Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

23 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 Simpson & Wilde Independent Funeral Directors is a recently opened independent funeral director that services Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle and the surrounding areas with a professional yet empathetic approach. It has developed and understands its essential role as a trusted funeral director in the community and takes its duties very seriously. Its Founders, Ben Simpson and Daniel Wilde, bring two unique experiences of the funeral industry to the table. Their experiences came together to create the firm as it is today. Ben has lengthy experience working within an independent funeral home, and Daniel has worked for the same family firm since leaving school at 16. Both have the knowledge and compassion to help to create the fitting send-off of their customer’s loved ones. They know a lot about great family values and provide a high quality of service, every time. Thanks to this combination of different but complementary capabilities and expertise, Simpson & Wilde offers the best possible modern facilities and services for its clients. This ties in with its desire to keep costs low. It offers an excellent professional service without the huge price tag often associated with funerals – allowing clients to receive the same quality of service but without the added stress of heavy costs or financial instability. Its pricing is where it takes the greatest pride. On average, Simpson & Wilde save families can save between £500-£1500 on funerals, not seeing why families must be burdened with high costs in their attempts to say goodbye to their loved ones. As more people worry about funeral costs and more prominent firms are putting their prices up, it tries to be fair and honest with its clients. Its standard practice is to offer the very best whilst remaining firmly within budget. Beyond the price point, it even offers 24-hour emergency callouts. Should the worst happen suddenly or situations change, Simpson & Wilde are Jun22378 Best Emerging Community Funeral Directors 2022 always available to carefully and sympathetically walk people through the following steps. As a result, the local community have been very welcoming and supportive, appreciative of Ben, Daniel and their small team for their respectful and caring approach to such delicate work. As well as the teams work to raise money for charities and as an independent, family-run business, it has the flexibility to tailor its services to suit clients’ individual needs, whatever they may be. As soon as it is approached, clients will be guided through every stage of the process with professionalism and compassion, available to discuss even the most minute details regarding the proceedings. Simpson & Wilde takes pride in going the extra mile for its clients – and wants them to truly feel prioritised and encouraged to celebrate their loved one’s life. The firm has modest plans for the immediate future, looking to continue building on its success since opening and working on being further recognised within the community though smaller and newer than many of its competitors; it is looking to further differentiate itself with what it offers, and how its personable and understanding approach compares to other funeral directors. The five-star reviews and glowing testimonials showcase that Simpson & Wilde it has made its mark on the industry. Itis focused on its mission over the market and prioritises personable and empathetic services at a price point that best suits its clients. Being showcased as Best Emerging Community Funeral Directors 2022, we remain confident that this is not the last commendation of the fantastic services that Simpson & Wilde will receive. Contact: Ben Simpson Company: Simpson & Wilde Independent Funeral Directors Web Address: www.simpsonwilde.co.uk Funerals will always be a challenging event. Finding someone to help in this difficult period is not easy, but the Stoke and Newcastle area is fortunate to have Simpson & Wilde. It ensures that even as they are saying goodbye to their loved ones, clients receive a funeral director who can be trusted with the expertise and empathy to provide everything needed and preferred.