Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

32 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 When recruiting, Cygnul searches for candidates that possess empathy, an ability to think on their feet, and great problem-solving skills; all traits which are vital in customer-facing positions. In addition, the prospective recruit must be selfmotivated as the company’s team members often have to juggle multiple priorities or move seamlessly from providing minute taking at board meetings to hosting an event they are running. Oftentimes charities – both big and small – need external support. Cygnul Limited is a firm that helps organisations get back to what they do best. It covers a variety of areas, from administration to secretarial, bookkeeping and event services, as well as providing helpful advice and guidance to volunteers. For non-profit organisations and charities, Cygnul offers an invaluable service. The company provides administrative, financial, secretarial, and event services, offering holistic support where organisations need it most. As many of its clients’ organisations are manned by volunteers, when the service expands, it often becomes difficult to manage the workload. This results in a difficult choice – the organisation either has to cut back on delivery or take on new staff. “That’s where we come in,” explains Kirstie York, the company’s Managing Director. “We offer a seamless way of increasing capacity without having to invest in recruitment and training. Our experienced administrators can hit the ground running and immediately become a valued extension of the client’s team, handling member enquiries and supporting the board.” Cygnul takes pride in the fact that it caters to clients, both big and small. Customer experience is the company’s main priority; throughout Cygnul there is an emphasis on building long lasting customer relationships. It is with this in mind that the business operates upon several fundamental values, utilising them as a guide to navigate customer relations and communications both within and outside of the company. Through all it does, fun, humour, openness, warmth and support underpin the company’s operations. In terms of Cygnul’s professional team, Kirstie comments, “we actively promote a culture of openness and honesty within our teams. Each new client or initiative presents a unique learning opportunity which is eagerly embraced. Mistakes, although rare, are spotted quickly and fixed together as a team. It also doesn’t hurt that each new hire, milestone, and celebration is commemorated with cake.” From the moment a new employee joins the team, they are treated as part of the Cygnul family. Best National Membership Association Remote Office Service 2022 Jun22533 Going forward, Cygnul has a number of exciting plans for the future, with many centring around expansion and ways in which it can further provide support to voluntary organisations. Kirstie is planning a book that will explain the legal and regulatory frameworks which apply to different types of voluntary and membership groups, all the way from sports clubs to membership associations and charities. Additionally, building on the community concept, Kirstie runs a free membership resource for individuals working in non-profit organisations, which provides guidance and discussion on best practice. “Further details of the book and the membership can be found on our website,” Kirstie concludes. “Please do come and join us!” Contact: Kirstie York Email: contact@cygnul.co.uk Web Address: www.cygnul.co.uk Kirstie adds, “we like to joke that the company motto is, ‘We take our job seriously, but not ourselves’.”