked in 2017 to empower children to be the best that they can be both academically and socially. The holistic and therapeutic approach that it takes ensures that their ‘Inspire Your Greatness Accelerators’ makes a huge difference to children’s education and overall lives. Not only does David deeply understand the feeling of challenging academia and a feeling of not being good enough, but he also understands the way to move forward and achieve the best for oneself. He began his career as a teacher and decided that, to make the biggest impact on children’s lives, he would create Potential Unlocked to promote the best kind of help for kids who were seen as underachievers who actually just lacked the support and encouragement that they needed to grow. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Potential Unlocked has blossomed even more. As children have suffered more gaps in knowledge due to lockdowns, David’s company has worked tirelessly to continue providing the help needed to fill those gaps for children, teachers, and caregivers. The staff at Potential Unlocked help to make this happen as they are all enthusiastic about the success and wellbeing of children. David tells us that in this industry it is most important to have passion and drive. David looks for people with high-energy, empathetic character in them – this is something that is a must for being part of Potential Unlocked. The staff members all want to make a huge difference to parents, teachers, and – most importantly – children. As a motivational speaker, award winner, and bestselling author, David has been recognised for his excellent, encouraging, and simply stunning words. His bestselling book, ‘The Empowering Parent’ has been transforming lives everywhere and David has been changing the trajectory of children’s success stories with his research, books, and talks. He has been invited to many events by UK local authorities, corporate events and schools via seminars – by coaching and guiding adults, David is creating a world where adults can empower children to be confident and successful. Featured in publications from Birmingham Live to Birmingham Mail, and Voice Newspaper to Forbes magazine, David has reached the lives of many. His plan is to continue growing and supporting both adults and children so that they can truly influence the world around them in the most positive ways imaginable. David has now been recognised as Most Empowering Children’s Tuition MD: David C. Hall. SME News would like to congratulate him and wish him the best for all of his future endeavours. Contact: David C. Hall. Company: Potential Unlocked Web Address: Apr22117