Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

25 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 Over a century of combined experience supports Smooth Financial Solutions Ltd, a company that provides advice, education, and support for all things financial. Mortgages are the company’s main area of expertise, whether it’s for a first home or changing a mortgage, and Smooth Financial Solutions is on a mission to tackle the many financial misconceptions passed down from the older generations from when they were active in building and maintaining a property portfolio or purchasing a home. Indeed, Smooth Financial Solutions is unlike anything else within its industry, as it strives to act with passion, empathy, and knowledge. For example, it works with a network that doesn’t add additional premiums to its Life and Critical illness polices, whereas many banks and brokers charge more than going direct to the life company. The firm believes that through taking this approach it will bolster its relationship with its clients throughout the clients’ individual journeys. Moreover, Smooth Financial Solutions is a pillar of support for its clients, providing all the necessary information to ensure that all of its clients have the correct knowledge to make the best decision based on their medium- and longterm goals. Jun22404 Leading Experts in Residential & Investment Property Purchasing 2022 Its team, first and foremost, are property investors, which means that Smooth Financial Solutions’ team are able to wholly empathise with those clients who wish to invest in property. This further sets Smooth Financial Solutions apart from its competitors, especially in regard to repayment strategies and the ways in which it chooses to navigate challenges. Additionally, within the business, flexibility is prioritised. There’s no expectation to work from nine to five – simply, the team works when their clients are free. In a climate where people are searching for financial freedom, this is an exceptional benefit. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, more workingclass people have seen their own vulnerabilities, either by losing friends and family or the employers laying down conditions of employment that are putting the clients in a position of fear and instability. This, in turn, has made Smooth Financial Solutions’ clients more focused on financial freedom and, ultimately, finding the correct financial partners. Going forward, the company is setting its sights on evolution, as it hopes to become the leading company within its field. The company is looking at delving into commercial activities on a greater scale, whether that be land acquisition, building, or retail to residential conversion. In addition, it will be greater focusing on the millennial generation and first-time buyers, specifically from minority backgrounds, as Smooth Financial Solutions hopes to ensure that these clients have the same knowledge and opportunities as everyone else. Contact: Steven Tague Company: Smooth Financial Solutions Ltd Web Address: www.smoothfs.co.uk In 2022, finding the perfect mortgage can be difficult – there are so many options to choose from. With Smooth Financial Solutions Ltd’s guidance, you can find a product that suits you, no matter whether you’re a first-time buyer or are adding to your property portfolio.