Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

22 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 it has learnt. Oxon Creative takes a strategic approach, placing it at the heart of everything it does, as this approach informs the shape of the company’s communications strategies and, in turn, the overall success of the method. Additionally, through this approach, Oxon Creative hopes to cultivate solutions – apps or websites – that empower its clients. This then ties into the company’s mission to be a ‘secret weapon’ for its clients, as it serves as an extension of its client’s business, delivering exceptional revenue growth and pushing them toward their goals. Furthermore, Oxon Creative produces effective digital experiences – ones that capture the eye, drawing the user in, and invoke a need to learn more. As such, Oxon Creative’s In a fast-paced world, for businesses it is important to remain on top of trends. Oxon Creative, however, can do better – the website design and development agency is a trendsetter, excelling far beyond any current trend. Located in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, Oxon Creative is an exciting and fresh creative digital agency offering web design, branding, and mobile app development services. Oxon Creative is for the innovators, the creators, and the dreamers. It is for those who aspire to something greater. It simply does not matter if the website design and development agency is working with an individual, business, or charity, it strives to provide an unbeatable standard of quality, producing results that are built upon fresh ideas. Henceforth, Oxon Creative often explores and transgresses the limits of imagination, and as a result, it is willing to take risks and apply what Best Website Design & Development Agency - West Midlands Jun22628 goal can be simplified as ‘client-centricity.’ The company truly prioritises the client and endeavours to provide a solution that works best for them. Both apps and websites feature in Oxon Creative’s repertoire, and both are able to be tailored towards its client’s needs and wishes. Its websites, for example, are custom-designed, built to exacting standards, and fully responsive to increase user retention and boost the returning visitor rate. In addition, Oxon Creative’s apps are able to be designed for iOS and Android platforms to hybrid and cross-platform applications. Both its apps and websites are smooth-operating, seamless, and aesthetically pleasing. Consequently, Oxon Creative’s portfolio is filled with a diverse range of well-executed projects, ranging from web design to branding and print. Whilst each project is entirely unique, they all have one thing in common – quality. They are designed in a way that will inspire whilst remaining true to the client’s brand, and this is a rare skill. Oxon Creative, unsurprisingly, has received a wealth of positive feedback. ‘After the first meeting to discuss what we needed, we felt Oxon had understood the brief and we were confident that they would deliver. They suggested ways we could make the website work better for us which was much appreciated. There was a bit of toing and froing with finalising some of the content and imagery at our end, but Oxon was very patient and responsive. The turnaround was quick too. We are very happy with the new website and have had some great feedback,’ testifies Lois Winstanley, Omega, Grant Fundraiser and Communications Manager. Contact: Stuart Bogle Company: Oxon Creative Web Address: https://oxoncreative.com/